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By: Christian Rogers

Today’s Quote

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago


Time Check

November 10, 1674 – The Dutch cede New Netherlands (Modern Day New York) to the English.

November 10, 1980 – CBS News anchor Dan Rather claimed he had been kidnapped in a cab. It turned out that Rather had refused to pay the cab fare.

November 10, 1989 – Germans began demolishing the Berlin Wall.






real time

Iss. 66

November 2, 2017


Dear Thinkers,

Never let a crisis go to waste. Following this weekend’s horrific Church Massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the Left, to no one’s surprise, resumed their march to restrict gun rights. Sadly, they did so even prior to gathering all the fallen bodies. Their immediacy to seize such an opportunity of tragedy and cook it into a platter of political expediency is nothing new and it will be dealt with. But first, let’s keep it real and dissect some of the unfounded, misinformed, rhetoric as several Leftist-mouthpieces are flexing their tongues without restraint or opposition. Let’s consider their logic at face value. 


We must take “concrete steps,” they say. “Now is the time for citizens to stand up, hold our elected officials accountable and demand changes to ensure dangerous people do not have ready access to guns,”  was the statement from the Brady Campaign, a non-profit advocacy group aiming to cut gun deaths in half by 2025. Well, sometimes, Dear Thinkers, there just is not a simple answer in wake of a tragedy. I know it feels good to get to work and attempt to patch the leaks rather than sit idly by the wayside. Yet, it’s one thing if the solution just will not work, in this case though, the material we are using to patch the leaks is sure to eat away at the wood itself. In other words, it will only make the situation worse! What do I mean? What I’m talking about is the obvious—and I’m talking ob-vi-YUSS, rudimentary, outright basic—principle that some cannot seem to wrap their heads around: that reducing “weaponry in our midst,” will undoubtedly, and unjustly pry guns from the law-abiding citizen, not the criminal.

Can I be plain here? How unobservant must you be not to realize that the law abiding citizen will turn their guns in when precept mandates him or her to do so? I’m really not trying to be incendiary, I sincerely want to know, “HOW CAN YOU NOT COMPREHEND that a man who wants to shoot up a church, harm the elderly, murder an infant, kill children, and do so all methodically—I mean, what must I say to convince you that a person that evil will merely scoff at tighter legislation. What makes you think that the act of a Democratic legal body raising their hand to vote, counting the tally, and having some dude on Pennsylvania Ave. signing a piece of paper…  HOW WILL THAT STOP AN EVIL PERSON FROM BREAKING THE LAW and therefore acquiring a gun? 

And that is precisely what occurred: Devin Patrick Kelley waltzed right up to the counter and illegally bought guns on 4 separate occasions. Had the Obama’s, the Feinstein’s, the Hillary Clinton’s, and Piers Morgans, etc… had their way, then guess who would not have had a firearm? The law abiding citizen. Yes, that’s the definition of law abiding, someone who conducts themselves in accordance with the law—like Stephen Willeford, the man who saved the congregation from certain Massacre (yes 26 people dead is atrocious, but the violence was only beginning when Kelly was met by Willeford and that was only moments in). Here is the lede from a CNN story this week which highlights my point:

The deadliest shooting in Texas history could have claimed even more lives if it weren’t for two strangers who jumped into action, authorities said.

As soon as he heard gunshots, Willeford, a neighbor, grabbed his rifle and ran out BAREFOOT, loading as he crossed the street and immediately confronted the shooter. This all occurred in seconds! Even still, 26 innocent people dead and 20 others injured.  Jokes aside, what if the courageous Willeford paused to put on his shoes? I’d like to hope that I had an eighth of the courage Willeford displayed, however, I must admit (probably out of habit) I might have paused to at least put my shoes on, and that would have been tragic! How many lives would such a mistake cost? Furthermore, what happens if the full 4 minutes elapsed until the Police arrived? That’s right, this nut was able to inflict all of this damage in just a matter of seconds. In other words, Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt Jr. says:

“I don’t think there’s any question about that. Had he not done what he did, we could have lost more people.”

