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Make America Think Again
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If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get a boss. He doesn’t have tenure.
-Bill Gates


Time Check

Apr. 30, 0030 – Jesus of Nazareth was crucified.

Apr. 30, 1789 – George Washington took office as first elected U.S. president.

Apr. 30, 1945 – Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide. They had been married for one day. One week later Germany surrendered unconditionally.






real time

Apr. 30, 2012

Hey America,

I got into it with a teacher a few months ago and I wanted to write about it back in February, but I held my breath. It was probably a good thing I did because I was really heated at the time.

Our class got into a discussion on gay marriage and everyone was asking questions and it started out really good. People were raising good points and giving insight, until this discussion took a turn. As you know this topic is one of the most controversial topics our nation has right now. Nothing has been debated more heavily in recent years probably except the topic of abortion.

But anyways, as this discussion started going down a path our teacher didn’t agree with, she cut off the discussion like she was an emperor. Unsurprisingly, the discussion became one sided and it was her turn to tell the class what she thought. This is something you can expect in school because all teachers are of course, human. However, instead of telling us that it was her opinion, she told us as facts.

Someone asked how is it even constitutional to not allow gay marriage? She responded “It’s not” and she went off on a radical, and I mean RADICAL leftist rant on how people who oppose gay marriage are dumb and how they are animals and how it is discrimination and how it is no different from racism.

I’m sitting here like WOW, that was an earload. But then she continued, she talked about how fundamentalist Christian values are wrong and that following the Bible is a pathetic excuse and that everyone who opposes gay marriage hates gay people. I was astonished….Then, A kid yelled out “Fuck the Bible” and she started criticizing the Bible in front of my class. And then kids were saying “what is wrong with people that they would discriminate against gays like that.”

And then my teacher wouldn’t try and clarify at all she would just add to the hate frenzy. Then another kid said “Fuck them” the teacher hardly blinked an eye at the comment. Instead she supported it by giving more evidence why the kid who said the F word was right. Another boy added “My boyfriend and I used to…(I won’t repeat the rest)” Finally I couldn’t take anymore. I opened my mouth which is a rareity as I usually sit in the back of the class and mind my own business, but this was too far. It turned into Christian vs. 30 kids and a teacher and it wasn’t pretty. I made some good points and I tried to voice the thoughts of the other side, not that I even care that much. My teacher would respond no. That’s wrong or cut me off before I could finish. I started getting really heated and I called her out on everything she had said and she conveniently changed the subject.

Anyways, I was infuriated. But once I calmed down I was just in awe. I couldn’t believe a teacher at a public school would really go that far. In defence of the public school system that I don’t often like to defend, I have never had this happen to me before. In fact, nothing remotely close to this has ever happened to me in class. I have seen teachers hint strongly at their opinions, but they were still opinions, not right and wrong answers.

As you can see, it is a sensitive subject and it doesn’t matter how I feel, how you feel, or how she feels. Something should not be handled like this unless you are going to allow a fair and honest debate. Or at least, as the teacher, explain the arguments of both sides if you are not going to let students like me play devils advocate.

I know a lot of you are going to be deeply offended from some of the stuff I just told you. Honestly, I don’t care, if kids want to say “F the Bible” that’s their business and I applaud them for expressing themselves. I don’t agree one bit and it saddens me, but the more free speech the better….What I am mad about is the fact that when I would respond I would get cut off. Needless to say I didn’t use any curse words either….

I’m not writing this to get anyone in trouble or to vent. If that were the case I would have written it months ago when the incident first took place. (trust me I wanted to). But we need to be wiser than the average student and handle this a different way. Law suits and complaints don’t change the world. Something else does though. Keep them honest.

Keep it real.


The Real Times



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Make America Think Again
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