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“No matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning.”  – President Obama addressing the so-called nightmare of the Trump election victory.

Time Check

Feb 20, 1792 – George Washington signed the Postal Service Act that created the U.S. Post Office.


Feb 20, 1809 – The Supreme Court ruled the power of the federal government was greater than that of any individual state.


Feb 20, 1965 – Ranger 8 crashed on the moon after sending back thousands of pictures of its surface. 

real time

Iss. 53

February, 20, 2017


Dear Thinkers, 



It has now been a full month since the inauguration of President Donald Trump and to my utter amazement, life still exists. Shockingly, I emerged from my bunker today in Los Angeles, and there was still traffic on the 405… What? There are still lines at Disneyland…. And you’re telling me he didn’t nuke Australia? Like a catchy Chainsmokers song without a drop, this comes as somewhat of a let down… Nothing much has changed at all! Yet, you wouldn’t know that listening to the media, pop culture, or the hysterical marchers.  

Interestingly enough, what has changed is the increased amount of street traffic (thanks to the ongoing protests), flights have been delayed (as airports have been shut down), and the stock market has climbed at a record-setting pace ever since Trump’s election victory. To my surprise, all three of these changes (the only three that we have) can be attributed, not to the Donald, but to the Left.


To date, Trump is not responsible for even one delayed flight. The Left, in the last few weeks alone, has delayed dozens. Need I remind you that many of these travelers reaping the undeserved punishment are, themselves, Democrats? Because in their infinite wisdom, Leftist protesters obstructed fliers in deep-blue cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland. This is much like our recent coverage of the Berkeley protests: How is breaking into Starbucks and vandalizing a bank harming the right-wing speaker? His book soars to the best-seller list, while poor store owners asses the damages. Likewise, the Hillary voter sits in traffic while you run on the freeway with your adorable sign.


Secondly, the stock market is performing at a record pace. The Leftist reads those words and falls over himself in attempt to disconnect this outcome from Trump. Allow me to provide him some aid…It is not Trump who is responsible for the unparalleled performance, but partially, the absence of Barack Obama. At this thought, Mr. Leftist’s blood begins to boil. “NOT TRUE!” How might I make such a claim? Well, I wouldn’t, it’s not my claim… 


Let’s hop in our time machine and venture way back to the Ancient era of November 2016… Remember the week of the election? The day after Trump gave his victory speech, you saw headlines like this from CNN, “Global markets drop as U.S. election results shock investors,” spreading the hysteria with words like this, “Markets hate uncertainty, and many investors believe Trump’s unpredictable nature and anti-trade stance could bring global turmoil.” Global Turmoil? AHHHH PANIC! And the consensus of analysis was that this hysteria was caused by Trump. Let’s continue… “Stock futures began tumbling after 9 p.m. ET as it became clear that Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning crucial states…were in serious doubt.” and CNBC said things like,


“Investors moved into the safety of bonds Tuesday evening as traders questioned whether Democrat Hillary Clinton could still win the race. The Mexican peso briefly fell more than 10 percent against the U.S. dollar…What bothers the markets are uncertainties about a new president, his issues of trade, and people are worried about how other world actors will react to a Trump presidency,” if he wins, said Strategas head of policy research Dan Clifton”. 

And my personal favorite,  Jack Ablin predicted the terror without reserve, We could see a 600 point (Dow) reversal,” and “Emerging markets will just get annihilated. Oil gets hammered, and we’ll see. … It’s still early,”

Annihilated! The implication doesn’t get more clear than that. Trump, according to the experts, was responsible for the poor projections of the stock market. Reason, I say projections and not performance, is that these articles were written at 8:37 and 8:03 AM respectively (CNN MONEY, CNBC). When the market opened at 9:30, you somehow saw headlines like this from CNN, Wall Street welcomes Trump with a bang.”


So let me then ask, if Donald Trump is responsible for the crash of the stock market, wouldn’t we then hold him to account for the impressive performance we now garner? Not my analysis, that is the standard put forth by Leftist media (CNN and NBC). Remember, I don’t credit Trump, but rather blame the stagnation on the war waged against business by the Obama White House.


Last week, Saturday Night Live did a skit where Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, sat in the Oval Office, cold-calling the leaders of other nations. After a comical exchange with each leader, Trump would conclude each call with something like, “Get ready for war—I’m sending in the Tanks!” Needless to say, it made for some hilarious television. However, I fear that the Left views this fictional skit with far too much seriousness. In a world where The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, and Bill Maher are the primary sources of News for the young Leftist, you now see why I’m obligated to address such skits.

Though, contrary to the daily narrative, many world leaders are actually enthusiastic about the new Trump Administration. Just this week, Petro Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine, stated, “We have once again received a powerful signal that the USA stands with Ukraine, that Ukraine is among the top priorities for the new US administration,” Poroshenko said after the meeting. “The issue of Crimea and decisive struggle for the liberation of Crimea also remain among priorities.”

By chance, you may have forgotten that the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine was invaded by a Russian Proxy in 2014. The Obama Administration did nothing to effectively prevent this invasion. However, it is the Trump Administration that is on the chopping block for their ties to the Kremlin. These ties are somewhat concerning. Therefore, I agree, these questionable links SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED. However, doing so, would lead us into waters that have yet to be explored by the press under the Obama Administration.

There is ample evidence that these roots run deeper, providing a clear picture of a bizarre, Russian-American network, designed by the Obama regime, that has still gone unquestioned. It was the Obama Administration that pledged to deliver the “Russian Reset”. That same administration, under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sold the rights to ⅕ of the entire Uranium production capacity to the Russian Federation. You know, Uranium, the stuff that is used to make Nuclear Bombs…

Finally, wasn’t it Barack Obama who sat down with the Russian Prime Minister and was caught on a hot mic promising him that he would have more “flexibility after the election”? As mentioned, I’m skeptical of the Trump Administration and would like to better understand their relationship to Russia, but we cannot do so unless we have hard evidence rather than conjecture. Humorously, the type of evidence we are looking for, happens to be the exact indication we have from the Obama White House. Plus, they caved against the inferior Russian threat. The Obama Administration allowed the invasion in Crimea, turning our backs on our ally, and violating our commitment to the Ukrainian leadership that was stated in 1994 within the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances.

While the feckless Obama Administration was drawing erasable red lines and calling ISIS the JV team, allowing them to amass control of a sector in Iraq and Syria the size of New Jersey, it is almost automatic that the Russians would expect the United States to abandon their obligation to defend Ukraine.

At the time of the Memorandum, Ukraine had the 3rd largest Uranium Enrichment potential in the world, but they nobly disarmed. It is not difficult to comprehend why they are enthralled to see a new administration that has their back.


So what?! Our true allies are rallying behind this new administration in a manner unseen for the past 8 years. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel (our greatest ally) visited the White House this week. He predicted our strong alliance would grow even stronger under Trump. And he even went out of his wayalmost unnecessarilyto set aflame the unfounded narrative that President Trump is somehow anti-semetic,

“there is no greater supporter of the Jewish people and the Jewish state than President Donald Trump.  I think we should put that to rest.” Trump shook the Prime Minister’s hand and told him that it was a “new day” in relations between the two nations.

So there you have it people. Trump may not be the best President we’ll ever havematter of fact, there are several candidates more qualified. Yet, our system does not allow one person to become a dictator. Our system doesn’t let one incompetent idiot ‘muck it all up’, and to that we owe a great thanks to our Framers, which shines light on the lunacy of the Left and begs the question, if the boy cried wolf for the first month, could it be that the second is just the same? We shall have to keep watching to find out… 

I’ll let a familiar voice, President Obama, have the last word. When addressing the so-called nightmare of the Trump election victory, Obama remarked, “no matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning.” …unless, of course, that nutjob Trump all out blows it up! Who gave him the nuclear codes anyhow? 


Keep it Real.

Christian Rogers

The Real Times– a degree in common sense…

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Today’s Quote

“If you had a law that made it explicit that healthy people are going to pay in and sick people are going to get subsidies, it would not have passed,” – Jonathan Gruber on the Affordable Care Act

Time Check

Feb 14, 1899 – The US Congress approved voting machines for use in federal elections.

Feb 14, 1929 – The “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” took place in Chicago, IL. Seven gangsters who were rivals of Al Capone were killed.

Feb 14,  2012 – The Real Times was launched on Valentines Day with the Headline “IN THE BEGINNING… LOVE YOURSELF”That’s right! Today is our 5 year anniversary of Keeping it Real, and in tribute we’ve attached the link from our very first article to help spread the Love.

Happy Valentines Day. 

real time

Iss. 52

February, 14, 2017

Dear Thinkers, 


Last week, CNN hosted a debate on Healthcare between Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz, focused on the merits of the Affordable Care Act. Now, before we find ourselves too far down the road, let’s clear the air. if you dear friend happen to be a proponent of the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare), then I regret to inform you that you are—stupid.

For an audio version of this article CLICK HERE

Had you asked me, I assure you I would have chosen a more delicate phrase. However, it was not I who said such. This insult was slung by the very architect of the bill himself, MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber.


Old Jonny just outright said it, basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.” His words.


How rude. Offensive! “Basically”, if you support the idea of Obamacare, well then, according to the guy who came up with it, you’re “basically” a BASIC idiot.

As mentioned, I would have been a bit nicer. Undoubtedly, ignorance is perilous as we may now testify, but it only adds insult to injury when manipulators take advantage of one’s lack of awareness in order to deliberately deceive voters… Manipulators like Socialist, Bernie Sanders…


Gruber confirms this assertion saying, “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” ….Well duh.     Are you telling me that lying in order to cover up something bad, extends the time it takes for people to figure out it was bad? I know this is high-level stuff, but keep reading, soon we shall all be MIT professors.

But Gruber was not the only one to utilize this “lack of transparency”…….

“If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.” said President Obama to the American Medical Association in 2009. That was prior to enactment of the Affordable Care Act, when an estimated 4 to 7 million people lost their health insurance. Even Leftist fact checking site PolitiFact pointed to this inaccuracy as the ‘Lie of the Year’ as it was repeated over 30 times leading up to the mandate.

Barack Obama acknowledged this and offered a public apology. He even rephrased his message, transforming “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it”, to “Now, if you have or had one of these plans before the Affordable Care Act came into law, and you really liked that plan, what we said was you can keep it if it hasn’t changed since the law passed.” The President got hammered for this—Deservedly so.


