BATTLESHIP – The power politics that will sink our new ‘friend’ Iran

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“We do not pay ransom. We didn’t here, and we won’t in the future.” – President Barack Obama

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Aug. 27, 1789 – The Declaration of the Rights of Man was adopted by the French National Assembly.

Aug. 27, 1889 – Charles G. Conn received a patent for the metal clarinet.

Aug. 27, 1939 – Nazi Germany demanded the Polish corridor and Danzig. 

real time

Iss. 44

Aug. 27, 2016

Dear Thinkers,


DOWN WITH THE U.S.A. If you look closely that’s what the heading image depicts. A bleeding American Flag with that provocative, catchy, and so-often-heard expression written distinctly across. I found this image while watching the news. In the broadcast, the reporter covered the internal excitement behind the lifted sanctions in Iran, yet as he was talking, I couldn’t help but zoom in—and to my fascination—discover this hateful slogan which decorated a nearby building. The reporter, as well as the camera crew, didn’t stop and mention the blatantly hostile message as they simply grazed by…(which seems odd considering they were broadcasting these images back to, yes, the U.S.A. itself) This absence of reaction lead me to wonder if this sort of visual was a common observance in the city of Tehran.

At any rate, the White House this week relayed that “We don’t know the intentions of Iran” in reference to the shocking Naval incidents. I’ll let you decide whether or not the White House is being genuine. 


Leading up to this article, I had planned all along to cover the intellectual trainwreck others refer to as Donald Trump. I still intend to do so, especially in wake of our cuddly job interview we recently conducted with Ol’ Grandma Hillary. (If you missed it here you go: Yet, in the midst of my judicious plans, the Obama administration decided to get caught sneaking

ap_16211161553925-e1469806877309 ransom money to Iran in the middle of the night. And truthfully, this should come as no surprise from an administration desperate to make a deal to restore their image. After receiving minimal coverage, the story has re-emerged after a USS Destroyer was intercepted and harassed this week by multiple Iranian vessels in the Strait of Hormuz. This bizarre incident was then to be outdone THE NEXT DAY when a separate United States Ship was harassed for the second day in a row by the Iranian Guard Corps. The incident escalated and the US Navy was forced to deploy several warning shots. Unfortunately at home, America seems to be preoccupied with Donald Trump’s-Twitter Feed (DTF) instead of focusing on this escalating story. So as you may have guessed, here at the Real Times we are not DTF, (especially with Daddy Donald) so we’re going to proceed and cover something that is truly newsworthy and may directly affect the political power balance on the high seas for years to come. So thank you in advance for bypassing the bait of the unimportant news cycle and using your brain. And frankly, you should understand the deception that is taking place behind this story. I contend you will be livid beyond belief. 

In order to fully understand this story, it’s adamant that we turn back just one or two pages. As you may have guessed, Iranian-US relations did not just suddenly rust in the Strait of Hormuz. Nor is this the first sequence of Naval Confrontation with the Persian Nation. So I know it’s not Thursday, but if you’ll excuse me, let’s throw it all the way back to last summer where Jurassic World dominated the box office, when you couldn’t drive a block without getting a headache from hearing Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”, and where Harabe the Gorilla entertained fantasies of the Tarzan story…meanwhile pausing to laugh from time to time about the fictitious plausibility of a human baby just “falling out of the sky” and into his furry lap. Oh! And how could we forget?! Most of all, President Obama sought to make the largest deal of his Presidency: The Iran Nuclear Deal. 

For those who haven’t, as of late, drafted a Nuclear non-proliferation treaty, let me explain the Iran Nuclear Deal from a rudimentary state. Inherently, the basis of a good deal would proceed with both sides present at the table getting SOMETHING in return for what they are offering to sacrifice‒much like trading baseball cards. Even a child can comprehend this principle. But as you shall see, when the rules of the trade are not properly agreed upon, “Trading-Cards” swiftly grows into a heated game of Battle-Ship. And that is what we witnessed this week. (Keep an eye on that word offering) Though, before you accuse me of being coarse in regard to “beating-up” on such a meager figure‒the most powerful man in the world‒allow me illustrate the situation. I sincerely hope the facts don’t offend anyone here.Persian-Gulf-missile


LAST YEAR Barack Obama and his team sat down at the table with a people who scoff at him, trample american flags, threaten our allies, and throw darts (or worse) at pictures of Obama himself. They proudly scream “death to America” in the streets. And they refer to us as ‘Big Satan’. “But Christian,” you say, “can’t we get past a bit of name calling in order to make a landmark deal”, and I most certainly agree. But what we cannot overlook is the sure fact that Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Aside from the obvious, let’s take a look at why this is relevant. 

