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Make America Think Again
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Iss. 59
May 13, 2017

Today, President Donald Trump is set to speak at acclaimed Evangelical Christian College, Liberty University. Trump, in accordance, will deliver the commencement address at the graduation ceremony event.
It should be noted: here at the Real Times, Liberty University is proudly hailed for its excellence—at least in comparison to the average, modern, ‘Progressive’ University. Additionally, it could be argued that Liberty may well be the favorite higher-education institution of the Real Times. That said, a logical examination will render an obvious disparity here. 
Though, at a glance, inviting President Trump—the Conservative Party’s (successful) Presidential candidate—to deliver the commencement at the nation’s most Conservative institution sounds sensical. The fact, however, that Trump is now the poster child for Conservatism in America, shows just how far we’ve fallen. 


You may not know: at Liberty University, students are expected to adhere to a very strict code of conduct. This is plainly laid out in the 46-page “Liberty Way” which sets forth the ‘do’s and don’ts’ for students to follow. This highly regulated lifestyle includes (but is not limited to) the prohibition of drinking, smoking, R-rated movies, cursing, dancing…. and incase that wasn’t enough “NO HUGS THAT LAST FOR LONGER THAN THREE SECONDS.” 
Regardless of political affiliation, Right, Left, or Center, it is always an honor to have a President (let alone the current one) speak at your graduation ceremony. We should not forget that… But what Liberty University should also care to remember is that this President, in particular, contains a past plagued with sins. The Christian is now welcome to respond, “sins can be forgiven,” and that is true. But Donald Trump has informed us that he doesn’t need to be nor does he want to be forgiven. He does not ask for forgiveness from God because he is above that. Above God. 

Remember This?


Forget the fact that he calls himself a Christian:

Forget that he says, “the Evangelicals, they love me,” or that he does not believe in repentance, because without acknowledging that he is a sinner he is, in fact, defying Christian doctrine of every form, flavor and domination within the realm of Christianity… He cannot be a Christian if this is his held view… which makes him a liar, because he is now lying about being a Christian in order to manufacture votes, and that would only add to the moral predicament we now find ourselves in… I guess it proves my point doesn’t it? But that is not for this article to address as I am not God. Nor is Donald J. Trump. Some people forget that. 

Liberty’s borderline hypocrisy? 

What we aim to tackle is instead Liberty University’s bizarre rationale in inviting Trump to deliver their commencement. Any University can overcome moral, social, political differences in order to have a sitting President speak! However, as we have established, Liberty University IS NO AVERAGE UNIVERSITY. Liberty holds themselves (in all aspects) to a much higher standard. And for an institution that forbids it’s members from cursing and puts a shot clock on hugs, it seems less than harmonious—to say the least— that they are without objection in allowing a man who boasts about “grabbing women by the pussy,” against their will. That same man slings physical appearance insults at his political opponents on live television. And once again, among Conservative spheres, this is not raising a single eyebrow. 
Yes, it is true that this is being nit-picky. Yes it is true that we are being hard on Liberty University. They are also hard on themselves—especially their students. 
For the sake of keeping this article available to children, we have omitted the vast and comprehensive list of vulgar, embarrassing remarks our Commander in Chief has made. (Not to mention the way he lives his life) If you would like to read the Unrated version, click here (Wait don’t click there, we’re kidding). But to the Dean of Liberty University, Robert Mullen, a friend of ours, do you really want the man who boasts about cheating on his wives (yes plural, more than one wife) in public and claiming the most he has in common with his daughter is sex… yeah… that guy… Do you want him lecturing your students? Do you see the problem here? Dare I border on mentioning the word hypocrisy? 
I’ll leave you with this. We know for a fact that the moral state of our nation is in a volatile place (that’s an understatement). Conservatism has compromised and sold itself to the highest bidder. Has religion also ventured down this dark path? According to the Bible itself, it is the last place of solace. If our followers have abandoned fort, where then can we find such a haven? If this be the case, then I agree with the critic, this article IS somewhat of a waste—a commencement speech is truly insignificant. But this, if nothing else, serves as a perfect example of the world we now find ourselves amongst, both atheist and believer alike. 
  Keep it Real

Make America Think Again
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