That said, isn’t it silly that some of us are so frightened about the repeal of ObamaCare? We were tricked (well not all of us) into signing onto something that wasn’t even the original promise. We have something vastly different than what was advertised, and if that happened to you anywhere else in the marketplace you’d take the product back! Some of you reading this are just learning of the deception for the first time…well this is awkward. 

And now we’re forced to talk about the actual merits of government Healthcare itself. I hear some people saying, “well it’s better than what we had, and it’s better than what those EVIL Republicans will do!”


First off, this is another awkward moment we need to have together. Republican, and renowned racist, woman hater, Mitt Romney was the one who the Affordable Care Act was built upon. RomneyCare (which our friend Gruber crafted). This was implemented in Massachusetts while he was governor.

Firstly, this begs the question: does the ObamaCare law discriminate against women like Mitt Romney? Or did they edit that part out? Secondly, Bernie Sanders in the Healthcare debate hailed Mitt Romney for his RomneyCare achievement and the benefits of such legislation.   AWKWARD.   This is getting really bad. 


Now this serves as a quick reminder to us Constitutional Conservatives out there who often make the case for just ‘Electing Republicans’, may come with some caveats. It can easily be argued that in Massachusetts, under a Republican governor, the worst, most intrusive, statist, wasteful and expensive Healthcare program in the Nation then existed. And yes, Mass. is a Leftist haven, but nobody put a gun to Romney’s head, and told him to sign on the dotted line. Mitt (so far as I’ve observed) is a man of impeccable character—minus all the woman hating stuff—but this was a BAD move. Sorry buddy. There’s nothing Conservative about forcing people to buy a product. (And I still haven’t seen the evidence that he hates women, another reason the Left lies and is full of crap, but I digress)

Oh the irony… Implementation of Government Healthcare, by definition, does threaten you by hoisting a gun to your head. (If you fail to pay for it, you will be marched to prison with officials wielding guns—I wonder if the Left will have a problem with them owning guns?) There is nothing ‘Liberal’ about becoming a hostage of the government. If ‘Liberalism’ is the advocation of freedom, allowing you to choose what to do with your own life, then the Federal Government mandating that you buy a product is tyrannical. What happened to the Left’s affinity for PRO CHOICE? After all, speaking of Massachusetts, wasn’t that what the Boston Tea Party was all about? No it wasn’t a big boat filled with Health insurance agents… but there are striking similarities.

Sit down class. HISTORY LESSON!

The Boston Tea Party

Well, those of you who were educated by the Leftist Controlled school system probably don’t know the full story. Yes, I’m sure you learned that it was a form of PROTEST. That must have been your favorite part since you’ve been indoctrinated into marching every weekend. But the British Parliament back in England mandated that all other forms of imported tea be #banned. (And yes they did have hashtags, King George Tweeted quite often) Why banned? Well the government-run East India Company (you might recognize it from Pirates of the Caribbean of all places) was going out of business. What a phenomenon, a government run company having trouble staying afloat—in this case literally… who would have thought? 

But when the state has ultimate power, as Parliament then possessed over the colonies, there arose an easy solution. MAKE them buy our product. Sound familiar? And the pitch, it was a good one…


“Listen you guys, we’re not gona let you buy any more imported tea. The tea is gona be great, it’s gona be the best tea you’ve ever had, it’s gona be hUUGE. And the way it is, there’s so much tea on the market, it’s confusing, and now it’s gona be so cheap, it’s really gona be cheaper, and better. Trust me. It really will.”  

Except it may have sounded a bit more British, which when translated, might have emitted itself as exceedingly bounteous and proper, if you know what I mean.


But the colonists were like, “Dude, this tea sucks,” in their most eloquent English accents. (remember they were still British) “There’s a reason nobody’s buying it. There’s a reason your company is going out of business! Not to mention, it’s NOT cheaper. We can still get smuggled tea for dirt cheap, and did we mention we like VARIETY!”


But most of all, the Colonists hated the fact that they were being threatened with a musket-to-their-head (as the saying went in those days).

Even if the tea started at an “Affordable” cost, if the government is forcing a product upon you there is no recourse. Suddenly any check in place is squandered and nothing is preventing those in power from raising the price and providing crap as far as quality. Humorously, this is the very point that Bernie makes against the free market. He says, insurance companies have the power to raise prices leaving you stranded! First of all, this is only true because the government is so deeply intertwined already in regulating the Healthcare industry. Furthermore, what is the solution Bernie? Letting Parliament—I mean Congress—control the price? What happens when they inevitably start losing money? Think they might raise the prices to cover their own ass? Class adjourned.  

Well here’s the fun part Dear Thinkers, now you’ll see exactly why slimey deceivers like Jonathan Gruber and Barack Obama sullied the waters of “transparency”.

  1. It’s because Premiums ARE skyrocketing. In other words, you are paying more for Health Insurance today than before the Affordable Care Act. (Shouldn’t that be enough to at least question it?) The name in itself, “AFFORDABLE Care Act” has proven to be laughable. Bernie acknowledged this fact so it is not worth covering any further except I’ll add: His defense wasn’t “if we do BLANK, then we can get the premiums lowered,” no it was BUSH HAD HIGH PREMIUMS TOO. Though, I don’t remember Bush touting the end-all, nirvana, of Healthcare. Bernie has, as he says, devoted his life to it.
  2. ObamaCare is not sustainable. Like the historical example mentioned earlier, and like all more direct examples of Socialized Medicine, ObamaCare cannot pay for itself. In France, the country ranked first on the WHO (not the British rock band, the World Health Organization), they are having trouble even financing their operations. Quality of care pales in comparison to the United States, and the French pay massive taxes in order to cover the costs. Yeah I guess it’s free… just as free as your tax return that comes in the mail and the idiot yells, “MOM, FREE MONEY!” But then again, thinking that this is FREE would make you not an idiot, but, stupid. Not my words…the brilliant architect of ObamaCare.
  3. YOUNG PEOPLE GET SCREWED – This is a very important part of Socialized Medicine and Gov. Healthcare. Young People, the healthiest people, always get screwed. If you drink green juice, all day and exercise, you are forced to pay for the old, the sick, and most importantly the guy who eats cheeseburgers all day, the lifelong smoker, and worst of all Ke$ha who brushes her teeth in the morning with whiskey. This is not only a rip-off, it’s immoral. Once again, the government FORCING YOU TO DO THIS is not Liberal. It is not moral. It is not even beneficial. Because this opens opportunity for the government seek out avenues of saving money, and thus, grabbing more control of your life in the form of taxing cigarettes, shutting down fast food restaurants (with stricter regulation), limiting the amount of soda you can drink (Like controllist mayor Bloomberg in NYC–I wrote about this in 2013), and in regard to Ke$sha, they might even outright ban alcohol… It’s not like that’s been done before… hmmm… wait it has…by progressive controllists…I’ll spare you the history lesson for now, we’re still at recess. Point being: Young people take up the tab. Sadly, my generation supports the Bernies of the world wholeheartedly. Questioning this assumption is heresy! And Bernie knows he needs us, so that his old, sorry, butt can leach off of us while we pay the check. PROBLEM: Not enough young people HAVE signed up at Healthcare.gov. Partially, because they couldn’t get the website to work, just like the post office sucks, just like the DMV (as I’ve covered),  just like the VA, and exactly like the East India Company. How many of us want our Healthcare service to look like the lines at the U.S. Dpt. of Veterans Affairs? Like the breadlines of the Soviet Union? Like the shortage of toilet paper in Venezuela? Like the horrid service we receive at the DMV? That’s the kind of service you get when the government runs any sector of the economy (let alone one that amounts to ⅕ of the entire pie).


I’ll let our buddy, the Grubes, sum it up, his words: “If you had a law that made it explicit that healthy people are going to pay in and sick people are going to get subsidies, it would not have passed,”

My words: If you support Government Healthcare, then you are radically misled, misinformed, and victim to the Leftist deceivers in Washington. “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it”, was a lie. Or as you may say, #fakenews. Obama conceded, “There is no doubt that the way I put that forward unequivocally ended up not being accurate,” But he didn’t say so while he was structuring the bill, he didn’t raise concern when he signed it, he cheated and he apologized after he got caught ~ Happy F’ing Valentines Day ~ And now he and Bernie are out there lobbying the populous and the Republicans to keep the Affordable Care Act in place, not modify it to reflect the original pitch. But the reason is that the nirvana that was advertised simply does not exist. Obama knows that. Bernie knows that—I hope at least…(never know with Bernie). That’s why those of us railing against Obama back in 08, and 09 actually understood something that the “stupid…American voter” did not: Economics. Grubes, in that moment of rare honesty further expounded that he wished “we could make it all transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not.”

Dear Leftist, you were sold. I was not. Old Jonny even said the bill was “written in a tortured way” on purpose.


But enough with that guy, I think we’ve all had enough of him… Let’s let someone else drive my point home. And I’ll let you guess who said it… Probably an evil Conservative like Ted Cruz or someone like that:

Facing criticism over the ability to let people opt out of Governmen Health Insurance, our knight-in-shining-armor said, people are claiming that if “I don’t force people to buy health care that I’m not insuring everybody. Well, if things were that easy, I could mandate everybody to buy a house, and that would solve the problem of homelessness. It doesn’t.” -Barack Obama

He’s right.    It doesn’t.    Keep it Real.


Christian Rogers

The Real Times– a degree in common sense…

~Intellectual Entertainment~

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 Today’s Quote

We won this night. We will control the streets. We will liberate the land. We will fight fascists. We will dismantle the state. This is war.” – Statement today from Occupy Oakland (showing their love of peaceful gatherings) The loving students sided with them. 

Time Check

Feb 2, 1848 – The first shipload of Chinese emigrants arrived in San Francisco.

Feb 2, 1863 – Samuel Langhorne Clemens used a pseudonym for the first time. He is better remembered by the pseudonym which is Mark Twain.

Feb 2, 1999 – Hugo Chávez Frías took office. He had been elected president of Venezuela in December 1998.


 real time

Iss. 51

February, 2, 2017

Dear Thinkers, 


I’m no fan of populist, Milo Yiannopoulos but that doesn’t matter. Unlike the students at University of California, Berkeley, I happen to like free speech and for that reason I’m disgusted by any form of suppression. 

