SHOOTINGS EXPLAINED: What CA & TX have in Common

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Make America Think Again
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Today’s Quote

“I’m really hoping they don’t go for the gun violence portion of this, either, because it’s not a gun. I own guns. I take my kids shooting. It’s the person. And sometimes just bad things happen. It’s not the gun, it’s not mental illness. It’s not anything, it’s just life, unfortunately.” – Tiffany Rodgers, 33, a witness to the shooting in Rancho Tehama on Tuesday


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November 17, 1800 Congress holds its 1st session in Washington D.C. in an incomplete Capitol Building

November 17, 1869 Suez Canal in Egypt opens, linking Mediterranean and Red seas

November 17, 2010 – Reasearchers trapped 38 antihydrogen atoms. It was the first time humans had trapped antimatter.






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Iss. 68

November 17, 2017


Beloved Reader, 

This week, a man went on a rampage in Northern California in the small town of Rancho Tehama. The gunman, it appears, was incited by a prior feud with a female neighbor. This neighbor was one of the first victims which triggered a devastating rampage leading to the shooter picking targets at random and claiming the lives of 6 (including himself) and hospitalizing 9.

In a similar string of events, last week, our very own, Christian Rogers, published an article on the tragic Church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. In his column, Rogers argued that any further legislation would have done nothing to prohibit the massacre. Rather, additional laws would have only made the outcome much, much, worse.

Here you can see how Rogers answers the Left’s calls for action:

What I’m talking about is the obvious, rudimentary, outright basic principle that, reducing “weaponry in our midst,” will undoubtedly, and unjustly pry guns from the law-abiding citizen, not the criminal.

That excerpt was the specific rebuttal to the Obama Tweet which calls for the reduction of, “weaponry in our midst.”

Rogers’ position stands by itself. It is also the stance held by our Editorial Board for the simple reason that it is based on logic, fact and data and by no means does it require future events to prove the claim valid. In other words, it was just as true last week as it is today, but let us—if we may—add to the list of reasons that we are right. Just look at the proof that has emerged in the past two weeks alone:

Distinct Traits of Mass-Shooters

Almost every shooting that takes place across the Nation has 1 of 3 things in common (if not all).

1 – Domestic Violence:

Both the Texas Church Shooter and the Northern California School Shooter both had histories of Domestic Violence. Nationwide stats show that:

  • 57% of shooters assaulted or killed family members
  • Another 15%  have been accused of Domestic Violence
  • That amounts to a whopping 72% of total mass shooters! (And for the math wiz out there, that’s only 28% who don’t fit this description)

Wow! Talk about a Red Flag! The Texas shooter had been caught beating a dog, beating his x-wife, and bashing her infant son’s skull to the point of hospitalization. In California, the shooter had been on record threatening his two female neighbors. Maybe, we should do something to prevent these people from acquiring a gun….    Wait, we already do!       Then how do they get their hands on several guns? (we will answer that in a moment)

2 – Mental Health

Both the TX and CA shooters had histories of Mental Health problems. The shooter in Texas had previously escaped from a mental health facility. The shooter in CA had his share of serious mental health problems as well,

The LA Times recounts an interview with the shooter’s sister:

Sheridan Orr, of North Carolina, said her brother had a history of mental illness and episodes of rage,

“There are certain people that do not need guns, and my brother was clearly one of them,” she said.

3 – Not Enforcing the Law

So how were these two individuals allowed to get guns? The answer is: They weren’t. Under existing law, neither of these two shooters were allowed to have guns. In CA, the shooter was arrested in January for threatening his neighbors and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Big Gov blew it! Just like the shooting in TX, the powers that be, failed to enforce the law and though he was mandated to turn his guns in, he never did so.

How unobservant must you be not to realize that the law abiding citizen will turn their guns in when precept mandates him or her to do so? – Christian Rogers

In TX, you may remember, the Air Force dropped the ball and had they not done so the shooter would not have been able to buy guns, as the law already bans him (or people like him) from doing so. We don’t need more laws! That will only take guns out of the good guy’s hands. Rogers shows that the good guys will turn their guns in and the villain will not:

That’s the definition of law abiding, someone who conducts themselves in accordance with the law – Christian Rogers

Not to mention, the shooter in CA, had unregistered handguns (which is illegal) and also manufactured his rifle illegally (yep, you guessed it, that’s illegal too). Building on what Rogers published last week, we ask HOW WILL MORE LAWS PREVENT THESE SHOOTINGS… when we refuse to enforce the laws that currently exist. And even when we enforce them, there is always that one crazy person who will manufacture guns in his own basement. It feels good to pass laws, but all it does is restrict the hero’s among us.

A man who wants to shoot up a church, harm the elderly, murder an infant, kill children, and do so all methodically—I mean, what must I say to convince you that a person that evil will merely scoff at tighter legislation. What makes you think that the act of a Democratic legal body raising their hand to vote, counting the tally, and having some dude on Pennsylvania Ave. signing a piece of paper…  HOW WILL THAT STOP AN EVIL PERSON FROM BREAKING THE LAW and therefore acquiring a gun? – Christian Rogers

The Editorial Board reiterates this point. Unfortunately, sometimes, evil is a part of human nature that a fallen world must live with and accept. The only thing evil knows is strength and discipline. When we fail to punish the criminals among us, when we let them assault neighbors, bash the skulls of infants, and then wonder how they had the audacity to go and shoot people, then we only have ourselves to blame.

We should be asking ourselves today, how can we empower more individuals? Instead though, sadly and unsurprisingly, everyone appears only to be concerned with impeding the hero’s among us and bloating the size of an already overburdened and inefficient Federal Government. – Christian Rogers

If we were as tough on criminals as we were on the gun itself, then maybe we would at least be able to put our finger on the problem at hand (And even then, there is no guarantee). Without the first step though, only a fool will go on thinking that we are on track to solving the problem of mindless violence.

Sometimes just bad things happen. It’s not the gun, it’s not mental illness. It’s not anything, it’s just life, unfortunately.” – Tiffany Rodgers, 33, a witness to the shooting in Rancho Tehama on Tuesday


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