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Make America Think Again
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Today’s Quote

“When there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit. So let’s keep going, until every one of the 161 million women and girls across America has the opportunity she deserves.” – Hillary Clinton this week while accepting the DNC Nomination for President 

Time Check

Jul. 30, 1619 – The first representative assembly in America convened in Jamestown, VA (House of Burgesses)

Jul. 30, 1945 – The USS Indianapolis was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. The ship had just delivered key components of the Hiroshima atomic bomb to the Pacific island of Tinian. Only 316 out of 1,196 men aboard survived the attack.

Jul. 30,  1956 – The phrase “In God We Trust” was adopted as the U.S. national motto. 

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Iss. 43

Jul. 30, 2016


Dear Thinkers,


Go ahead, look up. It’s there! Can you see the glass ceiling? Well, if it’s not visible to you, then perhaps you’re not alone. However, you had better pretend like you see it and go along with the narrative for your own sake.

I’m reminded constantly—from the same lovely people who vehemently hate Carly Fiorina—that among the United States exists an impermeable glass ceiling. A glass ceiling which is the sole obstacle women face in achieving success. This is why we hear continuously about how women make a dismal 70 cents on the dollar in contrast to their male counterparts. But ironically, we often hear this rhetoric from people who, yes, happen to pay their own female employees in the same manner. For instance, the President of the United States pays his female workers LESS than the average while simultaneously sounding the loudest outcry of unfairness towards women—much like the coach who blames the referee after the game is already finished. Am I missing something? And to use your words again sir, they just need “a fair shot”, can’t you dish out another few cents? …I now realize we may have misunderstood the essence of the ‘Change’ slogan. It instead, from day one, has compensated women with pennies on the dollar. But that’s not even my point. This issue is the self-serving dialogue regurgitated by the Left. I’ve yet to give an opinion. I’ve merely shown that in his arrogance, the Prosecutor has incriminated himself.

Dear Lefties, If you want to use the 70 cents on the dollar rhetoric, then you had better be prepared to call the President a sexist, but it was you who voted for him, remember? And it was he (you may remember) who lectured that ‘we need to give him more of our hard earned money’, because in allocating such funds, he was most wise. Well, if that’s what he meant, then wouldn’t it lead you to wonder if the man is an unconscious sexist—or worse? He claims Racism is in our DNA (an anti scientific position). If this be the case, under his own criteria, he himself is responsible for abusing women. But unlike the Left, I will be honest and offer that I do not believe the President has one iota of sexism in him. (What is an iota by the way? I got that word from Barack-the-Wise himself) I have, however illustrated the absurdity of this argument, and let it remind you of the desperate measures and dishonesty that the Left will take to retain power. Had it been a Conservative in the same position, we wouldn’t have witnessed the same grace. Remember that sexist Mitt Romney?   But I digress…


On a newsworthy note, this week, Hillary Clinton has finally clinched enough votes to become the Democratic nominee, which is the first time that a major party has had a female nominee for President in the history of this nation. As a side note, I think it’s a pretty cool milestone, but a side note is all that this should remain. Is there not a greater task at hand beside checking a box next to the first female president? Our way of governing America should not reflect a 15-year-old’s summer bucket list.

Admittedly several Barack Obama voters in the last two elections (especially the first) turned out in droves because they wanted to be part of electing the first black president. Now what the hell happened to judging someone based on their character? But they’ll tell you they were on the right side of history—meanwhile sending the country dangerously to the Left of the Political norm.

Unfortunately, Dear Leftist, I’ve got news for you buddy, I wasn’t around in the past while you were trampling blacks and women. Therefore, I don’t have to answer for the wrongs you are responsible for and correct the flaws of the past. Remember it was the Democratic party that was the party of Slavery and Segregation? Yeah that’s right, back when the name you called the other party was the ‘Black Republicans’, because their platform was based on abolition and equality. The nerve of them! But for the Left it’s never been about moral superiority. It’s about votes. Just ask Obama and Clinton about their ever-shifting stance on traditional marriage…but you needn’t get anxious because we’ll cover that in just a moment. 

It is no wonder that the Left has to practice this affirmative action both in the workplace as well as the ballot box. (not to mention schools) The Left feels guilty—and who could blame them—because they have to make up for their scarred past and what a scarred one it is. But they certainly know, as long as they keep fabricating the narrative that the Right hates minorities and women, then, on paper, they will appear the party of progress.

“Are you sick of that old beige Truck? Vote for us and we’ll get you that red-hot-new convertable,” But does it drive I ask?