Last night, Senior Editor of Breitbart News and outspoken Trump supporter, Milo Yiannopoulos, set to deliver a speech, was evacuated from the UC Berkeley campus after protestors turned violent. Why does it seem like every week I’m covering a new protest?   

For an audio version of this story, click here:

According to abc 7, “Protesters took to the streets of Berkeley after police dispersed the crowd at the university and broke into several banks and businesses including a Chase location and a Wells Fargo.”

However, the banks invited the siege upon themselves, by nature of colluding with Yiannopoulos as they hid him in the back between vaults…    Wait, that can’t be right      …Upon discovery in Chase, Yiannopoulos fled across the street to Wells Fargo where the rioters followed in pursuit and besieged the second bank harboring the writer. 

Wait, no. That’s not what happened..    

So if he wasn’t in the banks, then why would the peaceful Progressive marchers break in? At least tell me the bank owners were evil Conservatives!

Even if this Milo guy was a white supremacist (he’s Jewish) and hated gays (though he is gay, that might be a hard one to square), there is simply nothing he could have said that would have caused this kind of damage, looting, and destruction. (Actually he’s dated black guys) Does free speech exist or does it not? I can’t tolerate him either!   THAT DOES NOT MATTER THOUGH we live in a free society. Did you forget? 

The rioters set fires, attacked police officers, tossed bricks, assaulted bystanders and Yiannopoulos was long gone. This was all in the name of a giant temper tantrum. Oh, and the “violent protesters,” peacefully “hurled smoke bombs, broke windows and started a bonfire outside the student union where he was to appear.” How quaint.

The group Occupy Oakland even tweeted out: We won this night. We will control the streets. We will liberate the land. We will fight fascists. We will dismantle the state. This is war.” This is why I fear these dumb kids are being manipulated. There is a staunch difference between a gathering and “war”. College Students have always been used as pawns, just look at the history of Saul Alinsky (Hillary Clinton’s hero and friend who wrote Rules For Radicals). But somehow it is the right that is radical?  No I don’t think so. Somehow it is the Right that is Fascist? It’s Laughable. 

Friends, this is insane. We live in a time where it is now commonplace to glorify rioting. The peaceful, tolerant, Left is out of control. A similar incident happened recently with Yiannopoulos at UC Davis. Likewise, Ben Shapiro, a Constitutional Conservative and non-Trump supporter (unlike the incendiary Yiannopoulos) faces similar incidents of suppression. This November at DePaul University, Shapiro was invited to deliver a speech. Upon entry, he faced a force of 30 security officers threatening to arrest him. Shapiro later joked, “It may be a mild misallocation of recourses,” as he described himself as a “five-foot-nine, 165-pound Jewish guy.”

On the other hand, Pastors and world renowned Evangelists like Ravi Zacharias describe the brand new hostility they face just upon visiting ivy league campuses as they now require a security detail and an armed escort just to travel to the speaking venue safely. These very same individuals, deliver speeches in the hot bedded Middle East, Asia and Africa and face no such threat as on our very own institutions. 

Ironically, it is the Left that calls Yiannopoulos a Nazi and a Fascist, meanwhile shutting down free speech. Even if he is a lunatic, let him speak, we live in a free country. When did that stop being a thing?

“but he incites hate speech,” says the Leftist as he leans over and grabs another brick to hurl at a police officer. 

Wait, I was under the impression that under the Constitution, (which the Left is suddenly a big fan of with all this talk of Trump acting unconstitutionally) we were to let anyone speak in this country as long as they don’t try to incite violence, start a riot, or threaten someone? 

“Yes, that’s correct,” remarks the Leftist. “That’s why we didn’t let him speak, he’s dangerous. Now are you gona help me kill these damn pigs and bomb this Starbucks, or are you gona keep bothering me?”

If it wasn’t real it would be almost satirical. 

The poor business owners, in DEEP BLUE Berkeley, California, (who probably voted for Hillary and Obama) get stuck taking the punishment from the protestors’ childish, fit. 

This destructive, absurdity can be attributed to the Leftist leadership that has showed that this is an okay type of behavior. People like Mayor Garcetti, of Los Angeles sympathize with protestors. In this case those who shut down the freeway after the election. Garcetti announced that he felt “the pull” to join the protests himself. Further describing the uproar saying,  “I thought it was beautiful…I certainly, probably in an earlier incarnation, would have been out there expressing some of that frustration.”


In other words, shutting down the freeways is beautiful. I guess it is if you like a gridlock of red lights–which has but one effect, hurting the people who voted for Hillary, not Trump–remember it is Los Angeles. These people have jobs to get to. Families to tend. Allowing people to run on the freeway just because you don’t like the result of an election should be an impeachable offense. 

Also, Madonna and her “Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,”comment is but another bad example for young people. No I don’t think Madonna is going to join Al Queda, but her words do have some influence. It is no surprise that we now find ourselves in such a predicament with uncontrollable outrage and violence. 


If you go on the twitter account of Occupy Oakland, you’ll find that they had been planning this event for days. From tweets like this, it is not hard to see why the event turned violent. Which will it be America? Am I the radical, or is it the person who stands with these monsters. Students, is this really the side you want to be on?    I hope not. 


Oh, did I mention that Yiannopoulos is gay? Do the Berkeley students hate gay people? I mean, they didn’t riot for anyone else recently… Nah, of course they don’t hate gay people! But if the shoe were on the other foot, EVERY    S I N G L E   HEADLINE would read: GAY WRITER ATTACKED! Instead, Mike Pence is the one that hates gays, right? (that’s what they say) If voting for traditional marriage is the standard for hating gays, then I’m quite positive that attacking one qualifies you for the Sexist-Olympics. 

Bottom line: It’s infinitely asinine to take your anger out on the wrong people. Plus, we live in a free country and we let people talk who disagree with you. I feel like I’m teaching kindergarten. “Take your turn…don’t shout people down… and don’t try to hurt Johnny because he said something you disagree with.”       Leftists and Progressives, what the heck is wrong with you? Is this the tolerance you claim to live by?

America, the problem we face is earnest, and unbelievably, it’s not because of Trump. The insecurity we’re witnessing, surprising as it may be, comes from individuals who hide behind love and kindness. Yet realistically, they are disruptors. “But Trump is  Dangerous! Hey, will you hand me those matches?   Thanks.”  



Keep it Real.

Christian Rogers

The Real Timesa degree in common sense…

~Intellectual Entertainment~

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 Today’s Quote

“The United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including “honor” killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation.” – Text from Executive Order 

Time Check

Feb 1, 1790 – The U.S. Supreme Court convened for the first time in New York City.

Feb 1, 1861 – Texas voted to secede from the Union.

Feb 1, 1919 – The first Miss America was crowned in New York City.


real time

Iss. 50

February, 1, 2017

Dear Thinkers, 


Unconstitutional. Un-American. This is what critics of President Trump’s “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States” Executive Order have asserted. I’d venture to guess you didn’t even know it was called that. Moreover, I’m quite certain you can’t even name all 7 countries to which this applies. Still, you say, unconstitutional.

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But how can one claim such, without reading the text of the order itself? If you want, I’ve made it easy for you and have attached a copy here: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/27/us/politics/refugee-muslim-executive-order-trump.html

However, I know it’s a lot easier to go on with your day and make a Facebook status about how the President is violating law in the name of racism or bigotry (or whatever term we’re using this week). This way, you will probably get an abundance of likes, and you will maintain your good standing in society. (Many of those likes coming from people who have yet to read the Executive Order themselves). Accuracy doesn’t matter.


So you see, I’m doing you a favor. If you, dear Leftist, happened to come across a witty Conservative in your uncontrollable spouting, they might ask you to describe what is actually unconstitutional about the executive order. If you couldn’t do so—better yet, if I asked you a basic question about what’s in the Constitution, and you had no idea what was in the document, while at the same time outcrying over the unconstitutionality—then you may well make yourself into an utter idiot. And you’d deserve it. But we wouldn’t want that would we? So stick around, we’ll educate you.  


Firstly, this deserves a moment of pause for comedy’s sake. The Left, yes the same Left that has been mocking the right about the Constitution, and how it is outdated and how we need to tear it up and start over…they are now wrapping themselves in the Constitution. They point to a document and expect it to add some weight to their arguement. Well, as you may know, I wholeheartedly agree with that philosophy. Let’s reel back the power of government and adopt the Conservative blueprint that is mapped out in that wonderful gift from 1791. Though, the Leftists are contradicting themselves. It was literally just a few weeks ago when they were saying the opposite. These hypocrites didn’t object when Barack Obama was incinerating American citizens from above through drone strikes. They didn’t protest when Barack Obama pledged to end the Patriot Act and then used it to spy on innocent citizens. And no, they didn’t even make a hashtag when Obama froze immigration from Iraq for several months for Special Immigrant Visas (SIV’s). Yes he did do that, and it was somehow not racist.

I mean he didn’t outright ban anyone, he just made it harder for them to get here adding sometimes 18-24 months of headache. (Keep in mind Trump’s E.O. calls for only a 4 month pause).

Now, I’m not saying you have to agree with President Trump, or President Obama. But if you are to condemn one on immigration policy, then I expect you to be honest and condemn both.

I am consistent. I’ve condemned both for their acts of lawlessness. That said, this E.O. is not by any stretch of the imagination illegal. It is not unconstitutional and it is not un-American. Please, tell me where I’ve gone wrong. christianrogers@realtimesblog.com For some reason, last week in our little talk about women’s rights, not one person could point me to one fundamental freedom that women in America lack. I look forward to hearing from you this week…because I know all of you who are so vocal out there are closet Constitutional Lawyers. Right? 

Here it is if you missed it: “IF YOU DON’T MARCH YOU HATE WOMEN. PERIOD.”

Conceivably, you may have missed the statement from the President published Sunday afternoon:

“My policy is similar to what President Obama did in 2011 when he banned visas for refugees from Iraq for six months. The seven countries named in the Executive Order are the same countries previously identified by the Obama administration as sources of terror.”

Let me clarify the “seven countries” part: Under President Obama, the nations of Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, and Syria were blacklisted as countries with visa requirements for travel. Meanwhile other nations were not held to such scrutiny. You could travel to other nations—dare I say, non-muslim nations—without a visa, and they could travel here likewise. But these seven nations didn’t get the same grace. Could it be….because… they’re…..MUSLIM!!!!      Ahhh…    I said it.

