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Make America Think Again
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Iss. 60
May 21, 2017

The media frenzy over the Trump leaks is out of hand, and once again, the Trump Administration appears to find itself right on the chopping block. We must acknowledge that—as always—these are self inflicted wounds! Our Editorial Board is reminded constantly from Trump haters and supporters alike, “that if he would just shut up and govern, then none of this would be happening”. Fair enough, however, that does not excuse the irresponsible mishandling by the news-media. Restraining certain facts can mislead our kind neighbors in an equally consequential manner. 

Perhaps Trump is, in fact, wrong… or there may be a grey area. This conflicts with our human urge to categorize our thoughts into boxes, but truth is frequently packaged in complex wrapping paper, requiring honest discernment. There are some significant points though, that you must at least consider before commenting (whether in life or on Facebook) to your friends and colleagues. Allow us to help fill in the blanks. 

1. Russia is an ally in the War on Terror

Like it or not, (at least on the battlefield of Islamic Radicalism) Russia is a strong and necessary partner. Whether it was wise for President Trump to share information with Russia about terrorism, that is not for this article to address. Yet, journalists should be honest in acknowledging that doing so (sharing intel) is commonplace and has been for years.

Likewise, Russia shares intelligence with the United States in order to cooperatively fight against terrorism. Before the Boston Bombing, Russian intelligence warned the U.S. about the Tsarnaev brothers. Not to mention, Russia and the United States both have a mutual goal in combatting ISIS. As a nation that has already lost a commercial jetliner to the Islamic State, Russia (like the U.S.) is fully committed to decimating ISIS and protecting their people. 

2. Presidents can declassify Material

That’s right, Presidents are in charge of what material is and is not classified. Therefore, if a President decides to disclose and share certain information… well… then… that information is no longer classified information! You undoubtedly have the right to criticize the President for declassifying select material, that case can always be made. But this is a far cry from true illegal activity, criminality, obstruction of justice—let alone impeachment. 


3. Yes Russia Sucks…. a lot. 

They do! Vlad’s a psychopath, narcissist, murderer, and former KGB agent. His goal is to reestablish Russia as powerful rival to the West and he is on record as stating that the biggest tragedy of the 20th century was the fall of the Soviet Union. Notwithstanding, Putin is not nearly as bad as Joseph Stalin, and we united with Stalin because we had a common GOAL. Right now we have the common goal of destroying ISIS, and after all, wasn’t it the Left that mocked Conservatives for cautioning that Russia is the greatest geopolitical foe in our midst? Obama laughed and the Left applauded him for it. Remember? The 80’s called, they want their foreign policy back!

4. Trump isn’t colluding with Russia

To date, there is no evidence—ZERO—of Russian collusion! Here at The Real Times Editorial Board, we have no horse in the race other than the establishing of Justice, insuring domestic Tranquility, providing for the common defence, promoting the general Welfare… oh  and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity… Yeah other than that, we don’t really have an agenda. We’re just looking out for the overall well-being of America by ensuring freedom. When (and if) evidence does emerge, we will be the first to condemn Trump for his “collusion” with Moscow, but for now we operate on the premise of an old fashioned concept called TRUTH, and innocent until PROVEN guilty, guaranteed due process, also called habeas corpus, or in the modern translation, “ Show us the Car Fax!”

hisIt was this outlet (The Real Times) that warned over a year ago, prior to the RNC, that we found the possible ties between the Trump Campaign and Russia extremely unsettling. But to claim that Trump, with the help of the Kremlin, overthrew the election is absurd. That narrative was manufactured after the election in order to explain Hillary’s failed campaign. The Left, in a state of shock, turned to these talking points in order to make an excuse for a horrible candidate (that is supported by the book Shattered, written by Hillary supporters…may we add) but what is most disturbing is that we have to now play footsie and pretend that this investigation is somehow mirroring the seriousness of Watergate. Insanity. 


5. The Bar for an Investigation

Aside from the fact that the Obama Administration has gotten away with assisted murder, (literally they did, remember fast and furious?) and that they have set the bar extremely high for any investigation… (Benghazi, plus, Eric Holder giving guns to drug dealers that were then used on our law enforcement officials, the IRS targeting scandal… and the list goes on.. ) But riddle me this: Why does a narrative–without evidence–justify an investigation?


6. Wait, now we care about ‘Classified information?’

For months we were told things like, “I’m tired of hearing about your damn emails,” and that this is a giant Republican “witch hunt”. We were told that the mishandling of classified information deserves a slap on the wrist and that it must show intent to do so (while the espionage act clearly states otherwise). But the Left didn’t seem to care about the rule of law. Hillary Clinton’s clear mishandling of classified (and in some cases secret) material went unquestioned by the Left. And just a question, how do you put an email server in your basement by accident and then use it? Is that negligence? Just asking…

But now Trump! He mishandled classified info! The audacity of these people. And now Trump claims this investigation is a “witch hunt,” nobody batted an eye! Truly shameless. Why do we listen to the Democrat but not the Republican? Do they not think that we are going to notice that they are blazing hypocrites. Well, they’re right, the media and the so-called journalists DON’T CARE. That’s why you have us to keep them honest. Let us hold both sides to the same measuring stick.


  Keep it Real

Make America Think Again
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