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Make America Think Again
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By: Christian Rogers 

Today’s Quote

“No matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning.”  – President Obama addressing the so-called nightmare of the Trump election victory.

Time Check

Feb 20, 1792 – George Washington signed the Postal Service Act that created the U.S. Post Office.


Feb 20, 1809 – The Supreme Court ruled the power of the federal government was greater than that of any individual state.


Feb 20, 1965 – Ranger 8 crashed on the moon after sending back thousands of pictures of its surface. 

real time

Iss. 53

February, 20, 2017


Dear Thinkers, 



It has now been a full month since the inauguration of President Donald Trump and to my utter amazement, life still exists. Shockingly, I emerged from my bunker today in Los Angeles, and there was still traffic on the 405… What? There are still lines at Disneyland…. And you’re telling me he didn’t nuke Australia? Like a catchy Chainsmokers song without a drop, this comes as somewhat of a let down… Nothing much has changed at all! Yet, you wouldn’t know that listening to the media, pop culture, or the hysterical marchers.  

Interestingly enough, what has changed is the increased amount of street traffic (thanks to the ongoing protests), flights have been delayed (as airports have been shut down), and the stock market has climbed at a record-setting pace ever since Trump’s election victory. To my surprise, all three of these changes (the only three that we have) can be attributed, not to the Donald, but to the Left.


To date, Trump is not responsible for even one delayed flight. The Left, in the last few weeks alone, has delayed dozens. Need I remind you that many of these travelers reaping the undeserved punishment are, themselves, Democrats? Because in their infinite wisdom, Leftist protesters obstructed fliers in deep-blue cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland. This is much like our recent coverage of the Berkeley protests: How is breaking into Starbucks and vandalizing a bank harming the right-wing speaker? His book soars to the best-seller list, while poor store owners asses the damages. Likewise, the Hillary voter sits in traffic while you run on the freeway with your adorable sign.


Secondly, the stock market is performing at a record pace. The Leftist reads those words and falls over himself in attempt to disconnect this outcome from Trump. Allow me to provide him some aid…It is not Trump who is responsible for the unparalleled performance, but partially, the absence of Barack Obama. At this thought, Mr. Leftist’s blood begins to boil. “NOT TRUE!” How might I make such a claim? Well, I wouldn’t, it’s not my claim… 


Let’s hop in our time machine and venture way back to the Ancient era of November 2016… Remember the week of the election? The day after Trump gave his victory speech, you saw headlines like this from CNN, “Global markets drop as U.S. election results shock investors,” spreading the hysteria with words like this, “Markets hate uncertainty, and many investors believe Trump’s unpredictable nature and anti-trade stance could bring global turmoil.” Global Turmoil? AHHHH PANIC! And the consensus of analysis was that this hysteria was caused by Trump. Let’s continue… “Stock futures began tumbling after 9 p.m. ET as it became clear that Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning crucial states…were in serious doubt.” and CNBC said things like,


“Investors moved into the safety of bonds Tuesday evening as traders questioned whether Democrat Hillary Clinton could still win the race. The Mexican peso briefly fell more than 10 percent against the U.S. dollar…What bothers the markets are uncertainties about a new president, his issues of trade, and people are worried about how other world actors will react to a Trump presidency,” if he wins, said Strategas head of policy research Dan Clifton”. 

And my personal favorite,  Jack Ablin predicted the terror without reserve, We could see a 600 point (Dow) reversal,” and “Emerging markets will just get annihilated. Oil gets hammered, and we’ll see. … It’s still early,”

Annihilated! The implication doesn’t get more clear than that. Trump, according to the experts, was responsible for the poor projections of the stock market. Reason, I say projections and not performance, is that these articles were written at 8:37 and 8:03 AM respectively (CNN MONEY, CNBC). When the market opened at 9:30, you somehow saw headlines like this from CNN, Wall Street welcomes Trump with a bang.”