In Somalia, the home of Al-Shabaab, (No, they’re not exactly the makers of the shish kebab. I know I was bummed too they’re) a global terrorist organization… you mean they had to get a VISA? What’s so different about Somalia, Mr. President Obama? Can someone say… RAAAA-CIST???  Well no, of course not. Nobody would say that because it was the practical thing to do to ensure the safety of American citizens. You would think all presidents would be held to the same measuring stick. 

The funny thing is, when President Obama did this, there were no protests. This is perhaps the first you’re hearing of it (and just think of all the idiots on TV and social media spewing their ignorance not even knowing about this—or worse, they do know and they’re misleading you). There were no airports shut down, no claims of unconstitutionality, or lawsuits. Rightfully so. I say this because it is not a violation of the Constitution at all to regulate immigration policy. There is not a right to immigration in the Constitution. Oh there is? Please, do point to it! You’re gona have a bad time finding it. Matter of fact, there is no such thing as Constitutional rights for non-citizens. That’s nonsensical. Why the hell would the American Constitution apply to people who live in Iraq or Syria?

What the Left is telling us is that all 7 billion people on Earth have a “RIGHT” to come to America. Oh…and if you’re a Democrat, and want to ban these people, well then that’s acceptable…. For instance, there were no protests in 1980 when Jimmy Carter suspended visas to Iran (a Muslim nation). There were no protests (as we covered) when President Obama froze immigration from Iraq (a Muslim nation). And just a few weeks ago, President Obama changed the policy that has been in place since Bill Clinton, in regard to Cuban immigration. Cubans would no longer be granted asylum just by making it to the U.S. No protest. (I guess we don’t care about them because they’re not Muslim)


Not to mention, if this E.O. is ‘targeting Muslims’ as many have claimed, then why not add Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation in the world to the list? Afghanistan? Singapore? If Trump is targeting Muslims, he’s not doing a very good job of it.

Once again, the Left doesn’t care about accuracy. That’s why they won’t acknowledge that the largest Muslim country on the planet is, in fact, not listed in the ban. And in doing so, it is disingenuous. The Leftist leaders are not dumb. They are fabricators. Since this election, they have been dethroned. They will do anything—even if they have to deceive you—to regain power. They know their followers (who are dumb) are just a bunch of college students and die-hard partisan Lefties who will not do their homework and look up the facts for themselves (let alone read the Executive Order). That way you are easily duped. 

The messiah, Bernie Sanders said this week at a rally, “We do not hate the Muslim people and we want them to know that, so we say to president Trump, rescind that ban”.

Question Bernie: Are Saudi Arabia and Iran…. RACIST? Anti Muslim? Let me remind you Bernie that these are nations that have theocracies built on Islamic Law. And it just so happens that neither of these countries have taken in but ONE refugee. Not one Bernie.But Trump is anti-Muslim. I reiterate, I didn’t vote for the guy, but if he says he needs these 4 months to keep us safe, then what is the big deal? Can’t we allow him the same leeway we granted Obama? Nahhh….I’m gona go shut down an airport.


Finally, this brings us to my favorite part: The Constitution.

The ACLU published a piece this week, We’ll See You in Court: Why Trump’s Executive Order on Refugees Violates the Establishment Clause


Oh joyous. This is where a political outlook void of logic starts to devouer itself. If the establishment clause applies to the worldwide citizenry, (remember the Left has told us that it is the Constitutional rights of the refugees and immigrants to come to the U.S.) then shouldn’t the governments of Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, ect.. be under fire? You might remember from last week, the woman who planned the Woman’s march believes Trump is sexist but she herself condones Sharia Law which justifies denigration of women. So isn’t stopping marital rape, honor killings, forcing a women to surcomb to a male guardian, and the likes a somewhat bigger deal than travel rights? If this is the case, then why hasn’t the ACLU focused their energy on the Middle East? Why aren’t there daily protests against the countries of the Middle East? Doesn’t it make the people raising their arms over travel rather screwed up? They won’t stand up to real injustice, but ‘SOMEONE STUCK IN AN AIRPORT’ —oh the horror! 

Perspective my friends. 

I’ll give them an easy out here. The Middle East is out of our jurisdiction. Places like Syria and Yemen are soverign nations and our Constitution only applies to American citizens. Is that hard to understand? And if this is true, well then President Trump did not do anything illegal. But if you read the text, you know that by now because he cited existing law in his E.O. But you still haven’t read it. That’s why you say, Nahhh….I’m gona go shut down an airport again! 

Keep it Real.

Christian Rogers

The Real Times– a degree in common sense…

~Intellectual Entertainment~

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 Today’s Quote

“I could not in good conscience vote to draft our daughters into the military, sending them off to war and forcing them into combat.”  – Ted Cruz, a father of two daughters and hater of women

Time Check

Jan 27, 1944 – The Soviet Union announced that the two year German siege of Leningrad had come to an end.

Jan 27, 1951 – In the United States atomic testing in the Nevada desert began as an Air Force plane dropped a one-kiloton bomb on Frenchman Flats.

Jan 27, 1997 – It was revealed that French national museums were holding nearly 2,000 works of art stolen from Jews by the Nazis during World War II.


real time

Iss. 49

January, 27, 2017


Dear Thinkers, 

Welcome to the women’s march where many of us failed to vote this November, but have turned out in droves in order to protest the destitute condition of women here in America. (Women are just ravaged, aren’t they?) Those who did vote, likely supported a candidate that welcomes money from nations that condone marital rape. Her name is Hillary Clinton. But here I am pointing it out…    I guess that means I hate women. 

Before we proceed, I’d like to note something: This topic—for whatever reason—lends itself to extreme polarization. A mere mention that you don’t support the march deems you a bigot. But ask yourself now what lengths you will go to defend a gathering that was actually organized by an individual who supports the degradation of women. There is your fair warning. Let’s proceed. 


This week, I tweeted:  

Which begs the question: Are the women who didn’t attend the protest sexist? Aren’t they women too? Somehow, the “I’m with her” bumper sticker never was conflated to mean Carly Fiorina. Have you ever wondered, why is that? Why wasn’t she included in the excitement of breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ and becoming the first woman President? (Not to mention the first woman VP in the race of ‘08 that nobody seemed to care about. Where was that excitement?) But who are we to talk about inclusivity and equality? –this is after all just an article, by no means a noble protest.

The reason Conservatives were not welcome at these marches is because the consensus is that ‘Conservatives hate women’. They were not allowed to be sponsors, or to deliver key speeches. But incase you did forget, Conservatives do have moms, wives, daughters, and girlfriends. Do they hate them? I think not. And many of them ARE women. Come on silly, did you forget? You see, If you cease to mark Conservatives sexist and allow them to become human, then you then end up at a scary place called reality. In reality, you have to win a debate by being correct, not hiding behind a shield of insults. For those who are still with me, let’s have that debate.

The protests were about the rape culture: Were they? So why not have this rally against Hillary Clinton becoming the Democratic nominee for President. We always hear from the Left about how we need to listen to the rape victim “no matter what”. Of course that doesn’t apply if you are going to speak against Bill Clinton. Nope! No protest for that. No protest for him cheating on his wife. No protest for Hillary tolerating him taking advantage of women. Why might that be? 

Now, nobody said these people don’t have a right to gather so let’s dispel that hollow distraction. The question here is the validity of their cause. And what is that cause? I think it’s a fair question considering Madonna’s speech about “wanting to blow up the white house” isn’t exactly women’s rights—or is it? What do I know, I’m just a man. I’m not allowed to speak to these issues.

But in assuming that I’m a man, you have already broken one of the most sacred rules of Leftism. How do you know I don’t feel like a woman today? Don’t worry, I don’t today, but be sure to use more caution lest tomorrow your bigot label-gun could misfire and end up on your own forehead. So if I feel like a woman, then I can condemn the women’s march? Wait, don’t answer that.

To add to the confusion, the organizer of the march, Linda Sarsour supports Sharia Law, which by the way, is not an exact synonym for women’s suffrage, 

Sounds nice doesn’t it? And no Linda, there is nothing Liberal about Sharia Law. 


But we’ll spell that out for you in just a minute. 

Also, I saw signs about climate change, about Pence, Trump, about Paul Ryan, about the economy… Is the climate hindering us from achieving women’s rights? Are the ice caps forcing women to wear burkas? Absurd.

I can only address one issue at a time so let’s assume the protest is actually about women’s rights (though we’ve established such is highly questionable). But let’s take them at their word.

What rights do women lack in the United States? Please write me. christianrogers@realtimesblog.com Do educate me. How are women oppressed? 

In the Middle East they most certainly are. That march I would attend. But for some reason they don’t have them… (need I remind you the reason they don’t have marches is because of a sexist institution called Sharia Law) Except, many of the attendees of the women’s march here, were—as we touched on earlier—the very same people who voted for Hillary Clinton. Clinton herself received money from the governments of countries that abuse women and gays.

If you supported Hillary Clinton, do explain to me why there hasn’t been a protest for this. Is it not a big enough deal? I hope that isn’t the case, because now you’re starting to sound like everything you’re accusing others of… Here are some of the nations that gave money to Hillary Clinton in violation of Human Rights Watch. 

According to Politifact (a leftist site so it must be true), these countries include: Saudi Arabia – where women need a “male guardian” for approval on everything from obtaining a passport to seeking higher education. How sweet. OH, They also have no divorce rights.

United Arab Emirates – The same male approval is needed for marriage PLUS, law allows a husband to assault his wife and children LEGALLY.

Qatar – marital rape is permitted. Women need a male guardian to approve a marriage contract, and one law specifies that a wife must obey her husband.

Oman – Human Rights Watch notes that while there is a nondiscrimination law, women still face discrimination when it comes to domestic issues such as child custody and divorce.

At the marches, I also observed countless signs which labeled Pence as a bigot and as a hater of gays. As you can imagine, there wasn’t a sign like that about Hillary Clinton, who has been in office (for half a lifetime), has been in power, received money from these nations, established relationships with these nations, and hasn’t confronted any of them on the issue of how they treat women and gays. Let’s take a look the report card:

Once again, from (Leftist website) Politifact:

Gay rights

According to the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, all sex outside of marriage, including same-sex intercourse, in Saudi Arabia is punishable by death.

For a married man, the penalty is death by stoning (no Colorado, that’s not smoking pot). An unmarried man faces 100 blows of a whip.

In Qatar, any sexual act outside of marriage is punishable by death.

