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Make America Think Again
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Today’s Quote

A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. -Jackie Robinson



Time Check

Apr. 16, 1705 – Sir Isaac Newton was knighted by the queen of England.

Apr. 16, 1917 – Vladimir Lenin returned to Russia to start Bolshevik Revolution after years of exile.

Apr. 16,1987 – The U.S. Patent Office began allowing the patenting of new animals created by genetic engineering.





real time

Apr. 16, 2012

Hey America,

As I thought about something to share with you today I hit a block. I was pretty much stuck until yesterday when I sat down and turned on the TV and the Yankee game was on. I noticed each player was sporting the number 42 on their backs.  The reason of course, is that it was  Jackie Robinson day.

If you look at the quote above you will be able to understand the type of person Robinson was and how he viewed his purpose on this earth. I think it’s safe to say he lived his life accordingly, or in his words his life was “important.” Foremost, we can’t even begin to understand the types of scrutiny he faced. So we have people like him to thank for that. People who lived lives of importance by contributing to our lives today. This reminded me of something.

If you don’t know I happen to be a huge fan of Martin Luther King Jr. I have so much admiration and respect for the man. He is without a doubt my modern day Moses only better…. He has a better haircut.

But lately a lot is being said about my man’s image and it’s somewhat disheartening.

For example, the chairman of the NAACP, Julian Bond, recently made a remark that went unnoticed by the media.

“We don’t remember the King who was the critic of capitalism…he thought a modified form of socialism would be the best system for the United States.”

I don’t know about you but this came as a shock to me. The chairman of the NAACP implying that King was a socialist? Bond went on to say,

 “We’ve made him into a different kind of person than he actually was in life….more radical than we make him out to be today”

My friends, you can call me narrow minded but I’m not about to take this evidence and go and call MLK a socialist! Julian Bond publicly stated that Martin Luther King was a radical socialist and the media hardly made a ripple.

I understand that it doesn’t mean anything if someone makes a dumb unfounded remark, however, Mr. Bond is speaking for one of the biggest organizations in our nation. Specifically the NAACP.

In addition, there has been much said in regards to MLK and the Occupy movement. An activist named Mel Reevs said,

“If you think that Martin Luther King would not have stood with Occupy, then you don’t know Dr. Martin Luther King.”

 It just shocks me that someone would even make that claim. Linking MLK to the Occupy movement? I don’t get it…. King preached civil rights and individuality, not socialism.

He didn’t fight capitalism. He fought racism and preached God’s word. My friends, I don’t know how you feel about this but I want to celebrate these men for what they really stood for. That’s why Jackie Robinson day is so great. It reminds us what a REAL hero stands for. If we model these types of people we can do what Robinson says and have “impacts” on the lives of others. But we must be conscious of those using these icons for their political agendas. And it shows that the principals that men like King and Robinson stood for still need to be defended. That is up to us America. But we must choose one or the other my friends. There is a distinct difference between freedom and free handouts.


 Let me know what you think.



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Make America Think Again
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