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Make America Think Again
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Today’s Quote

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you do, you are misinformed.”  -Mark Twain





Time Check

Mar. 26, 1804 – Congress ordered the removal of Indians east of the Mississippi to Louisiana.

Mar. 26,  1867 – Gutzon Borglum was born, he was the sculptor credited with Mt. Rushmore. 

Mar. 26, 1985 – Radio stations in South Africa banned all of Stevie Wonders records after he dedicated the Oscar he had won the night before at The Academy Awards to Nelson Mandela, a man sentenced to life in prison in South Africa for trying to battle racial segregation. (Mandela later went on to become the first black president of his country)




real time

Mar. 26, 2012

Hey America,

I came across that quote this week and couldn’t help but to give it some thought. It’s scary how true that quote has become these days.

Aside from misinforming, I argue that the real problem with the media is the stories that they opt NOT to cover. 

Recently, I was walking through a local elementary school with a friend’s son. I had just picked him up from school and we had to go get one of his books from his class before we could leave. 

As we walked through the hall, I couldn’t help but notice several numbers posted on the door of each classroom. Each resembled a percentage stating the amount of parent donations per class. For example, some read 100% and others were plastered with a big 30 or 40%. I couldn’t believe it. Obviously, it was no surprise that most of the signs I came across read about 70 or above and I can imagine why! 

This elementary school, in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the state, was guilt tripping parents into donating money. If you don’t contribute, I assume it would be fine. However, you’re just going to have your kid wondering why there’s a big 10% on his or her door every day when other kids have 100. 

Even worse- Could the teachers start showing favoritism to the class with the higher percentage? Are they getting a better education than the students in the class without the high participation? Hmmm, Certainly you would hope not because it is a public school… And I’m just speculating, but there has to be a reason  the school would allow this.

I’m sure they would never admit to guilting parents into donating, but they are implying SOMETHING and it doesn’t look good to me. Heres the deal, the school obviously feels they need money. Whatever they get from our taxes is apparently not enough for them as it is. And I’m sure it’s tough considering all the budget cuts many states have implemented in recent years. Knowing this, I have no problem with donations-That’s Great! But last time I checked public schools are free, and having your second grader subjected to this political bullshit on a daily basis is not very conducive…

We continued our walk. As we came upon the lunch area I saw a new sign. It was enclosed in an area roped off from the other tables. It read:

Peanut Free Zone

I asked my companion “what is that for?” thinking I had misread something. 

He told me it was where the kids who were allergic to peanuts had lunch.

Ummm…. ????

If you’re allergic to something you can’t have lunch with your friends? This made the signs on the classrooms look miniscule. 

My point is that news outlets feed you what they want. It’s a business, they sell what sells just like any other company. We all know this, and I even think the news is great! But the stories they should be covering are the ones right in front of us every single day. Instead of seeing a replay of Rush Limbaugh barfing the word slut 50 times a day wouldn’t it be great if they told you that  the highest Saudi religious official Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah is calling for the destruction of all Churches on the Arabian Peninsula? This is equivalent to the Pope calling for the burning of all Mosques in Europe! This guy has serious power.

There is so much that they don’t tell us. So much focus on things that don’t matter. But hey! They have the right to show what they want and Rush has the right to say what he wants and God Bless him for that! Everyone is allowed to say whatever they want and that is why this place is so great. It’s real! But we have the choice of listening or not listening and that’s why media should never be regulated. Someone wise once told me:

“It’s up to us to do our own homework”


The Real Times



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Make America Think Again
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