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Make America Think Again
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By: Editorials

Iss. 57

April, 27, 2017

Here’s a funny thought: Facebook has taken it upon themselves to help YOU (the dumb peasant) spot #FakeNews. This may come with some irony though, as Facebook is the worldwide leader and abetter in the spread of fake news…  but we needn’t take such care for accuracy… Or should we? 

Recently, if you signed onto your Facebook account, you may have witnessed the heading  “Tips to Spot False News” waiting for you at the top of your beloved Newsfeed. For those of you who had the time to click, this is what you would have found… (yes The Real Times Editorial Board always takes the click-bate) 

Be skeptical of headlines. False news stories often have catchy headlines in all caps with exclamation points. If shocking claims in the headline sound unbelievable, they probably are.

Look closely at the URL. A phony or look-alike URL may be a warning sign of false news. Many false news sites mimic authentic news sources by making small changes to the URL. You can go to the site to compare the URL to established sources.

 Investigate the source. Ensure that the story is written by a source that you trust with a reputation for accuracy. If the story comes from an unfamiliar organization, check their “About” section to learn more.

Watch for unusual formatting. Many false news sites have misspellings or awkward layouts. Read carefully if you see these signs.

Consider the photos. False news stories often contain manipulated images or videos. Sometimes the photo may be authentic, but taken out of context. You can search for the photo or image to verify where it came from.

Inspect the dates. False news stories may contain timelines that make no sense, or event dates that have been altered.

Check the evidence. Check the author’s sources to confirm that they are accurate. Lack of evidence or reliance on unnamed experts may indicate a false news story.

Look at other reports. If no other news source is reporting the same story, it may indicate that the story is false. If the story is reported by multiple sources you trust, it’s more likely to be true.

Is the story a joke? Sometimes false news stories can be hard to distinguish from humor or satire. Check whether the source is known for parody, and whether the story’s details and tone suggest it may be just for fun.

Some stories are intentionally false. Think critically about the stories you read, and only share news that you know to be credible.

 If you see a story in News Feed that you believe is false, you can report it to Facebook. 

Click  next to the post you’d like to mark as false

Click Report post

Click It’s a false news story

Click Mark this post as false news

Many of you might (expectedly) find this comical. That’s of course because our audience actually, “Thinks”. And whether you be on the Right or Left, if you read The Real Times, the least you can be afraid of is determining whether a story is real or fake. Dear Thinkers, pat yourselves on the back. Some people live in a pit of anxiety, constantly worrying if what they are reading is true or fake! You, on the other hand, … well, you just use your brain, (what a thought!) and that’s why we always keep it real for you guys. 

If you weren’t already being intellectually honest, The Real Times wouldn’t exactly be your cup of tea. For instance, the average Trump supporter and the Bernie supporter cannot stomach us. That’s how we know we’re doing something right. Truth hurts. It’s offensive.. it’s, well, TRUE. And that’s all the affirmation we need. We’ll keep bringing you REAL News. Leave the FAKE stuff for Facebook. And if you disagree with us, let us remind you that you can accomplish much more by critiquing our formatting. According to Facebook, that’s FAKE NEWS. 


Keep it Real



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Make America Think Again
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