The United Arab Emirates also bans sex outside of marriage, and the death penalty could apply to consensual “same-sex relations.”

As for Oman, the country punishes same-sex acts by up to three years in prison.

Executions in Saudi Arabia specifically have increased recently, but specific convictions, and whether are they related to homosexuality, are hard to measure (probably because they kill you without record. If they were meticulous about record keeping, I’d think they’d use injection rather than stoning and throwing you off rooftops, no?). 

Hmm… Where’s the outrage? Of course it’s non existent. The reason is that we live in a world where the burden of proof for being a sexist, for being anti woman is your failure to support a political rally, but turning a blind eye to true injustice, accepting their money, that earns you the title ‘champion of women’. This rationing is plain out dumb. Women all around the world are marginalized daily. Yet, their screams are drowned by the thunder of Madonna, glorified speeches, vulgar poetry, and silly signs. 

But the protests were effective. They won. Just this week the Senate voted overwhelmingly to require women sign up for the draft. And you’re right, that was the place where women were still lacking a right. But if the battlefield become a place where women go to die, I contend that the individual protecting them from such harm, be the only one who truly cares about women. The Conservative. Ted Cruz, a father of two daughters, and hater of women commented this week, “I could not in good conscience vote to draft our daughters into the military, sending them off to war and forcing them into combat.” 

Now comes a day when generations of women will not march for rights, but will march to battle. All in the guise of equality. And someone’s daughter wearing camouflage, bogged in a trench in the Middle East, fighting for real equality, might pause and curse her mother who got drunk, wearing pink, cursing men, that one fine day at the women’s rally.

P.S. Barack Obama, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, and Dianne Feinstein all pay the women in their office less than they pay their male employees so don’t go there. You won’t have fun defending that one. Do they hate women? 


Keep it Real.

Christian Rogers

The Real Times– a degree in common sense…

~Intellectual Entertainment~

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With his family by his side, Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president of the United States by Chief Justice of the United States John G. Roberts Jr. in Washington, D.C., Jan. 20, 2009. More than 5,000 men and women in uniform are providing military ceremonial support to the presidential inauguration, a tradition dating back to George Washington's 1789 inauguration. (DoD photo by Master Sgt. Cecilio Ricardo, U.S. Air Force/Released)

 Today’s Quote

“The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion dollars for the first 42 presidents — number 43 added $4 trillion dollars by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion dollars of debt that we are going to have to pay back — $30,000 for every man, woman and child. That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic.” – Barack Obama (July 3, 2008 At a campaign event in Fargo, ND)

Time Check

Jan 20, 1887 – The Senate approved an agreement to lease Pearl Harbor in HI as a naval base.

Jan 20, 1892 – The first official basketball game was played by students at the Springfield, MA, YMCA Training School.

Jan 20, 1944 – The British RAF dropped 2,300 tons of bombs on Berlin.


real time

Iss. 48

January, 20, 2017

Dear Thinkers,

You’re broke. Drowning in debt. You seek help. Reaching out to a financial advisor, you ask him what he can do to help. He tells you he has the perfect fix. He is going to spend your money in order to lift you out of debt. Okay, maybe the financial advisor wasn’t a very good idea. 

Taken aback, you hesitate, sliding your wallet back into your pocket. The financial advisor bolsters his pitch,

“No, No, You don’t understand. Keep your money, we’re going to BORROW the money”.

You’re no fool, you won’t allow yourself to be swooned, but you ARE desperate. You’ve heard about friends who have invested and saved in order to accumulate large sums of money… yet, this man is speaking not of wise investment, not of saving, his strategy is literally “spend your money to relieve your situation. That doesn’t compute. Sounds dicey.

There’s a title for this reckless habit: Retail Therapy. Thanks to better judgement, you stow your wallet and walk away.images-1

That sequence illustrates how any rational human would act when confronted by such a scenario. We call it Common Sense. Unfortunately such judgement is not used when electing officials who assume control of our country’s finances. Your justification? Common Sense. Theirs? Keynesian Economics. 

Now let’s simplify things just a bit and get away from the heavy terminology. Spending is bad.    When you don’t have any money, Spending is idiotic. Enter the legacy of President Barack Obama. When boiled down, what has Barack Obama achieved that no other president has?

Becoming the first black President? No, I think not. That either speaks to his ability to run a successful campaign, or to the people that elected him—merely a byproduct of other factors. But what Barack Obama has done more than any other President (or for that matter, world leader,) is spend money. 

That’s correct! Barack Obama, while railing against the rich, has spent more money than anyone in history. In 2007 and 2008, Obama criticized George W. Bush (rightfully so) for being irresponsible and for running the country’s credit card. I happen to agree with Obama wholeheartedly. Yet, if George W. is irresponsible, wouldn’t someone who spends more, be therefore, less responsible? Not unless your name is Barack Obama, where in that case you leave office a hero. Did I mention he (more than) doubled the Bush spending? images-2

Worse, what does that make us? The fools who were swindled into handing over our wallets. But who cares right? You and I won’t have to deal with it…we just pass it on to our kids as we sit at dinner parties and attack those who want to prevent universal healthcare or free college as immoral. Meanwhile, enslaving the next generation into paying for our privileged lifestyle. The Left will berate you into submission over ‘ruining the environment for our own gain, at the expense of our children—that’s unthinkable’.     Is it not wrong to shackle them monetarily? 

The correct word is indentured servitude. But at least most indentured servants had a choice, or at least made a conscious decision to take on debt, meanwhile living off the benefits of the fast, easy, money. But, there is no such luck for the child who is born today. According to Bloomberg News, “Each newborn’s share of the national debt today is more than double what it was in the 1990s,” (my generation). If only we had an idea of what went wrong since the 90’s????? OH. YES. Frivolous, monetary policy! Bush. Obama. Thanks guys! 

But I needn’t convince you of the problems of the Bush Presidency. Matter of fact, Obama himself reminds us at every chance he gets. Good. We we’re on the same page.  

What I intend to do though, is convince Obama (and the Obama advocate, voter, supporter, cheerleader) that his legacy is plagued with hypocrisy. If Obama ran to stop the policies of Bush and instead expanded them (Spending, Guantanamo, War, Citizen Rights, Patriot Act) then what is his legacy? According to Obama’s very own standards: BLATANT FAILURE. 

gty_presidents_jef_120203_wblogSo challenge your friends. (and yourself) Try to name something that Barack Obama has accomplished that doesn’t involve massive spending. You see, the rich are too rich… But he can take 80 million dollars worth of vacations in 8 years. But as long as you go out and read the complete opposite of your actions on a teleprompter, you’re absolved of your sins (I would venture to guess that much of the rich he so adamantly demonizes haven’t spent nearly as much on vacations in their entire lifetime). Remember they’ve been working. And don’t get me started on the number of golf rounds Obama has played throughout his tenure. I’ll let another familiar face do the honors:

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 11.38.50 AM

“I killed Bin Laden,” he boasts, when we now know that it would not have been possible without a doctor in Pakistan who developed a way to bait Bin Laden’s children into getting vaccines. Meanwhile the man sits in prison. Obama, the most powerful man in the world, won’t so much as lift a finger. Legacy. 

“We haven’t had a terrorist attack”, “We haven’t had a scandal?”, “I saved the economy”. Has he?


Without a google search, I can name a hand-full of terrorist attacks and I can name multiple scandals, but once again my article is getting too long, so I’ll name five : Orlando, Boston, Ft. Hood, San Bernardino. Minnesota Mall. Legacy.

Scandals: to name just a few… IRS Scandal – Weaponizing the IRS in order to audit groups who disagree with the administration. This is the most powerful misuse of Beaureaucracy in the history of our Nation. Reinforcing the Conservative view that we need to thin out the amount of un-elected officials operating as an oppressive wing of the Executive branch. Legacy. images-3

Fast and Furious – Selling guns to drug cartels… need I say more? I guess I could add that the Obama administration was adamantly devoted to taking guns out of law abiding citizen hands all in the name of safety. You would think that violent drug cartels would pose a bit of a larger threat…? Legacy. 

I could go on… Benghazi…lying about why we got attacked right before an election as to keep the “I defeated terrorism narrative”, (but that would require a full column in itself) Legacy. 

imagesFor his sake, I hope he considers these real scandals. I hope he categorizes these as terrorist attacks. Otherwise the alternative is that we accept them as the norm.

The bottom line: Barack Obama’s legacy is that he has left the United States in an extremely vulnerable position. Yes, militarily (by downsizing the military to pre WW2 levels). Yes, judicially (by appointing several justices who believe the Constitution can be re-written in the way that they deem appropriate). Yes, diplomatically (by drawing red lines and failing to enforce them in both the China Sea and in Syria. Also by abandoning Israel and cutting deals with Iran Egypt, Libya, and Russia). Yes, (by funding ISIS and supplying them with weapons that then were used against the west. Then claiming that ISIS is a JV team and poses no threat leaving a vacuum in Iraq). Yes, from a human rights outlook (by green-lighting drone attacks on American citizens). And yes, by degrading the Constitution and state’s rights (this would occupy an entire book to explain the infinite ways that the president has ursurped law with what he calls his “pen and his phone”). But these are not what concerns us for the moment. What has left America vulnerable beyond all else is the financial mishandling of the Obama administration. This is the legacy of the World’s Most extravagant spender. 

UnknownWhether it be the Affordable Care Act, Stimulus Package 1, Stimulus Package 2, signing every budget that falls upon his desk, bombing missions in the Middle East, coups, military aid to foreign nations like Egypt, doubling food stamps and expanding other entitlement programs, Barack Obama has spent like a drunk white girl on Rodeo Drive. What did we get for all of this?    Debt. Piles of Debt. It’s irresponsible, it’s unpatriotic. And if we’re honest, this has become the hallmark of the Obama Legacy: Retail Therapy. But what do I know, I haven’t run a country. If only we could consult someone who had, 

“The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion dollars for the first 42 presidents — number 43 added $4 trillion dollars by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion dollars of debt that we are going to have to pay back — $30,000 for every man, woman and child. That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic.” – Barack Obama 


Keep it Real.

Christian Rogers

The Real Times– a degree in common sense…

~Intellectual Entertainment~

E-mail me at christianrogers@realtimesblog.com

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Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 1.02.28 PM


Today’s Quote

“I haven’t heard such elitist snobbery since Hillary Clinton branded Trump supporters ‘a basket of deplorables’.” – Piers Morgan on Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes

Time Check

Jan 12, 1882 – Thomas Edison’s central station on Holborn Viaduct in London began operation.

