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Make America Think Again
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“The United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including “honor” killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation.” – Text from Executive Order 

Time Check

Feb 1, 1790 – The U.S. Supreme Court convened for the first time in New York City.

Feb 1, 1861 – Texas voted to secede from the Union.

Feb 1, 1919 – The first Miss America was crowned in New York City.


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Iss. 50

February, 1, 2017

Dear Thinkers, 


Unconstitutional. Un-American. This is what critics of President Trump’s “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States” Executive Order have asserted. I’d venture to guess you didn’t even know it was called that. Moreover, I’m quite certain you can’t even name all 7 countries to which this applies. Still, you say, unconstitutional.

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But how can one claim such, without reading the text of the order itself? If you want, I’ve made it easy for you and have attached a copy here: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/27/us/politics/refugee-muslim-executive-order-trump.html

However, I know it’s a lot easier to go on with your day and make a Facebook status about how the President is violating law in the name of racism or bigotry (or whatever term we’re using this week). This way, you will probably get an abundance of likes, and you will maintain your good standing in society. (Many of those likes coming from people who have yet to read the Executive Order themselves). Accuracy doesn’t matter.


So you see, I’m doing you a favor. If you, dear Leftist, happened to come across a witty Conservative in your uncontrollable spouting, they might ask you to describe what is actually unconstitutional about the executive order. If you couldn’t do so—better yet, if I asked you a basic question about what’s in the Constitution, and you had no idea what was in the document, while at the same time outcrying over the unconstitutionality—then you may well make yourself into an utter idiot. And you’d deserve it. But we wouldn’t want that would we? So stick around, we’ll educate you.  


Firstly, this deserves a moment of pause for comedy’s sake. The Left, yes the same Left that has been mocking the right about the Constitution, and how it is outdated and how we need to tear it up and start over…they are now wrapping themselves in the Constitution. They point to a document and expect it to add some weight to their arguement. Well, as you may know, I wholeheartedly agree with that philosophy. Let’s reel back the power of government and adopt the Conservative blueprint that is mapped out in that wonderful gift from 1791. Though, the Leftists are contradicting themselves. It was literally just a few weeks ago when they were saying the opposite. These hypocrites didn’t object when Barack Obama was incinerating American citizens from above through drone strikes. They didn’t protest when Barack Obama pledged to end the Patriot Act and then used it to spy on innocent citizens. And no, they didn’t even make a hashtag when Obama froze immigration from Iraq for several months for Special Immigrant Visas (SIV’s). Yes he did do that, and it was somehow not racist.

I mean he didn’t outright ban anyone, he just made it harder for them to get here adding sometimes 18-24 months of headache. (Keep in mind Trump’s E.O. calls for only a 4 month pause).

Now, I’m not saying you have to agree with President Trump, or President Obama. But if you are to condemn one on immigration policy, then I expect you to be honest and condemn both.

I am consistent. I’ve condemned both for their acts of lawlessness. That said, this E.O. is not by any stretch of the imagination illegal. It is not unconstitutional and it is not un-American. Please, tell me where I’ve gone wrong. christianrogers@realtimesblog.com For some reason, last week in our little talk about women’s rights, not one person could point me to one fundamental freedom that women in America lack. I look forward to hearing from you this week…because I know all of you who are so vocal out there are closet Constitutional Lawyers. Right? 

Here it is if you missed it: “IF YOU DON’T MARCH YOU HATE WOMEN. PERIOD.”

Conceivably, you may have missed the statement from the President published Sunday afternoon:

“My policy is similar to what President Obama did in 2011 when he banned visas for refugees from Iraq for six months. The seven countries named in the Executive Order are the same countries previously identified by the Obama administration as sources of terror.”

Let me clarify the “seven countries” part: Under President Obama, the nations of Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, and Syria were blacklisted as countries with visa requirements for travel. Meanwhile other nations were not held to such scrutiny. You could travel to other nations—dare I say, non-muslim nations—without a visa, and they could travel here likewise. But these seven nations didn’t get the same grace. Could it be….because… they’re…..MUSLIM!!!!      Ahhh…    I said it.

In Somalia, the home of Al-Shabaab, (No, they’re not exactly the makers of the shish kebab. I know I was bummed too they’re) a global terrorist organization… you mean they had to get a VISA? What’s so different about Somalia, Mr. President Obama? Can someone say… RAAAA-CIST???  Well no, of course not. Nobody would say that because it was the practical thing to do to ensure the safety of American citizens. You would think all presidents would be held to the same measuring stick. 

