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Make America Think Again
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Today’s Quote

“A penny saved is a penny earned.”

Benjamin Franklin




Time Check

April 8, 1513 – The land of Florida was claimed for Spain.
April 8, 1962 – Bay of Pigs invaders got thirty years imprisonment in Cuba.
April 8, 1974 – Hank Aaron hits 715th home run breaking Babe Ruth’s record.






real time

Iss. 33

April 8, 2013

Dear Thinkers,

I am going to start by sharing a quick story about two brothers.

Once Upon a Time, there were two little boys who worked hard doing their chores every single week. At the end of the month, Father would reward the boys for their hard work with an allowance of seven dollars. The eldest and wisest, Jim, looked forward to the end of each month to add to his grand stash. When it was finally time, he collected his seven dollars and put the money in a jar titled SAVINGS.  John however, was not so patient. He waited endlessly for that day and when it was finally time, he grabbed the money and ran off and bought all the toys and candy he could afford. Sure, Jim was envious of his brother as he craved a candy bar of his own, but he wouldn’t let himself do it….he knew he couldn’t afford to.              10 years later, John was going to Prom and was looking for a ride. He couldn’t pick up his date because he didn’t have a car. Perplexed, John ran to his knowledgeable brother…but Jim said that he didn’t know what to do for him. Jim then  waved goodbye and went to pick up his girlfriend in his brand new sports car and head to the dance. John watched Jim drive off and turned to his Father and screamed, “It’s just not fair!” Father just smirked and simply replied, “Oh Johnny, would you like to ride with me?”

So there it is. John put himself in a bit of a predicament by not saving any of his money. Instead he indulged and spent until he had nothing left. Now let’s be honest, John probably enjoyed every single one of those candy bars, and Jim was a bit extreme as he didn’t spend a dime on himself, but he gained the ultimate reward in doing so. On the other hand, John payed the ultimate price.

This scenario sounds childish, but it is the exact situation that the United States are in as we speak. Every state gets tax money, and every state gets to choose how to spend it. Some states are like Jim, and save up their money for things of the utmost importance. And then there’s the John States. The ones that take their allowance and SPEND. California is a perfect example. If John bought the whole chocolate store, California bought the Chocolate Factory! But this is the Golden State Come On…..

Father keeps telling California to cut back and save some of that money….but toys and chocolate bars are important, we say, “They make everyone happy!” “Do you really want us to take happiness away from our people? How dare you even propose something like that!” And meanwhile the rest of the nation sits back and watches as irresponsibility consumes “John States” until they have nothing left to spend.

And I almost forgot to tell you the end of the story. Jim get’s a call when he finally gets to Prom and it’s his brother John asking for a ride. He says to Jim, “Jim you can’t leave me here alone, I’m your brother, you’ve gotta help me.” Of course, Jim leaves the dance to pick up his brother. By the time they both arrive at Prom, the dance is over. Jim looks at John and says to him “man, I hope those toys were worth it”.

And that’s what we’re gona be saying, “man California, I hope those toys were worth it”. Because now we’re all gona miss the dance, and mark my words,we will miss a lot more than that. Oh, don’t worry, CA will still be the good old Golden State. But it will keep this name only due to the fact that gold is the only currency left containing any value. Wake up California. Wake up. You can hear your Father telling you to save your money! You’re gona bring us all down with this behavior. At least look to your brothers as an example. But California and all the states like it say, “if only I was paid more than seven dollars…what a greedy father I have!” And they go and raise taxes and say “this time we will have enough!” “This time we won’t spend it all!”

Texas and Florida have no income tax. Sure, life could be better. But these states are run efficiently, they aren’t wasteful, and they don’t promise their citizens tons of free toys. Like Jim, these states spend money on the things they really need. Why can’t we all do that? I’ll tell you why…. it’s cus’ we all want to take our seven dollars and run right on down to the toy store like little kids. When will we just grow up?

Keep it Real America,




The Real Times


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Make America Think Again
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