When the Administration made this deal last summer, the International Community unleashed more than $100B in assets frozen over seas! This money will surely end up in the hands of terrorists who will undoubtedly use it to inflict more brutality on the Western World. I hear some of you saying, “Oh you don’t know that!” “STOP Fearmongering and hyperbolizing in order to slam Obama!”

Ok fine. Don’t take my word for
it. Ask the idiot who made the deal.

In an interview with CNBC John Kerry (our Secretary of State) spouted off this fountain of retardation: “I think that some of it will end up in the hands of the IRGC (Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps) or other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists,”Unknown-1Great. So why again did you make this deal then? A deal that allows them lots of….your words, not mine buddy. Good thing he had an encouraging response: (According to CNN)

“You know, to some degree, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that every component of that [funding terrorism] can be prevented,”

Wait, that was really bad…Go on John, I’m still waiting for some assurance here…

“If we catch them funding terrorism, they’re going to have a problem in the U.S. CUnknownongress and other people, obviously,” he said.

So there you have it. If the Iranian leadership (who are bad people), do bad things with their money, then we have no way of enforcing punishment. They’re like the Child who knows they can’t get spanked for stealing candy! So let’s examine how silly this slap on the hand really is.     Kerry: “They’re going to have a problem in Congress?” Dude, the Ayatollahs are not some sort of Health Care Bill. You can’t kill them in the Senate. Matter of fact, they could give a damn about what goes on in Congress, and ironically, so do you John. That’s why you violated Constitutional power and made this deal without consent from Congress. My friends at home, whether you like this deal or not, this was not within his power to even make the deal. According to the Heritage Foundation, the President is given authority to make treaties, to which the Senate is given the authority to advise and consent (Article 11, Section 2). As you can plainly see, the only person who has a problem with Congress is John Kerry and his Backup Dancer President Obama. I hear Malia dances pretty well too if you light up with her… 



Ever since I was young, Iran has been the focal point of international conflict. From threats to us and our allies, to their utter defiance of international law and human rights, they have been the thorn in the side of peaceful world relations for some time. Also, the Obama administration has been criticized vigorously on their incompetence in handling foreign affairs. Therefore, what better feat than settling such a controversy and leaving behind a legacy? Accomplishing the impossible would bring much needed redemption. And from a bird’s eye view, one must credit the Obama administration on negotiating ANY deal with such an unreasonable group such as the Ayatollahs. Assuming nobody zooms in and examines the deal, this is the legacy that Obama hopes to leave behind. 

Yet, after examination, one finds that the United States‒surprisingly‒did not get anything for this deal. Literally nothing. Security at least? NO. An ally in Iran? NO. Assurance that they would at least uphold their side of the bargain? NOT EVEN THAT! This deal is not even binding. Knowing this, by definition I’m not even accurate in calling this a deal. The word deal implies that we would have assurance that they would uphold their part otherwise the deal would be off! This was literally The Iran Nuclear Offering. (No this is not an opinion, Calm down, we will cover the details of how the agreement is non binding in a minute and you’ll understand. It will literally blow your mind) And since this agreement was done behind closed doors, we are still learning of the ongoing politically deficient spilled-mess that occurred as even more sludge keeps seeping under the threshold into plain sight. (Like the $1.7B in ransom money that was just leaked to the press which was originally denied as ransom money…until it was admitted). 