The funny thing is, when President Obama did this, there were no protests. This is perhaps the first you’re hearing of it (and just think of all the idiots on TV and social media spewing their ignorance not even knowing about this—or worse, they do know and they’re misleading you). There were no airports shut down, no claims of unconstitutionality, or lawsuits. Rightfully so. I say this because it is not a violation of the Constitution at all to regulate immigration policy. There is not a right to immigration in the Constitution. Oh there is? Please, do point to it! You’re gona have a bad time finding it. Matter of fact, there is no such thing as Constitutional rights for non-citizens. That’s nonsensical. Why the hell would the American Constitution apply to people who live in Iraq or Syria?

What the Left is telling us is that all 7 billion people on Earth have a “RIGHT” to come to America. Oh…and if you’re a Democrat, and want to ban these people, well then that’s acceptable…. For instance, there were no protests in 1980 when Jimmy Carter suspended visas to Iran (a Muslim nation). There were no protests (as we covered) when President Obama froze immigration from Iraq (a Muslim nation). And just a few weeks ago, President Obama changed the policy that has been in place since Bill Clinton, in regard to Cuban immigration. Cubans would no longer be granted asylum just by making it to the U.S. No protest. (I guess we don’t care about them because they’re not Muslim)


Not to mention, if this E.O. is ‘targeting Muslims’ as many have claimed, then why not add Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation in the world to the list? Afghanistan? Singapore? If Trump is targeting Muslims, he’s not doing a very good job of it.

Once again, the Left doesn’t care about accuracy. That’s why they won’t acknowledge that the largest Muslim country on the planet is, in fact, not listed in the ban. And in doing so, it is disingenuous. The Leftist leaders are not dumb. They are fabricators. Since this election, they have been dethroned. They will do anything—even if they have to deceive you—to regain power. They know their followers (who are dumb) are just a bunch of college students and die-hard partisan Lefties who will not do their homework and look up the facts for themselves (let alone read the Executive Order). That way you are easily duped. 

The messiah, Bernie Sanders said this week at a rally, “We do not hate the Muslim people and we want them to know that, so we say to president Trump, rescind that ban”.

Question Bernie: Are Saudi Arabia and Iran…. RACIST? Anti Muslim? Let me remind you Bernie that these are nations that have theocracies built on Islamic Law. And it just so happens that neither of these countries have taken in but ONE refugee. Not one Bernie.But Trump is anti-Muslim. I reiterate, I didn’t vote for the guy, but if he says he needs these 4 months to keep us safe, then what is the big deal? Can’t we allow him the same leeway we granted Obama? Nahhh….I’m gona go shut down an airport.


Finally, this brings us to my favorite part: The Constitution.

The ACLU published a piece this week, We’ll See You in Court: Why Trump’s Executive Order on Refugees Violates the Establishment Clause


Oh joyous. This is where a political outlook void of logic starts to devouer itself. If the establishment clause applies to the worldwide citizenry, (remember the Left has told us that it is the Constitutional rights of the refugees and immigrants to come to the U.S.) then shouldn’t the governments of Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, ect.. be under fire? You might remember from last week, the woman who planned the Woman’s march believes Trump is sexist but she herself condones Sharia Law which justifies denigration of women. So isn’t stopping marital rape, honor killings, forcing a women to surcomb to a male guardian, and the likes a somewhat bigger deal than travel rights? If this is the case, then why hasn’t the ACLU focused their energy on the Middle East? Why aren’t there daily protests against the countries of the Middle East? Doesn’t it make the people raising their arms over travel rather screwed up? They won’t stand up to real injustice, but ‘SOMEONE STUCK IN AN AIRPORT’ —oh the horror! 

Perspective my friends. 

I’ll give them an easy out here. The Middle East is out of our jurisdiction. Places like Syria and Yemen are soverign nations and our Constitution only applies to American citizens. Is that hard to understand? And if this is true, well then President Trump did not do anything illegal. But if you read the text, you know that by now because he cited existing law in his E.O. But you still haven’t read it. That’s why you say, Nahhh….I’m gona go shut down an airport again! 

Keep it Real.

Christian Rogers

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Make America Think Again
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