You see, I don’t care what our car looks like, as long as it drives, and drives well. Sure I’d like the new car just to change things up and get some fun variation, but we’re in a state of desperation my friends.

Instead I’m met with, “why are you asking all these questions about Hillary’s platform, are you racist? Sexist? Against Progress?”

“Don’t you remember, Hillary broke through the glass ceiling?” Hooray! But what will she do to the country? —– “Don’t ask those questions you sexist!”—- “Why do you want to know the efficiency of the car?” —-“Don’t ask about the gas mileage…we got you something new” …in this case a woman President.

Something you may want to know is that Hillary has managed to avoid every single press conference for almost a year…that means she hasn’t answered one unscripted question! That’s unheard of from a candidate!

But why is there not this kind of blanket support for the candidates on the Right? Palin or Fiorina? Bachmann? They are women too are they not? And if I am constantly accused of being anti-woman by making the case against Hillary, then why are you pro-woman for trashing these three well qualified, scandal-free, hard-working Ladies. Now I am no fan of Palin, but you must admit that she doesn’t deserve to receive character defamation just because you disagree with her politically…. And if you think she does, then please do tell me what Hillary Clinton deserves for staying with a man who has been accused of rape multiple times and has lied under oath, been impeached, has herself, intimidated the rape victims about speaking out against her husband, as well as lying about what happened in Benghazi after letting our men on the ground die in torture at the hands of terrorists, along with lying face to face to the families who lost their loved ones about how Benghazi was not a terrorist attack, (at the same time on the phone with her daughter stating that it was terrorism), sitting in the situation room allowing our men to die at the hands of animals while debating which uniforms the rescue teams should wear, then deciding not to send anyone for help. Furthermore, allowing the sale of over 20 percent of our Uranium enrichments to our enemies—yes the rare resource for building nuclear weapons—while she was running the State Department, meanwhile receiving money from all over the world under the sham of giving speeches that were just magically worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (what was she giving out, disneyland tickets? Cus’ as we witnessed Thursday night, she is surely not worth $250,000 a speech) and on top of all of that hiding emails on a private server that we now know was hacked by foreign nations and hostile players and have leaked National Security classified documents which have now jeoporadized average American lives… and what was she doing on that server? What was so illegal that had to be deleted? Because that’s what she did, before turning it over, by hand she deleted 30,000+ emails by hand! Not with the delete button, but to the point that the forensic teams still can’t even find what she deleted. She claimed it was wedding plans, Yoga instructions, and recipes… HMMMM…When was the last time you professionally (and illegally) hired people to delete 30,000 yoga lessons from your server to the point that they are irretrivable to even the best computer geeks in the world? We’re not talking about moving things to the recycle bin ladies and gentlemen… So what name is it that you have for her? What do you think of Hillary Clinton then?

But we’re not done: Then suddenly “I did not delete any emails,” became “I did not delete any classified emails,” Then it became, “okay I deleted them and it was a mistake,” does that remind you of something? “I did not have sex with that woman?” Because it was oral sex… sickening, but what is more sickening is the lie about the youtube video to cover up the terrorist attack…those families lost sons to the hands of those bastards who—speaking of rape—sodomized our servicemen in the streets of Libya while Clinton sat in her cushy situation room thinking of the best way to spin the story to the media while she (and the President) full well could have aided (as we had nearby military personnel). Hillary just counted her money and didn’t lift a finger. But as she told us, “what difference at this point does it make?” To the voter, apparently none.

Since you asked, I’ll grant you what I would call her. A Theif. Because that’s what she did after she left the White House with Billy… they stole art off the walls and were forced by law to return the paintings to the white house. These aren’t good people my friends… and that pales in comparison to selling favors while running the State Dpt. in turn for donations from terrorist sympathizers and foreign nations.

For you non-interventionist Lefties, she allowed more bombs to be dropped on more nations in her 4 years than all of George Bush’s Presidency, she disarmed nations that were cooperating with us…THEN BOMBED THEM and ran guns to terrorists who sought to topple those regimes…Well at the time I guess they weren’t terrorists, some of them were just a lonely group who needed help… called ISIS! Also, she titled Boko Haram as “Not a Terrorist Group” (and she took a donation for that one don’t forget), and I know this is a throwback, but does anyone remember Whitewater? Mr. milenial, I know this scandal precedes our short lived memory, but I have a computer, and I happen to guess that you posses one too. And this all can be solved with typing a few words into Google, and WHAM! Would you believe that, Hillary and Bill were using hard working tax-payer money to build condos! (so much for the middle class) Some 15 or so people ended up going to jail who were related to the controversy, but not Bill and Hill! Would you believe that? Some people even ended up dead! But just like a House of Cards episode, Bill and Hillary walked out of the fire unscathed like a Bourne movie after he just took a whole round through the chest and somehow keeps running around shooting people. It’s literally UN-BE-LIEVABLE! And as the FBI director said a few weeks ago, if anyone else did what Hillary did, they’d be in jail… but instead Hillary keeps stacking her benjamins and with it her influence. And who knows, maybe her adorable face will be on there in the next few years. Remember she’s for the kids! And the Environment! And Gay Marriage! 