Dear Thinkers, Friends, Americans, I just cannot stress this enough and the best part is that it is not complicated at all. If you understand human nature, you understand that bad kids disobey their parents, you know that evil people will commit evil acts. If you make it illegal to get guns, criminals will still acquire them illegally! That’s the definition of a criminal, is it not? “Oh, but we’re just going to make them harder to get,” they say. Great. Did the invention of speed bumps do a thing to stop the phenomenon of speeding? No! They only did so in places where there are speed bumps—which is about .0000000000001% of the American Road and Highway system. If you were serious about stopping speeding, you would have to put a speed bump on every street, highway, avenue and roadway, about 15 feet apart from the next, and even then you might find some a-hole catching air in his truck from one to the next.


Also, the solution to the problem is NOT more Bureaucracy. The shooter in this instance, DID BUY HIS GUNS illegally. The so-called background checks should have caught him. They failed. He was the stereotypical red flag. But since big government is not good at doing anything, they blew it. The Left’s response: Make government bigger! Hmmm… I’m not sure that will help. What I know will not work, is increasing the ratio of bad guys with guns to good guys without guns. It didn’t work in Australia, as the gun buyback program raised the homicide rate. It didn’t work in the United Kingdom where the handgun ban increased the amount of people who couldn’t defend themselves from criminals and once again raised the homicide rate. It hasn’t worked anywhere! Wherever and whenever you ban guns, the hoicide rate ALWAYS RISES. Wouldn’t you think there would be one outlier? Nope! And I can tell you where it surely would not have worked: Sutherland Springs Texas. Had the hero, Willeford, had his spooky, mean, AR-15 rifle confiscated by Dianne Feinstein or Hillary Clinton, (who both have said they would like a ban similar to Australia) and he had to run across the street barefoot with his kitchen knife, he would have met a criminal who acquired his guns illegally… it would have been a sad outcome (cus’ that’s what happened, I reiterate, he bought his guns illegally and government dropped the ball).

As a side note, just imagine what might have happened if someone in the church were armed. What if 10 of them were armed? Would there have been a catastrophe at all? The shooter was a coward, he fled from one person with a gun… fled all the way out of town… What if he saw a sign at the door that said, “we all pack in this church, come in peace.” Sure the Left would mock them, but I contend that Devin Patrick Kelley, in his sorry shell of a human that he was, would have tip-toed back to his car and drove home.

In sum, what is sure not to solve anything is rash action without deliberate thought—that won’t help at all. “But we have to do something,” yells the Left, “if just one person could be saved, then it is worth doing,” is their constant argument. “Yes he could buy the guns illegally, but what if we made it harder.” What does that even mean? We already made it harder and he got them somehow! Doing things just for the heck of it and disregarding the results is just insanity. It makes you feel good, but it does not save lives. The same rationing can be applied to an armed citizenry: “if just one person can be saved by a good guy with a gun, (from a rapist, murderer, active shooter etc…) then we must not hinder their ability to save the innocent!” Right? 

Nope, the Left remains on the move:

“Now is the time for citizens to stand up, hold our elected officials accountable and demand changes to ensure dangerous people do not have ready access to guns,”  – Brady Campaign, a non-profit advocacy group aiming to cut gun deaths in half by 2025.

“While details are still unfolding, we already know one thing: We should do more to prevent senseless gun violence,” – Amanda Johnson, of the Texas chapter of Moms Demand Action. 

If we don’t do something, said Andrew Patrick, spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, then the situation,

“is just going to get worse”.

Texas is an open carry state with more than a million gun owners. Writing about the attacker, the Washington Post reiterates that “Devin P. Kelley’s young life was riddled with warning signs.” And they are correct. Punching a dog, beating a wife and stepson, threats against family members and smuggling weapons onto an Air Force Base… and in accordance with a police report, “attempting to carry out death threats.” …Damn. You would have thought this guy would have raised a red flag just by punching a dog (always be extremely weary of people who brutalize animals, that is a trademark of murderers) and at the very least when his stepson arrived in the hospital for care as he was suffering from a brain injury inflicted by Kelley himself! It’s sickening. But look at the irony, it is almost as if (dare I say) the Conservative argument is correct: The Federal Government failed and the individual saved the day. That is the Conservative philosophy. So we should be asking ourselves today, how can we empower more individuals? Instead though, sadly and unsurprisingly, everyone appears only to be concerned with impeding the hero’s among us and bloating the size of an already overburdened and inefficient Federal Government. But don’t let a crisis go to waste. The opportunity is ripe, and the ideologue must cease upon it.


Keep it Real

Christian Rogers


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