So let me then ask, if Donald Trump is responsible for the crash of the stock market, wouldn’t we then hold him to account for the impressive performance we now garner? Not my analysis, that is the standard put forth by Leftist media (CNN and NBC). Remember, I don’t credit Trump, but rather blame the stagnation on the war waged against business by the Obama White House.


Last week, Saturday Night Live did a skit where Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, sat in the Oval Office, cold-calling the leaders of other nations. After a comical exchange with each leader, Trump would conclude each call with something like, “Get ready for war—I’m sending in the Tanks!” Needless to say, it made for some hilarious television. However, I fear that the Left views this fictional skit with far too much seriousness. In a world where The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, and Bill Maher are the primary sources of News for the young Leftist, you now see why I’m obligated to address such skits.

Though, contrary to the daily narrative, many world leaders are actually enthusiastic about the new Trump Administration. Just this week, Petro Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine, stated, “We have once again received a powerful signal that the USA stands with Ukraine, that Ukraine is among the top priorities for the new US administration,” Poroshenko said after the meeting. “The issue of Crimea and decisive struggle for the liberation of Crimea also remain among priorities.”

By chance, you may have forgotten that the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine was invaded by a Russian Proxy in 2014. The Obama Administration did nothing to effectively prevent this invasion. However, it is the Trump Administration that is on the chopping block for their ties to the Kremlin. These ties are somewhat concerning. Therefore, I agree, these questionable links SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED. However, doing so, would lead us into waters that have yet to be explored by the press under the Obama Administration.

There is ample evidence that these roots run deeper, providing a clear picture of a bizarre, Russian-American network, designed by the Obama regime, that has still gone unquestioned. It was the Obama Administration that pledged to deliver the “Russian Reset”. That same administration, under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sold the rights to ⅕ of the entire Uranium production capacity to the Russian Federation. You know, Uranium, the stuff that is used to make Nuclear Bombs…

Finally, wasn’t it Barack Obama who sat down with the Russian Prime Minister and was caught on a hot mic promising him that he would have more “flexibility after the election”? As mentioned, I’m skeptical of the Trump Administration and would like to better understand their relationship to Russia, but we cannot do so unless we have hard evidence rather than conjecture. Humorously, the type of evidence we are looking for, happens to be the exact indication we have from the Obama White House. Plus, they caved against the inferior Russian threat. The Obama Administration allowed the invasion in Crimea, turning our backs on our ally, and violating our commitment to the Ukrainian leadership that was stated in 1994 within the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances.

While the feckless Obama Administration was drawing erasable red lines and calling ISIS the JV team, allowing them to amass control of a sector in Iraq and Syria the size of New Jersey, it is almost automatic that the Russians would expect the United States to abandon their obligation to defend Ukraine.

At the time of the Memorandum, Ukraine had the 3rd largest Uranium Enrichment potential in the world, but they nobly disarmed. It is not difficult to comprehend why they are enthralled to see a new administration that has their back.


So what?! Our true allies are rallying behind this new administration in a manner unseen for the past 8 years. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel (our greatest ally) visited the White House this week. He predicted our strong alliance would grow even stronger under Trump. And he even went out of his wayalmost unnecessarilyto set aflame the unfounded narrative that President Trump is somehow anti-semetic,

“there is no greater supporter of the Jewish people and the Jewish state than President Donald Trump.  I think we should put that to rest.” Trump shook the Prime Minister’s hand and told him that it was a “new day” in relations between the two nations.

So there you have it people. Trump may not be the best President we’ll ever havematter of fact, there are several candidates more qualified. Yet, our system does not allow one person to become a dictator. Our system doesn’t let one incompetent idiot ‘muck it all up’, and to that we owe a great thanks to our Framers, which shines light on the lunacy of the Left and begs the question, if the boy cried wolf for the first month, could it be that the second is just the same? We shall have to keep watching to find out… 

I’ll let a familiar voice, President Obama, have the last word. When addressing the so-called nightmare of the Trump election victory, Obama remarked, “no matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning.” …unless, of course, that nutjob Trump all out blows it up! Who gave him the nuclear codes anyhow? 


Keep it Real.

Christian Rogers

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Make America Think Again
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