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Make America Think Again
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By: Christian Rogers

Today’s Quote 

“And I really believe that we should have and still should take out his air fields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop sarin gas on them.” – Hillary Clinton

Time Check

April 7, 1712 – A slave revolt broke out in New York City.

April 7, 1922 – U.S. Secretary of Interior leased Teapot Dome naval oil reserves in Wyoming.

April 7, 1945 – The Japanese battleship Yamato, the world’s largest battleship, was sunk during the battle for Okinawa. The fleet was headed for a suicide mission.


real time

Iss. 55

April 7, 2017


Wow. Nobody saw that coming… I certainly would not want to be Syrian President Bashar al-Assad today. You think Presidential candidate Gary Johnson knows where Aleppo is now?

Last night, President Trump ordered the targeting of an airbase in Syria from two USS Destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea. This decisive action followed two days of covert exercises by the U.S. Navy as a response to the largest chemical weapons attack in years. The preparations paid off Thursday night in the form of an uninvited wakeup call for the Syrian Al Shayrat airfield in the dawn hours of Friday Morning (Syrian local time).


As the cruise missiles rained havoc on the Syrian military aircraft, (the same planes and helicopters used days before to deploy the chemical weapons) a sense of awe overcame me. It was almost as if I had forgotten the pervasive striking capacity of our almighty military.

For 8 years, our military has sat dormant. Assad and other strong-men have reigned unobstructed while hundreds of ships patrol all corners of the globe, ostensibly, for no apparent reason except to waste fuel. Likewise, thousands of men and women train daily throughout our many military branches to preserve the peace Americans like us take for granted.

But why was striking Syria necessary? Maybe it wasn’t.

It was not long ago that President Obama threatened Assad with a red line against the use of chemical weapons. Noticing the cookie jar was open, Assad, like all naughty kids, reached for the cookie and devoured it, once again gassing his own people and harming innocent civilians in a giant F-U to Barack. Instead of responding with strength, Obama refused to enforce his red line, and the U.S. ‘paper tiger’ had thus been exposed. But this should come as no surprise, as it is not my opinion, Obama himself publicly reminded us that his vision for America was to “lead from behind” and minimize our influence in the world… which is understandable, if you believe as he, that America has harmed diminished, and currently prevents global prosperity.

As I am hesitant to proclaim President Trump’s first strike a good decision, it is doubtlessly decisive. And from our leadership, decisiveness is a key element that we have inarguably lacked for the past 8 years. The most powerful force in the world—us—have failed to deliver a bite with our bark, and in analyzing this geo-political move, we must first admit that this act is not controversial.




Here’s Why:

If you supported President Obama, then this attack is clearly off-limits for anything but absolute praise. Striking Assad’s air base is simply Trumps version of enforcing a policy Obama put in place! (though, Obama failed to enforce it)  Furthermore, Hillary Clinton, throughout the campaign took a much harder stance against Russia and Syria. She (irresponsibly, in my opinion) ranted about implimenting a NO-FLY Zone in Syria. This would have launched a giant proxy war with Russia (or worse, considering they are the only ones controlling the skies at the moment above the Syrian Nation). Secondly, on the morning before the strike, at the Women in the World summit in NYC, Hillary said,

“Assad has an air force and that air force is the cause of most of these civilian deaths as we have seen over the years as we saw again in the last few days,”


Clinton went on, 


“And I really believe that we should have and still should take out his air fields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop sarin gas on them.”


As someone who hates war…no Conservatives don’t like war, I know that’s news for many of you Lefties…I find it insanely irresponsible that Mrs. Clinton would not realize the violent ramifications of  enforcing such measures. As someone who opposes the Iraq war, and sees Russia as a giant threat, (yes Democrats, that’s supposed to be you, I’m giving you the cheat sheet) you should recognize that Hillary’s foreign policy is radical at best, and should by itself detour you from supporting her.

But the vote came and went. I made this case for the entire election… I guess my voice fell on deaf ears… 


But Clinton didn’t stop there,

“I still believe we should have done a no-fly zone,” blah blah blah “We should have been more willing to confront Assad”


And that serves as a reminder that Clinton would have actually taken a much stronger action toward Assad. Time and time again Clinton relayed the necessity of a “no fly zone” over Syria.


Whether or not that is a good policy is of course up for grabs (though you now know my take). But the point here is that Trump’s actions are not somehow sacred to hawks on the Right. There is nothing about his decision to strike Syria that is ‘Republican’ in nature. And as a Leftist, you should not view this as a controversial move. Obama and Hillary support it!

The showcase of power to the rest of the world, especially in such a controlled way, is not only good but necessary. That said, Russia’s commitment to Assad is a deeply held bond. Clinton’s no-fly policy is a hawkish policy that deserves the description of “reckless” at the very least. Starting a war with Russia is in nobody’s best interest globally (including Russia and the U.S.). Many Democrats (if intellectually honest) will agree with me. The Democrats rip Lindsey Graham, George Bush and John McCain meanwhile voting for Clinton. The only problem, is that Clinton’s policy is supported by these so called war-mongers (Like Graham and McCain). The Left never took the time to condemn these policies throughout the campaign. The Left never distanced themselves from this lunacy and they instead kept reiterating the dishonest hyperbole that Trump would somehow put his hand on the button and blow the world in half on his first day. Obviously, that did not happen. 

On the other hand, starting a proxy war with Russia through Syria is also a lose-lose situation. The apparent “rebels” in Syria are connected to ISIS. And when it comes to the Middle East, America hasn’t exactly had the best track record have we? This is of course due to the luke-warm policies of the Obama and Bush administrations spanning back 16 years (most of my life) where we depose dictators and destabilize the region time and time again. Why do we never learn? Assad like Saddam like Mubarak, like Kidhafi, are all bad dudes—horrible. However, these strong men offer stability  The Obama administration, (in a showcase of losing only found on Vegas slot machines) single handedly took it upon themselves to remove dictators throughout the Middle East. This of course, was called the Arab Spring. 

Let us not repeat the mistakes of the previous administrations. Let’s have clear goals, take decisive action, and always act in America’s best interest. Getting bogged down in foreign conflict has never been among this interest. Therefore, striking Syria without so much as lifting a thumb, sends a great message with minimal effort. We like that! But I repeat, DO NOT let us go further than that. Do not let us establish “red lines” that cannot be enforced—or worse: One that is extremely costly to enforce. It is unclear whether the Trump Administration will stay true to this advice going forward as they have contradicted themselves (in regard to foreign policy) in the past. We can only hope. The American military is the strongest weapon the world has ever seen. And this weapon, like all weapons, can be used both correctly and incorrectly; for destruction and for good. 


Keep it Real.

Christian Rogers


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Make America Think Again
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