Jan 12, 1932 – Hattie W. Caraway became the first woman elected to the Senate.

Jan 12, 1966 – “Batman” debuted on ABC-TV.

real time

Iss. 47

January, 12, 2017

Dear Thinkers,

Now let me go out on a limb here and defend the indefensible: Donald J. Trump. Yes, I aim to provide some cover for a certain point of interest that has resurfaced thanks to the beloved―or not so beloved―Meryl Streep. By now, I’m quite positive you know what I’m speaking to. Did he or did he not mock a disabled person?

Throughout the Primary, (being a Cruz supporter) I was the first to be up in arms about this particular incident. Though, after having the facts introduced to me, I began to see this debacle in a different light. But I’ll be the first to admit, I was duped into believing a false narrative as well, and without getting ahead of ourselves, the reason we’ve all been so handily deceived, is because Trump really does look, well… “disabled”, in that videoScreen Shot 2017-01-12 at 1.05.12 PM. What you may not know is that he used this EXACT SAME manorism when making fun of himself…And last I checked he happens to think a bit highly of himself. But we’ll revisit this shortly. 

That said, I think we’ve established that I have nothing to gain from defending him here. 

Like many others, I find Trump’s actions to be distasteful at best, and dare I say, unpresidential. Point being, a defense of Trump doesn’t help me, yet, there is an obvious injustice taking place if anyone is willing to shine 5 minutes of light over the matter. Apparently Ms. Streep and her surrogates who have coined her ‘courageous’ are not willing to do such.

According to Meryl Streep’s deeply controversial speech at the Golden Globes (I still don’t know which awards they hand out there), she recalled “that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power, and the capacity to fight back,” as the best performance of the year. Seems a bit contrived, if you ask me, but let’s not waste our time debating whether that deserved to win for best performance. I hope that’s not what Donald meant when he said “we’re gona start winning again”.      

Anyway, the question at hand: Did Trump actually mock the reporter?

Answer: Most certainly yes, but what exactly was he taunting? Unfortunately few have ventured a step farther and asked the second part of that question. Yet, that step’s significance marks the line between fiction and clarity.

So Donald Trump did heckle the reporter, but not for being disabled. He mocked him because his reporting was truly bad. How do I know? It’s quite simple. What is to follow is the story line that few in public are talking about. Neither Democrats, Republicans, or even Trump’s own supporters seem to care to consult the timeline of events that lead to the bomb that interrupted the Golden Globes. Hell, people even go on TV and spout their ignorance all over cable without a care to investigate the actual story. My dear thinker, do read on to prevent yourself from embarrasing yourself in that manner.

In 2001, that same Reporter “lacking the capacity to fight back”, Serge F. Kovaleski, wrote a story for the Washington Post. In the story he wrote that after 9/11 “In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the world trade center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river”.Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 1.05.32 PM

During this same time period, Democrat, Donald Trump (yes you read that correctly) gave an interview where he explained that he saw thousands of Muslims celebrating the 9/11 terror attacks across the river from Manhattan in New Jersey.

Of course, this dumb statement (though partly true) did not register on the seismographs of the media—or Left for that matter as Trump was a Democratic Mega-Donor.

It wasn’t until years later, when he decided to run for President of the United States as a Republican, did he start receiving heavy backlash for the statement. This of course put the Washington Post, the publication that published Kovaleski’s story about individuals throwing “tailgate-style parties on rooftops”, in a tough position. The Post had accused Trump lying when their very own team—unbeknownst to them—had greenlit, fact-checked, edited, and published the same story. When the Post’s hypocritical nature came to their own attention, they had Kovaleski (now a New York Times Reporter) release a statement on their behalf,

“I certainly do not remember anyone saying that thousands or even hundreds of people were celebrating. That was not the case, as best as I can remember.”

So it was the numbers that were in question by the Post, not the actual story. And to no surprise, the human hyperbole-machine also known as Donald J. Trump was inaccurate about the numbers—not even close. Where exactly did this guy see thousands of muslims on rooftops? Did he look out Trump Tower with a telescope? …second thought, I don’t want the answer to that question. 

This leads us to the moment you’ve been waiting for: Then at a campaign rally, Trump remarked on the half-assed retraction by Kovaleski and the Washington Post. He noted the piece was,

“written by a nice reporter. Now the poor guy–you gotta see this guy….OOOOHHH I don’t know what I said…Ohhh I don’t remember…”he’s going like I don’t remember ahhh ohhh maybe that’s what I said….this is 14 years ago, they didn’t  do a retraction.

If you watch and/or listen to the account, you will see that Trump looks and sounds like someone who is mentally disabled. But my dear Trump haters, before you hang yourself with your own stubbornness, please allow me to remind you that it is you who think Trump acts like someone who is, yes, mentally disabled. It is you who have accused him of being unfit for the job, lacking the right temperment, and for being a bumbling idiot. I happen to agree with much of this, except here’s the problem my dear, stubborn, Leftist: The reporter has a chronic condition that impairs movement in his ARMS.

That’s correct. If you thought disabled meant mentally disabled, then you are yourself the one guilty of judgement, as Serge F. Kovaleski, the more-than-able reporter for the New York Times, is a coherent thinker. He is a powerful writer and Serge is more than capable of doing his job. Though, Meryl doesn’t seem to think as I do when she says, he is lacking “the capacity to fight back”. Matter of fact, does she think that the New York Times employs him as an act of charity? What the hell is she talking about? He’s a damn reporter. What is the job a reporter anyway? To stand up to assholes like Donald Trump and Meryl Streep and expose them for what they are. Pointing out the instances where they are utterly full of crap! Like the ‘thousands of muslims comment,’ and ‘Donald bullied a poor, incompetent reporter’.     This guy has a handicap with his arms not his brain!

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 1.06.34 PM

But if you remain the skeptic, that’s welcome, as I’ve got another layer of facts that lie ‘One Level Deepa’ as the archaeologists like to say (or maybe it wasn’t an archaeologist who said that?)

If you pull up clips, Donald Trump has mocked Ted Cruz, mocked himself, and mocked an Army General with the same arm gestures. If you don’t like his arm gestures, then I’m sorry, I agree, he looks like an idiot. But he wasn’t mocking the man for being disabled…unless of course you think that he thinks himself disabled, Ted Cruz (the man who he is considering nominating for the supreme court) disabled, and this Army General disabled. As we agreed earlier, arm movements are what’s at question in the video. You can’t cite his voice as being a reason for belittling the guy because we covered the fact that the man is NOT mentally challenged and does not have a known speech impediment. He simply has problems with his arms…. That’s it. 

As also mentioned, myself being a Ted Cruz supporter, I was blinded by this fallacy. Months ago, I couldn’t believe that he had ‘ridiculed a disabled reporter’. The nerve! I was livid. But I didn’t care to look any deeper than the first layer. Why should I. Donald is an ass face, and it seemed like something he would do and it fit my narrative… but he clearly did NOT mock this man for being handicapped. He mocked him for not standing by his story and caving under pressure from the media. When he imitated Cruz and the General, it was for wavering on waterboarding and for shiting positions on ISIS. Which means, this is Trump’s flustered interpretation for someone who has not taken a clear position (whether it’s waterboarding, ISIS, or even 9/11 celebrations). For goodness sake, Trump accused Ted’s Cruz’s Dad of being the man who possibly killed JFK. He accused Cruz of being a serial liar without citing a single lie, and called his wife ugly. This Trump guy is an absolute nut… I think if he thought Ted had a handicap with his arms he would have came out and said it. Don’t you? Or do you think killing JFK was the threshold?

“I’ll say he killed JFK, but arm problems—nooooo way too personal.” 

If you’re intellectually honest, you’ll see that Trump did not tease Kovaleski for being disabled. I implore you to look at the footage for yourself. 

As you can see I’m not a big fan. But let us not get caught in disparaging our own credibility by calling him things that he isn’t…especially when there are so many things that he is. The voice from “the boy who cried bigot” fell on deaf ears when it came time to call the President a person with deep moral flaws.  

Finally, for those who aren’t convinced and think Trump still may have derided the reporter for his disability. Let us at least agree that there is some grey area. If our justice system thrives on ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and ‘guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt’ this instance of mockery is by no means a surety. But had Trump done something worse, more convincing, say, I don’t know, something concrete… where he said specifically what he was thinking and made his joke verbally, not physically. Then would we agree that he was wrong? Of course! And I just so happen to have one of those quotes… from the Jay Leno Show of all places.

Trump, while talking about his bowling game, (he is a golfer at heart right) compares himself LITERALLY to those who are handicapped. He says it’s like the SPECIAL OLYMPICS… laughter breaks out… Jay Leno starts laughing… Except there’s one reason that nobody is offended. The man who was talking about his bowling game wasn’t Trump. I must have made a mistake… It was President Barack Obama….

That’s right Barack Obama, on national TV, humiliated the Special Olympics.

Nope—no outrage. Did Meryl say a peep? Of course not. Did Jay Leno get in trouble for laughing? Was there a story written?      None of it. I’m confident you hadn’t even heard about it. But go forth, look it up! And yet, some who are reading this have spent the last several days complaining about Trump? Dude, you may want to rethink some of your assumptions.

Side Note: The Washington Post, predictably published a story this week titled:

Meryl Streep was right. Donald Trump did mock a disabled reporter.

Un-believable. Don’t be a victim to stupidity.

Keep it Real.

Christian Rogers

The Real Times– a degree in common sense…

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Today’s Quote

“The minimum wage has to go up. People are — at least $10, but it has to go up. But I think that states — federal — I think that states should really call the shot. As an example, I live in New York. It’s very expensive in New York. You can’t buy a hot dog for the money you’re talking about. You go to other states and it’s not expensive at all. Now what it does is puts New York at a disadvantage if the minimum wage is up, companies move out and things, bad things happen. At the same time, people have to be taken care of. But what I’m really going to do on the minimum wage — but it has to go up.. .. So I would like to raise it to at least $10.”      – Donald Trump on the minimum wage – before changing his stance on the issue

Time Check

Nov. 8, 1889 – Montana became the 41st state.

Nov. 8, 1910 – William H. Frost patented the insect exterminator.