“Christian you’re just biased”, “Prove it”. Unknown-2

Well I’m glad you asked. Let’s talk specifics. That money that I told you about that was “un-frozen”, has caused lots of confusion. Contrary to what you may have been thinking, I was not referring to the sequel of a Disney movie. Instead, this points to the Sanctions that the United Nations have placed (in the past) on Iran. How does this work? In practice this forbids nations from doing business in a sense with Iran as well as keeps them from receiving money for the trade that they have already been allotted. Meaning the money was just “FROZEN” in limbo waiting to be released. Well that’s not fair, you may say… Why should they be bullied by the international community? And once again, I’m glad you asked because this is something we can all agree on:  Whether you be Conservative or Liberal, you and I can both agree that pushing Homosexuals off rooftops to their death, killing Christians, enslaving Women, funding Terrorism, and threatening to nuke other nations is not a good practice. And as of now, Iran has received countless human-rights violations for these unspeakable acts‒except the last: Nuclear destruction.

Why not Nuclear Destruction? Well up until now (August of 2016), Iran hasn’t had weaponized nuclear capability (though they have tried). This is why reasonable people (on the Right and the Left) don’t think we should make a “Nuclear Deal” with Iran. Matter of fact, the sanctions and the work of the international community over the past decade and a half have been to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear capability. It was working. These sanctions were crippling Iran’s economy. images

The Obama administration answers these claims with, “They just want to heat their homes” it’s unfair to them! 

Any honest person with their head more above water responds, No, stop lying. We already know they were trying to develop Nuclear Weapons. Hence the report from your own White House which noted:

“Before July, Iran had a large stockpile of enriched uranium and nearly 20,000 centrifuges, enough to create eight to 10 bombs, according to the White House. US experts estimated then that if Iran had decided to rush to make a bomb, it would take two to three months until it had enough 90%-enriched uranium to build a nuclear weapon – the so-called “break-out time”. (BBC). 

I think that lie speaks for itself. If Barack is thinking in terms of Nuclear Radiation, then yes. Perhaps the effects will radiate lots of heat, which will ultimately warm everyone’s home. How pleasant. 

As we venture toward our next layer of dishonesty, there are some obvious absurdities that we don’t even have the time to cover, though I’m confident you can connect the dots. So, aside from the fact that the Obama administration has waged a war—Literally—on our domestic nuclear program in the name of the environment, the fact that Iran is in the middle of the damn desert, N. Korea is a weeeeee bit further north on the map (requiring more heat for their homes) and NOBODY thought it okay to lend nuclear capabilities to N. Korea, AND the fact that throughout history, the practice of expecting A-Holes to be genuine and honest has landed us—Unsurprisingly—in the bowels of every single predicament, I still don’t think this deal is a good proposal. At this point we won’t even judge Iran based on their word (which I remind you isn’t binding), but before we get to the next part of The Iran Nuclear Offering, let me play a quick highlight-reel that is available for all to see in the Hall of Fame of A-Hole History. I think they’re still deciding on a location to place their gorgeous display, and if you ask me, that was the biggest mistake of the deal. Lobbyists for the Hall of Fame of A-Holes have been trying to set up shop in Tehran for years. John Kerry missed a one time opportunity.

The world gave Hitler an inch, and he didn’t take a mile, he almost took the entire world. In the name of fairness and blind stupidity President Carter allowed Pakistan to have nuclear weapons by accident. President Clinton allowed our good friends N. Korea to have nuclear weapons because he TRUSTED that they wouldn’t pursue weaponizing the Nuclear Technology. And would you believe it, each one of them came back boasting, like Neville Chamberlain to Hitler, “look we have peace in our time”. That’s why liberal foreign policy is not just moronic, it is dangerous. It was FDR who prior to WW II, reminded us that Hitler was a “reasonable guy”. And keep in mind FDR is idolizedadolf_hitler630_pxlwby the Left as the text-book President. But don’t you worry Thinkers, Barack is smart. He set this deal up on a ticking clock. And the time is set to expire just as he runs a little ways down the road and out of sight. I’m not kidding, the Iran Nuclear Deal is set up so that by the time they Weaponize their Nuclear Capabilities, he will be long gone from office… then, who knows… maybe Trump will have to deal with it… Doesn’t that just make you feel so secure. 

For more information visit: www.AHoleHallOFfame/

Let us not deviate any further. 

