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Make America Think Again
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Today’s Quote

Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom; and no such thing as public liberty, without freedom of speech.

-Ben Franklin


Time Check

Jun. 18, 1812 – The war of 1812 began.

Jun 18, 1983 – The first American woman was in space.

Jun 18, 1987 – A woman sued Motley Crue for $5,000 claiming that she lost her hearing because a concert was too loud.


real time


Jun. 11, 2012

Hey America, 

I hope everyone had an awesome fathers day weekend. I know I did.

Last week I came across a story that caught my attention. You might have heard the story, but for the most part it missed the main stream media. In addition, the headline made me laugh. I think you might have the same reaction. Here it is:


I couldn’t help but laugh, but apparently it was true that the town of Middleborough voted to ban cursing. Now residents will have to pay the price for using bad language−Literally. The town implemented a new law that would allow officials to give tickets to swearers, similar to a traffic violation. The penalty: $20.

Obviously the 1st amendment comes to mind almost instantly. This act censoring of speech is surely going to be controversial. I find it surprising that it passed to be honest. But that’s not the important part. It gets better.

The town didn’t specify the words that will be considered profanity…Does anyone see a problem here?

In that case, who decides? Well actually it is going to be left up to the law enforcement official. Police Chief Gates said that the “the fine will be given out based on the police officers’ discretion.”

This can surely become problematic. The fact that the law is even Constitutional is debatable and an issue in itself. I have a feeling that my readers agree with me on that one for sure….Probably because my readers are either radical Constitutionalists or BIG Potty mouths. I happen to be both.

But the moral of the story is that laws aren’t always written well. And I surely don’t question this law’s intentions, that’s why I’m not making the issue about the censoring because I don’t believe that it is meant to do that. The original intent however, can become skewed, especially when things are spelled out so poorly. It leaves a lot of power in the hands of the police officer and it doesn’t even say what it is that you can get in trouble for.

 The police chief said that he doesn’t want to make it about people swearing over a regular occasion like a Red Sox game, but the way their season is going I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t change his mind. But that’s why I do think the law means well. But we have to go back to the basics and read it…What does the law say? This about sums it up for me, but if I were a resident of Middleborough I would definitely do my research. I mean, you can lose 20 bucks for saying a bad word? Shit!




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Make America Think Again
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