Nov. 8, 1966 – Ronald Reagan was elected governor of CA.

real time

Iss. 46

Nov. 8, 2016

Dear Thinkers,

Two distinct choices. Vastly differing views for America. We made it to the infamous election day—finally. The die has been cast…or more accurately, the ballots. But are these two separate choices, or does a web of obscurity lie beneath both candidate A & B? If we remove our beer-goggles and take a sobering departure from the relentless news cycle, pop-culture, pundits, analysts, and comedians, this web connecting the two may not be as buried as one might expect. 

Last week I was asked by a College Professor, “Why is this election so ideological?” I laughed. Ideological? How in the world might someone as well educated as she craft such a distorted outlook? In reality, Ideology and Political philosophy are both the farthest thing from this campaign. That said, I write you NOT to influence your vote, I have deliberately avoided such an act as we truly have no good options this (general) election cycle. But now, as the smoke rises, and as most of us have cashed in our last tokens, my wish is that we can have a moment of impartiality recognizing the sham that some of us have bought into with these two candidates. images-1

Every day, while contributing to a national radio show, I speak with dozens of individuals across the country who are adamant about their ONE candidate. These kind citizens are strapped in for the ride, no matter the outcome. And after awhile, it becomes apparent that there is absolutely nothing that could shake their loyalty to that one savior in which they have placed (or misplaced) their faith. Before long, that mere mortal has been elevated upon a throne where no wrong can be done. An obvious illustration of such, is when Donald Trump bragged back in Iowa,

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,”

Or when Hillary Clinton laughs off questions regarding a Criminal FBI investigation adding,

“I think people a long time ago made up their minds about the emails.”

Can you and I, the American people, not honestly see a developing problem? Many of us shall be prone to justification of these remarks as we shout, “Trump was only joking about committing felonies, Hillary has actually committed them,” meanwhile being met with the response of “I’m sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails”, and “yeah but Trump is a racist, I’d rather have her than a racist”. And ironically, our irrational defense of the indefensible is unequivocally proving their claims to be valid.unknown-2

Only with this mentality can you manufacture such an outlook where Hillary Clinton is the Devil and Donald Trump God reincarnate, come to ride in on a white horse to take us to the promise land—better yet, come to make that promise land great again. Or the contradistinctive view: Trump is Hitler and Clinton a Victimized woman innocent of wrongdoing. The current President has kindled the flames of that narrative by questioning opponents to Clinton as possible sexists (interesting he didn’t pose such questions to himself when unmercifully attacking her in the Primary before ’08) Yet, when clearheaded, we must realize that Clinton nor Trump—both discernibly flawed—are unworthy of sub-human demonization. Before we try to uncover the absurdities on both sides of that coin (and it burdens me to imagine that one of these two might actually be on that coin someday) we must take a quick pitstop here in the town of ‘Reasonville’ before fully departing our last exit.


THOUGH MANY OF US have gotten into arguments, blood has boiled, and the media features infinite debate, we are forgetting one important principle: These candidates are NOT ALL THAT DIFFERENT. In appearance? Yes. Most certainly, one is red, and one is white (how chromatically American of them). Yes, one speaks with the vocabulary of a 3rd grader (I apologize in advance if I’ve offended the intellectual capacity of any 3rd graders) and the other a brilliant scholarly-type. But politically, when we boil it down, do tell me where the difference lies? 

Many mischaracterize Trump as being a staunch Conservative, due to his loud demeanor and that he “comes off passionate and angry”. For those of us who haven’t been coerced into thinking that personality traits are what makes a person Conservative, we notice that after listening to his content, Trump is a relative centrist. Relative to what you may ask? Well relative to Hillary Clinton herself.unknown-3

Here is where things get awkward. “Christian, he’s a Radical, he’s Hitler, he’s a populist, he’s a racist, you can’t be telling me that he is comparable to Hillary Clinton…She’s an honorable Progressive! I’ve been sharing facebook articles about Hillary, and speaking out against Trump and gonig door to door, and I’m with Her, and you can’t be serious!”  Or vise-versa “Lock her up, are you kidding me! Trump is the only one who can fix Washington, I don’t care about his offensive nature, everyone needs to stop getting offended, he’s the answer, He will prosecute Hillary and shake up the system” But you have not misunderstood me. That is exactly what I am saying. They are the same, and matter of fact, he is much farther Left on certain issues than even Hillary. But if you don’t believe me, let’s go down the list just for fun.

The Border

“The worst of them are coming” 

The bedrock of Trump’s Presidential run has been his unwavering  “Hard on the Border” stance. Is that really his outlook? Likewise, Clinton has said that we should do something to secure the border, but also, while speaking privately describing that she is for an open border state. Trump on the other hand, in 2012 PROMOTED LEFTIST IMMIGRATION REFORM: “The Republicans ought to take the lead. They have to get smart. They cannot have what happened to them with immigration and other issues sabotage their elections… immigration is very important and the Republicans have to get involved. Look, they’re never gonna win another election unless they do something. So the Republicans have to get smart, and in my opinion take the lead on immigration and lots of other things.”unknown

What? I thought he wanted to deport everyone? I thought he wanted to build a wall? Immigration Reform? This should be obvious by the way he has backed away form his earlier promises about building a wall and deporting millions… But wasn’t it Hillary who criticized his policy as being racist? Yet, back in the old days Hillary and Bill both told us that we HAVE TO HAVE A SECURE BORDER and that it was about the rule of law… If you don’t believe me please, please, look it up… oh my how things have changed.


“I’m never eating an oreo again”

Here, on this issue, you will have to go all the way back to Eugene Debbs to find a candidate as Radical as Trump on trade. Astonishingly, Debbs (1920 was his last Presidential Run) ran not on the ticket of the Republicans, not for the TEA PARTY, but for the Socialist Party of America. Yes! You read that right, even Bernie Sanders is Envious of Trump’s trade policy! It is that Radical. Donald Trump’s Protectionism and Tariffs and “I’m never eating an Oreo again or driving a Ford until they come back to America” policy is so far Left that Hillary couldn’t touch it if she tried. In the Primary when Bernie Sanders was talking about a similar policy (keep in mind that is more conservative than Trump’s), Hillary disagreed and wanted nothing to do with it. This is the quintessential example of a non-ideological and abnormal election. Trump’s trade policy defies the rules of economics and does so in the name of a long sought Socialist day-dream that solidifies the lines between he and Clinton as arbitrarily blurred. images-3


“We have to go further” v. “repeal and replace”

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both believe in a single payer health care system. Matter of fact, Trump has admitted this, Clinton has been less direct. But when Clinton espouses that we have not gone far enough with the Affordable Care Act, it is fairly obvious that she means single payer. Trump on the other hand, just came right out and said it OF ALL PLACES, IN A REPUBLICAN DEBATE. There is little to no contrast on this matter. It appears that Trump is farther Left than Clinton on this issue. 

The Debt

Neither candidate has proposed the promotion of austerity. Actually, both candidates have advocated more spending. Projections show that Trump’s spending plan would increase the debt more than Clintons. If “investing in ourself” (whatever the hell that means) is a Leftist principle, Trump takes the cake on this issue as the Leftist frontrunner…Once again boggling my mind that Leftists have the nerve to call him an evil Conservative, and how those on the right have the audacity to point the finger at Clinton while wearing their “Make America Great Again Hats”. Neither position is Conservative by any means. Neither candidate is true to their ‘so called political ideology’. 


“Trumped up Trickle Down Economics”

Trump’s tax plan includes taxing the rich at a much higher rate than the lower brackets. Is this a Conservative principle? Clearly not. Clinton does win the Progressive Contest on this issue as her radical tax plan is hard to compete with, but anyone who deems Trump an Ideological Conservative on this issue is kidding themselves. 


“I will repeal Roe v. Wade”

Trump used to be an outspoken proponent of abortion. Are we supposed to believe that he suddenly saw the light on this issue right before he decided to run as a Republican? It is possible, but it is also possible that this could be another version of political expediency like his evolving stance on the Iraq War, Gun Control, or many others. His daughters are Blue-blooded Liberals…will they allow their Dad to be the one to appoint the justice to repeal this landmark decision? Clinton’s stance is clear on this issue, but Trump has proven that he is by no means locked in on this view. 


“are we going to really trust trump with his hand on the nuclear button”

Trump the war-monger! I will even go so far as to say that I don’t feel comfortable one bit with this man’s ego in control of such a power, but I find it hard stomaching the Hillary supporters who relay such concerns without stopping to take stock of their own candidate’s foreign policy blunders. If one is to be intellectually honest—which we have noted is nearly impossible in this age—the anti-war Hillary supporter will pull the rod out of their own eye (or more likely rip the bumper sticker off their prius) and think about the fact that in just 4 years as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton advocated the bombing of more nations in her tenure than that evil, war-monger, George Bush. Meddling in foreign affairs? Her hands are blood-red with guilt on that front: The toppling of Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, and Libya does anyone remember Benghazi?. Yes Benghazi, where we were running guns through the ambassador Christopher Stevens who was killed without Hillary lifting a finger to help. And I’ll save my breath about the email Hillary sent to Chelsea that night about the truth of the matter and the cover-up, but what does apply to foreign policy is: where were we running those guns? Answer: To the Syrian rebels, who at the time had a cute little harmless name called the Islamic State in Syria…Today known as ISIS. But you wouldn’t know that if you were busy watching the Daily show would you? You wouldn’t know that if you weren’t seeking truth and you were just reinforcing your own dogmatic opinion sharing Facebook posts about how Trump is Hitler (and I’m not saying that he isn’t) but can we stop the hypocrisy? If we dare walk further down that dark alley of sincere self-incrimination, then the Hillary supporter may remember when she voted, as a Senator, for the Iraq war…which that same supporter has likely dismissed as an act of American Imperialism or better yet a crime against humanity. Some may even have called George Bush a WAR CRIMINAL. How could Hillary enable, let alone condone such behavior? Then there’s Russia: Here lies, in my humble opinion, the most catastrophic part of the Hillary Clinton foreign policy: Her utter determination to challenge Russia militarily. Hillary has pledged to enforce a “no fly zone” over Syria. Considering the fact that Russia is an ally to Bashar al-Assad (Syria’s Dick-Head Leader) and is operating in the region under his permission, any challenge to that airspace will be met with as an act of war. On top of this, Clinton wants to cut back on our military. Is this a good premise? Whether it is or isn’t, it certainly is not good strategy to provoke agression and warfare without a ready military. “Don’t be silly Christian, we have a huge military” – True – But under her command she has engineered the disarmament of our military returning us to pre-WWII levels. To enforce a “no fly zone” one would have to ENFORCE it—hence the word. Without the capability to do so, any honest person would have to interpret this policy as blatantly irresponsible at worst, and from a best perspective as a campaign lie to get elected and that she has no desire to see through. I am hoping for the second.