Everyone has an opinion about this deal. And many who go on TV will tell you that I am wrong in calling this an “Offering”. But have they even read the deal? I think not. 

Riddle me this? Why does the beginning of the deal contradict everything that Iran has said publicly?Here is what it says in the Preamble: 

“Iran reaffirms that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop or acquire any nuclear weapons”. (Preamble, Section iii)

Okay so we’ve established that we (for some reason) don’t care that the money is going to fund terrorism. I mean, I hope you and I care, because I’m not too fond of Terrorists in my backyard using my own money to kill me, and John Kerry has shown that he truly is Hillary’s Relief Pitcher by some of the statements we covered already(remember Hillary used to hold his position). But we are forgetting that the whole reason there needed to be a deal in the first place is because Iran said they wanted NUKES. They then acted on their claims (meanwhile threatening us and our allies) and stockpiled Uranium. If that be the case, don’t you think we should at least be able to inspect their facilities? Well yes, we can, but we can’t do so without getting permission from their ally Russia. Our Enemy! And incase you weren’t aware, not only does Russia love the idea of degrading American power globally (because that helps them), but furthermore, they have a specified interest in keeping the United States out of the Strait of Hormuz. 

We have yet to mention that the Iranian newspapers (that are the mouthpieces for the regime) have echoed the wishes of their supreme leader that they are considering a blockade on the Strait. How does this hurt us? Have you every complained about gas prices? Think about this. Most of the world’s oil comes through the Strait of Hormuz. Already, news of Iran’s unconfirmed threat has driven oil prices up $3, to more than $100 a barrel. If this actually happens, prices could soar to $250. (

The axis between Iran and Russia is a serious problem to world peace, and more importantly to US Power. Russia also has an earnest necessity in keeping Iran out of the UN “Dog House”. When Sanctions are lifted from Iran, Russia has the ability to trade with them. The Russian machine requires middle eastern oil, and their symbiotic relationship with the Persian Nation has benefited them greatly in years past. For this reason Russia has generally sided with Iran in opposition to the UN security council. Furthermore, a Nuclear Iran is a powerful check against the Israeli-American alliance that threatens Vladamir Putin’s conquest of sattelite nations (which he has shown constantly with occupation in Georgia and Ukraine).

Ok, so that’s not good. Hmmm, why haven’t we heard about this on everyday television? 

But wait, here’s the deal breaker. On top of all the other stupidity, this deal allows Iran to inspect their own facilities! And if they fail to comply (I don’t know how it is even possible not to comply) they don’t have to uphold the negative side of the deal and receive punishment. If this is the strongest deal we could make now, imagine how the deal will be renegotiated when they have nukes. We blew it!

If they are harrassing our sailors now, just think about what they will get away with when they are more formidable. (Both economically and militarily)

Iran has, of course, responded to all of this lenience by–YOU GUESSED IT–increasing their ICBM (Inter-Continental-Ballistic-Missiles) Testing. But I’m sure it’s just to heat their homes.

If you thought that the deal would have covered ICBM tests, well you gave John Kerry a wee-bit much credit. Because the deal states (according to The Times of Israel) Iran is only “called upon not to” test missiles, but not expressly forbidden from doing so, Iran has used that loophole to increase its testing with impunity.

“Called upon” That’s it. 

Incase, you’re starting to question the legitimacy of this deal, I’ll let you know that it does have a cute name: The Offering can be refered to as the “Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)”. What I don’t understand though is before any of these fancy names, the sanctions WERE working! They were devastating the Iranian economy like we noted earlier. The weapon bans were working. We were keeping weapons technology out of the hands of lunatics. Why is it that the Left doesn’t trust law abiding Americans with firearms, but it trusts Islamo-Fascists with Nuclear Weapons. There are two rules everyone knows as a kid: 1. Don’t take candy from strangers. 2. Don’t give Islamo-Nazis Funds to support Terrorism. This whole deal renders only one outcome, and you are witnessing this free-for-all in the Strait of Hormuz this week, but of course, they are not the first. 

