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Make America Think Again
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By: Christian Rogers

Time Check

March 5, 1623 – The first alcohol temperance law in the colonies was enacted in VA.

March 5, 1845 – The U.S. Congress appropriated $30,000 to ship camels to the western U.S.

March 5, 1872 – George Westinghouse patented the air brake, which was then used for rail cars, making transportation by train more reliable and safe.

real time

Iss. 54

March, 5, 2017

Dear Thinkers, 

Nobody likes being told what to do, but when the vegan lectures you over a steak dinner about the sins of eating meat, it takes the meaning of duplicity to eccentric bounds. In Hollywood, this scenario presents itself as a regular occurrence. 

“I mean, have they no sense of decency? I just can’t believe people are allowed to go out and shoot animals like it’s the wild west”, exclaims the so-called liberal while they cut into their $58 dollar steak. The disconnect is astonishing.

Likewise, the Hollywood Elite berates us, the American people, with their raging hypocrisy. These actors and actresses, stuck in their fictional worlds, yearn for real-life relevance as they show their lack of expertise time and time again with numerous, shallow, political, tirades. Cinematic art is truly powerful and deserves acknowledgement. However, When you make millions of dollars for playing pretend all day, it comes as no shock that these people who save the world in their movies, think they can save the world in real life. Our recent coverage of Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes is an embarrassingly precise example of someone who spouts to the nation, without first doing her research. 

But why is it that they know better? Is it because they’re rich? I thought the Democrats told us that being rich disqualified you from speaking on policy? Regardless, I’m sick of it, I will no longer tolerate this bullying. And judging by the dismal ratings of the Oscars, so are the American people. 

Worsley, these two-faced elitists don’t simply claim to be correct. They literally claim moral superiority, labeling the other side as racists, sexists, homophobes, and so on…  But if racists lose all credibility in modern society (which should certainly be the case), then we might well ask ourselves: How then, can we possibly listen to Hollywood? It was Hollywood itself, only a year ago, which labeled themselves as racist!

But we need not hop in our time machines and venture back to the ancient era of 2016. How about a more recent example. Just weeks ago, these very same, snobby, celebs asserted that Beyonce didn’t win best album at the Grammy’s due to racism. No, not because the album was an auditory laceration, not because it didn’t properly showcase her beautiful pop voice that made her career (as she now experimented with rapping and auto-tuning her hooks) And NO, it wasn’t because of her charming lyrics, as she gracefully serenaded us with, 

“I don’t give a f**k, chucking my deuces up

Suck on my balls, pause, I had enough

I ain’t thinking ’bout you”,

Inspiring! Truly moving. If only we didn’t have racism, if only Adele could have came up with such melodic prose. But this is not my opinion. This is the opinion held by Adele, the music industry, Hollywood, and every dumb columnist at the LA Times, CNN, and the Huffington Post who have mastered craft of the copy-paste button, creating a massive Leftist echo-chamber. Did anyone speak out against this unfounded charge of racism?    No. Silence…    unless of course, you listen to Conservative talk-radio. But last I checked, it wasn’t the ‘Religious Right’ who voted for Adele, it wasn’t ‘middle America’ who voted for white people to win the Oscars… Yeah, you can blame them for Trump, they voted for him, but these dumb award shows are all part of one Leftist cesspool. There were TV anchors referring to Hacksaw Ridge as a “Republican film”, simply because the Producers and Directors happened to be Conservative and the movie didn’t set out to degrade the military. There was no “Make America Great Again” hidden in the credits, there was nothing at all Republican about the film! But if the political views held by the makers decides a film’s (political) title, then wouldn’t that make every other film… a Democrat film? Hollywood is racist. The Elites told us so. Don’t argue with them. They know best.

This leads us to three possible outcomes. 


Let’s explore option 1: 

The Oscars are Racist – which means that everyone in attendance is okay with attending an award show that condones bigotry and discrimination. Why are we okay with receiving lectures on morality and political correctness from those who condone this racism? Why don’t we take issue with those who don’t speak out against the Academy? Why didn’t anyone try to pull ‘an Adele’ and give back their awards in the name of human rights? 

Furthermore, the actors who won last year were shown priority (according to the Left) based on the color of their skin. This is disgusting and distasteful. Their response will surely be, “BUT MINORITIES WON THIS YEAR!” That’s all fine and dandy, but if the Oscars are in fact, racist, then we wouldn’t know if the winners this year were shown preference based on skin color rather than merit. According to the Left, you cannot suddenly absolve yourself of your racism–let alone in only a year’s time.

Was it not President Obama who educated us about the racism that is “in our DNA”? But this all sounds ridiculous, which was pointed out and mocked with much ease, last year, by the host of the Oscars, Chris Rock (who happens to be black). So if the Oscars truly were racist, wouldn’t they rather let some black guy win the “best costume designer” award rather than steal the whole show? Well of course the answer is that the Oscars are NOT racist. To claim otherwise would be unfactual and unfounded. 

If Racists are the ones getting up on stage and lecturing us, then we must discredit them. Their vehement prejudice disqualifies them from preaching to us on anything. If the Left holds the belief that skin color dictates the measurement of one’s intellect, then we should question their other assumptions with equal caution because this philosophy, (aside from being dangerous,) lacks any certification. In short, racism is just dumb. 

But this leads us to our second choice…

Option 2:

The Oscars are NOT Racist. Okay, we’ve established that the claim that the “Oscars are racist” is ridiculous. And if Mr. Hollywood Leftist is apt to lecture us, we had better believe that he is not a racist. However, this presents one problem: If the Oscars are not Racist, and the Left raised the charge of racism against the Oscars without cause, then this renders the Left unreliable. And this unreliability shows untruthfulness. Are they liars? Or are they plain out wrong? Either one would mean that the idiots on stage are as unreliable as a walking, talking, wikipedia page… are these actors merely acting?

By raising the charge of racism in the name of political advancement, the Left not only lies, but they destruct the very meaning of racism itself. This is not respectful, in fact, it is racist. The Hollywood Left therefore under this provision, cannot lecture us, the American people, on almost anything. Morality, politics, culture, Trump… none of it! They cannot be trusted. Don’t listen to them.

Option 3:

So Dear Leftist, I recognize that you still have yet to pick either option 1 or 2. Which, in that case, must mean that both are incorrect, and therefore we will explore the possibility of a combination of the two. The Left, the Democrat Party–which is the Party of Slavery, segregation, and the Party that Voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964–are both untruthful and racist. It’s always a lot easier to get up in front of an audience and accuse someone without evidence than to defend the side of reason and rationality. 


Keep it Real.

Christian Rogers

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Make America Think Again
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