Wait, wasn’t it Hillary, who as a lawyer, defended a Child Rapist and accused a little 5 or 6-year-old girl of imagining things? While the little girl was on the stand, Hillary berated her with making things up and miraculously got the bloody underwear thrown out of the case. And didn’t she crap all over the environmental movement when she represented Monsanto, the colossal GMO producer and distributer? Lastly—and I’m just as tired as you are—didn’t her husband pass the largest defense of marriage act in the history of our nation which stood in staunch opposition to gay rights? Well that can easily be explained away by her “deeply held religious views”, which apparently changed as soon as it came time to grab more votes.

If I bring all of this to your attention you’ll slam me for being anti woman, not on the right side of history, and whatever else you can come up with to ignore the facts. But wasn’t it Margaret Thatcher who was literally on the right side of history while she was on the RIGHT side of the aisle acting as one of the single best statesmen or women in the history of the world…? Crickets… Is it not the Left that destroys her? Was it not the Left that ripped apart Sandra Day O’Connor, the first female supreme court justice appointed by the ‘evil’ Ronald Reagan? Don’t you dare, criticize her, you’ll get a dose of your own medicine my friends. And Condolezza Rice? What about her? The first female (and black) secretary of state? Where is the double standard? Yet, don’t be silly, the glass ceiling only exists when the Left finds it Politically expedient.

You see, when we can’t make Conservatives look like they hate women, there is nothing remaining for the Left to run on. There is no longer a need for the Democratic party. They must instead highlight the flaws—they themselves—have created in the past, and now ride in on their high horse claiming that they alone can save us from them….It’s truly a brilliant strategy if you think about it!

They just have to hope everyone has a poor memory and a bad history teacher, and would you believe that… They are the ones who control the school systems, so they can single handedly suppress their horrid record! Amazing. Truly Amazing. If you don’t believe me, explain to me why it is that you didn’t know about Hillary stealing art from the white house? Or about Whitewater? And when that is the case, it is no wonder that the Democratic front runner, (man or woman) is as corrupt as the party itself. Well don’t take my word for it, this corruption is proven by the Russian email release from the past week and can be viewed in the light if journalists could just take a hiatus from salivating over Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.

And as Hillary herself (in a CNN debate last year) answered Anderson Cooper’s question about how she would not be a 3rd term of the Obama administration, when asked about what she would bring to the table that would be different from the Obama administration she laughed and said, “Well, I think that’s pretty obvious, I think being a woman president would be quite a change”. And in another interview she also said “well if you vote for someone based on the merits, one of the merits is I’M A WOMAN”.

Thanks for the reminder hun. 

Yes Hillary, you shattered the glass ceiling. That is your merit, nothing more. And now you have to pick up the sharp, fragmented, pieces of your shameful past that makes you so evidently a fraud. Congrats America, you’re on the way to electing someone who was against gay marriage because of her “deeply held religious views”. They must not have been as deep as her desire for power, to sit once more on Pennsylvania Avenue trampling on the backs of us, the “little people”. But I’m the sexist?  Conservatives love women—we have moms too believe it or not. But I refuse to vote based on genitalia, how shallow is that? Let us judge by the content of one’s character, and if that be the case, Lying and Stealing alone should be a disqualification for any office. 



Christian Rogers

The Real Times– a degree in common sense…

Reminder: I am not a Trump supporter nor a Trump voter. I am a Truth-Sayer, although I am certain I will be attacked for writing this Article as if I support Trump. That could not be farther from the truth. I hope we are able to focus on the problems with Mrs. Clinton and not deflect to “Yeah but look how bad Trump is”. I do intend to cover Trump’s flaws in the coming weeks. If facts offend you, I have no advice for you. Keep in mind there is a lot more we still MUST cover regarding Hillary Clinton, this Article could only fit a humble few of the overwhelming stains from Hillary’s past. The more research I do, the more it starts to look like an infinite laundry list. Thank you Dear Thinkers for using your brains. I know this is a daunting task as the seduction of emotional arguments and late night comedy is often the easy road traveled. 



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Make America Think Again
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