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Make America Think Again
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Today’s Quote

“Dreams feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.” -Leonardo Dicaprio from the movie Inception.

Time Check

Mar. 5, 1770- The Boston Massacre took place when Brittish troops fired on a crowd in Boston killing 5 people.

Mar. 5, 1836- 1836 – Samuel Colt manufactured the first pistol (the .34-caliber).

Mar. 5, 1993- Cuban President Fidel Castro said that Hillary Clinton is “a beautiful woman.”



real time

Mar. 5, 2012


Hey America,

Damn it’s already been a month since I have been talking to you guys. It’s March already, we had a leap day last week, gas prices are apparently higher than they have ever been this early in the year, the middle east is still on fire….What’s going on?

Let us not fool ourselves, a lot IS going on in our little ball we call Earth these days. It seems like we can hardly keep up. So I think we should probably take a minute right now and take it all in.

I started this blog because I love you guys. It’s not just for me, its for all of us. There’s only one way to live life on this planet. The reason I say that is everything else isn’t LIVING…. it’s sleeping. I woke up one day and decided to myself that there was no way I was going to go through this life asleep. And that’s where the Real Times began.

When we sleep we dream and when we dream they feel real.

You go through life every day and it seems like it’s normal. It’s not. You’re sleeping. I’m sleeping. We’re all sleeping. When I come home at night and turn on the basketball game and yell at Kobe, I’m dreaming. When you get home from work and turn on the news and gasp at the gas prices, you’re dreaming. And when we worry about the economy or the election or the the debt we turn dreams into nightmares. 

 (Sounds a lot like our fear article from a few weeks ago http://www.realtimesblog.com/?p=83)

This stuff is purely a distraction. It’s a massive cloud blocking the way we’re supposed to see life. And don’t get me wrong I do believe all of this is very very important, that’s why I am addressing it. I think about it every single day! But there is a right way of going about everything. I usually don’t do this…..

I come home and I complain. I say shit I can’t believe Obama did that. Or If I were him I would have bla bla bla…..It may be true. But am I helping anything? All I just did was spew a ton of negative shit out into the world. So my point being, the only way to wake someone up is if you are truly awake yourself. I heard someone once say “don’t criticize the things you were sent to fix”

Meaning don’t judge someone/something because it just means you haven’t done your job well enough. If you had, you would have already fixed it!

So instead of wasting energy on criticizing the things life puts in front of us, identify what it is you want to fix and DO IT! We are all Mechanics. That’s what we’re here to do, fix things! But you won’t even be able to build Legos if you’re not coming from the right place.

THE CONSTRUCTION PLACE not the demolition place….Duh! right?

So anyways I don’t have the answer on how to live yet. I’m still sleeping. But I have identified that I am asleep and I’m trying to wake up. To sum up my analogy it’s like you’re trying to get up in the morning because you hear the alarm clock, yet you just wana finish the dream you’re having. You keep telling that Alarm clock to shut the heck up because you don’t want to leave dream land. We all know how to wake up. We hear the Alarm clock. We just don’t want to put whatever it is infront of us in dream land aside to wake up.

I’m sure you can relate. It’s that feeling of “Oh yeah well I’ll just do this for a little while then I’ll stop”

Sounds like a druggie huh? But think about it, everything basically falls into that simple pattern. We get addicted to routines more often than drugs…think about it.

I don’t know if you have seen Inception, but this whole concept reminds me of that in so many ways. Be the architect who creates your own world. That’s the benefit of being awake. When we are asleep, our dreams make us believe we have to live in the world that we live in. But when you wake up from a dream you feel free. You have control over yourself. There are no restrictions.

Here’s the problem. It’s so easy to come from that demolition place. We all do it. It’s easier to knock shit down than to build a castle, or even a Lego city so we take the easy way out. I love this world with all my heart and it’s pretty great. But it spins too fast for us…. and sometimes I think that it should spin clockwise instead. Now that’s real time.

Wake up and be an architect, only you can figure out how to be awake.

Then go fix the world.


The Real Times



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Make America Think Again
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