According to CNN, “These brushes have included Iranian Rocket launches (wow just like the tests we were just talking about), drones flying over US vessels and the capture of US sailors back in January. These come against the backdrop of renewed US diplomatic contacts with Iran, which has triggered a political backlash among Iranian hardliners, including the powerful IRGC.”

This is what you get when you make a deal with the devil. And no, I’m sorry, we are not Big Satan. These animals captured our sailors and took a boat load (no pun intended) of pictures for propaganda. They even fired a rocket near one of our Aircraft Carriers the USS Harry Truman. They are just testing the waters and seeing how much they can get away with. It won’t be long before one of these incidents turns out in a devastating matter. Then what? And who could blame them, they clearly know that we wMideast-Iran-U_Horo1on’t lift a finger. They know the Obama administration is in an awful place and therefore they have assurance. Barack just came home with Hitler’s signature like Chamberlain in Britain, “look we have peace”. “Look at what a great negotiater I am. Iran is an ally!” Yet, if we threaten them and tell them to stop messing with us, all of the bragging looks like garbage. The Iran Nuclear Offering will be seen for what it really is. Bullshit. Hence the game of Battle-Ship. Iran is seeing how close they can get those white pegs to our Destroyers, Battleships and Carriers before we react. 

In July Iranian ships sailed close to USS New Orleans while Gen. Joseph Votel commander of Central Command, was aboard (CNN). If you don’t think that the timing was on purpose you are kidding yourself. Iran is sending a clear message that they now hold the reigns. And with every move, they move the saddle a bit farther up Obama’s back, because they know he can’t do anything to stop them. He cornered himself! Think of what a dunce Obama would appear as if he fired on an Iranian ship after boasting for the last year and a half that we are now great friends with Iran… And with that we came to the climax yesterday when one of our Naval Ships actually had to fire warning shots on Iranian vessels. Madness. Truly unspeakable madness. Unfortunately, I don’t predict this will be anywhere near the end of the story. But let’s move on to the next and final (that we will cover here, yet I contend there are more) level of why this deal was dishonest.


If we were watching the Movie Inception—With this amount of twisted deception—we would be approaching what they call Limbo. The Iran Nuclear Offering is built on lies. And when you sink all the way down to the Hades of lies, you find yourself on a plane stacked to the ceiling with unmarked cash in the middle of the night. No my friends, I know what you’re thinking… “We already covered the cash”. But this cash is not the “Unfrozen Assets”. The Limbo of Lies we find ourself in now is a lie within a lie within a lie within a lie making this money nothing other than ransom money. Moreover, the Obama administration purposely kept this quiet, purposely used cash that was unmarked and untraceable, purposely sent Swiss currency (and other currencies) to avoid U.S. banking laws, and when all of this came out they denied it….until they admitted it.  Unknown

They lied to you. Then they got caught and they kept lying to your face. The Obama administration pre-meditated on how they could get around the laws we have in place which prevent us from sending money to Iran—let alone ransom money! 

This plane contained $400m in tax-payer cash. Yeah, your money. Which is only to be dwarfed by the 1.7 Billion Dollars we ultimately paid for the release of our American citizens. I would go into the details of why this is ransom money because the White House has denied it claiming that it was negotiated in another roomabedini-ransom-575x324and that somehow makes it not as bad and so on… but since the administration has since admitted that this was a ransom, I’ll save my breath. 

Ever since this deal was made, even more Americans have been taken as hostage in Iran and all around the world. This is lesson 1 on why you don’t pay ransoms. Not to mention—if you’ll excuse me—Iran should be our bitch. If we want our prisoners home, they will give us our innocent prisoners. We’re talking journalists, ministers, hikers, give me a break. ObamabowsAbdullah1The Iranian regime is arguably the worst in the modern era. We should not be kissing their butts, and in the case of the president “bowing” to them to show respect. There is no respect for people who kill journalists, and don’t allow women to drive, uphold honor killings and stone innocents. Mr. President, please tell me how you can hold yourself as a defender of “Gay Rights” while you’re negotiating with whole countries who behead them. 

I hold the absurd view that if you examine this deal, you will not only unequivocally condemn it, but you will never again trust the Obama Administration. I challenge you to do so. 
Christian Rogers

The Real Times– a degree in common sense…

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