Remember, we have established that I am terrified of a Trump presidency (as we do not know what to expect except his incapable, boisterous, uninformed, demeanor). But unlucky for Hillary and fortunately for us, we can go off of her record to try and understand her foreign policy. Time and time again she and her campaign have echoed the fact that we do not want nuclear weapons in the yes, small hands of Donald Trump, but I hate to say it, but I’d rather he have them than our enemies… like North Korea!

Under Bill Clinton, North Korea acquired Nuclear Weapons due to the arrogance of our government. Clinton lead negotiatory talks with the dictatorship ensuring us that such a policy would keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of North Korea. As you and I know today, that did not work.unknown-4 And this would be easy to chalk up as Bill’s mistake…why should Hillary be punished for the wrongdoings of her husband? And that is a rational view, except for the fact that Bill and Hillary ran as ‘two presidents for the price of one’.  Furthermore, Hillary Clinton has taken partial credit for Bill’s economic achievements, does she not deserve any for his faults on foreign relations. But if you think that’s a stretch, then I implore you to examine the details of the Iran Nuclear Deal that Hillary helped engineer. Yes, she was not in office for the Deal’s finality, but she helped set the table for it. Also, she and her VP nominee have championed the deal as disarming Iran’s nuclear program “without firing a shot”. 

Interesting. Now I know we’re all capable of compare and contrast, so I want you to get out your Venn Diagram, and compare the Iran Nuclear Deal to the ’94 deal with North Korea. In both cases we paid them money (billions of dollars) for no apparent reason, in both cases we have enabled nuclear energy to persist with no apparent checks in place for us to seriously inspect the facilities for Weapons-Grade enrichment, and in both cases we made it possible for psychopaths to pursue the earth-ending weapons at the push of a button… No the Iranians and North Koreans are reasonable people… Are they? Are people who say they want to “Wipe Israel off the face of the map”, or people who want to turn Japan and South Korea into a “Sea of fire”. Suddenly the idea of giving Nuclear weapons to Donald Trump doesn’t seem all that crazy. But the Clinton supporter has surely criticized Trump for entertaining the idea of giving nuclear weapons to Japan, and they surely slammed him when he said he would consider supplying Saudi Arabia (both of which are our allies after all), but do you think they once stopped and thought about the pathway which Clinton has pursued, directly or indirectly—they have the same effect—which has supplied not only our enemies, but some of the deepest psychopaths on earth with nuclear weapons?

Side note: I should honestly write an article just on that issue someday and how Carter supplied Pakistan with nukes.

Hillary has also overseen the deaths of several Americans through drone-strikes…without TRIAL. Now wasn’t it the Left who was standing in opposition to George Bush, (on grounds of violation of due process) when he wanted to give Terrorists (caught overseas as enemy combatants) a military trial rather than a civilian trial? I’m no fan of George W, but is it not obvious that a military trial is greater than or equal to “unexpected decimation from above?”

images-2Well you may say, “Christian, the violation of Habeus Corpus should never be “up for grabs”, and since I’m consistent, I 100% agree with you. And you may follow that up with, “Well George Bush did it”, or “Trump supported the Iraq war before he publically decided to turn against it”. And that’s where I put my foot down. This is exactly my point. Violations are not justified based on others’ wrongdoing. “Well he did it too!” is not a credible defense. My Mom always asked me, “if your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?” But more to the point, you are correct, Trump, like Clinton both were for the Iraq war, then turned against it when it became politically expedient. A calculated political move for both of them, which brings me back to my point: This election is the absence of Ideological, it is about self-interest. And we have two candidates, that are void of principles and what’s worse, they actually worked together in the past.

Has anyone thought about any of this stuff? With the military, Hillary is a certifiable HAWK. Do you wonder why the Bushes are supporting her in this election!?




When speaking yesterday about the chance of a Clinton win, well acclaimed Conservative Ann Coulter conveyed, “I just feel like it’s a slow motion airline crash”. Coulter, a text-book example of someone who has sacrificed and sold-out her principles in this election has now adopted a stance that nothing else unknown-1matters besides securing the border. During the Primary, she has lashed out at other Conservatives for not getting on board with Trump for prioritizing the concerns about abortion above Trump’s hard stance on the border. But Ann, other things do matter—the border does too! But are we ready to throw the baby out with the bath water just to have a pretty little wall…I know with a big beautiful door in the middle, I haven’t forgotten. 

Ann like many people I have encountered in this election have lost sight of the big picture. This goes without even mentioning Trump’s inconsistent political alignment! If it is already a slow airplane crash, what will our nation stand upon when Trump adds frivolously to the debt? Just something to think about…

A final note: Does anyone think it a bit ironic that Trump used to support Hillary? Financially. Publicly. He praised her work as the Secretary of State saying she could not have done a better job… What?! 

images-4Also, If Trump is such a racist what was Hillary doing at his wedding? What was she doing taking money from him? And what was Bill Clinton doing on the phone telling Trump he should run right before the election? The Trump kids are friends with Chelsea. Trump and Clinton have both changed positions on gay marriage, on assault weapons, on the economy, religion, birth control, and many other issues. Though I have not hilighted their differences—and I admit there are some—I also have not even begun to list a full report of their intersecting inconsistencies. I can offer no explanation, but I will advise: Now that this agonizing election is through, let’s take a stride toward intellectual honesty, admitting when our side is conflicting, erratic, or at fault. And more importantly, be cautious of where you choose to throw mud, if you aren’t careful, you may find that it winds up on your own carpet. 



Keep it Real.

Christian Rogers

The Real Times– a degree in common sense…

~Intellectual Entertainment~

E-mail me any questions or comments at christianrogers@realtimesblog.com

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Today’s Quote

Every person who has grown to any degree of usefulness, every person who has grown to distinction, almost without exception has been a person who has risen by overcoming obstacles, by removing difficulties, by resolving that when he met discouragement he would not give up. – Booker T. Washington

Time Check

Sept. 3, 1783 – The Revolutionary War between the United States and Great Britain ended with the Treaty of Paris.

Sept. 3, 1838 – Frederick Douglass boarded a train in MD on his way to freedom from being a slave.

Sept. 3, 1976 – The U.S. spacecraft Viking 2 landed on Mars. The unmanned spacecraft took the first close-up, color photos of the planet’s surface. 

real time

Iss. 45

Sept. 3, 2016

Dear Thinkers,

Black Quarterbacks matter. Yeah let’s go there.


By now you may know this past weekend 49’ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the National Anthem at the NFL Preseason game against the Green Bay Packers. Everyone has since foisted their bountiful opinions in the ensuing days. What you may not know is that Kaepernick doubled down on Thursday night in San Diego. This time opting to kneel during the Anthem. With this second act of protest, he was able to enlist a fellow teammate to his cause. On this evening, it just so happened to be the Chargers’ annual Military Appreciation salute game. Kaepernick’s choice to kneel predictably wrought him a roar of “Boos” from the disfavoring crowd.Unknown


The bi-racial Quarterback explained his reason for the protest, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color… To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” (nfl.com)

Before we delve any deeper and examine the ramifications or Politics of this gesture—and it is afterall a political gesture—I’d like to convey that I admire Kaepernick’s unwavering resolve to take a stand for something he believes in. Aside from the individual backlash he has received from fans, this statement assuredly WILL NOT help in the area of endorsements. (On a side note: Neither will his interception prone decision making) Endorsements, need I remind you, are at the end of the day, revenue dollars. 

1996Clearly, he feels truly compelled about this cause in order to take such a stand. On this, props to him.

That said, I’m not sure I see how this issue is at all difficult to discuss. Abortion? See that’s a tough issue. Abortion is hard to address because it contains a REAL disagreement within our society. The legality of abortion features two sides of the debate: a winner and a loser. Both sides cannot be satisfied by convening on a middle ground. But Race, that is a non-issue. And ironically, that in itself is the controversy within the ‘Race Dialogue’. The modern Racial dispute emanates from the very disagreement that there is (or is not) innate racism within our society.

This is why I think it inexcusable—better yet detestable—that race relations have derailed to the wasteland in which they now reside. We all want the same outcome, we all have the same philosophy, the same end game, and yes (in the 21st Century) even the same starting point. We all want to be treated equally. And nobody thinks that Police should have the power to kill innocent people. That would be absurd. So what has happened? What has allowed such a divide in a society that acknowledges from square one that all men are created equal?


The answer: We have been mislead. Mislead by quarterbacks who spout off without knowing what the hell they are talking about, but more importantly, we have been deceived by our own elected leadership. These are the individuals who are truly accountable. For instance, the President of the United States and his puppet-like surrogates.

Now, I couldn’t take issue enough with the foolish public statement that Colin Kaepernick has issued. It is unfounded, and ignorant. There are racists, but inherent racism throughout American society? What a straw man. If you keep reading we shall dispel that fallacy. Also, I will go through the specifics of why Colin is wrong in just a minute, but humor me for a second….Keep in mind Kaepernick’s job is to play football, he has a right to his opinions and as far as I’m concerned, I don’t care if he kneels, or sits, or does pilates while the national anthem is playing (maybe it will help his football). However, should this not be expected from someone who gets paid to study the pre-snap reads of “in-out and mix” coverages and how the Safety creeping up a yard and a half before the play is a “key” that there is no longer a Cover-2 Defensive Scheme in place? (If I lost you there that’s sort of my point, he’s a football player for crying out loud not a professor …and judging by his on-field play, Kap has some sort of handicap in even understanding this). But when someone who is a Constitutional scholar (like the President of the United States) goes on National Television and says, “The cops acted stupidly”, before hearing the details of a case… That is someone, I contend, that should be held accountable for their misguided remarks.


After spraying his opinion all over the nation like an unregulated pesticide he himself would deem unsafe, The President turned out to be completely wrong. (Not once, instead every single time) Yet, that here is not the issue. I could care less what the President’s betting record is. Whereas the issue here is that Constitutional Scholar Obama, the very man who boasts, “I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president [George W. Bush] I actually respect the Constitution.” forgot the basis of Natural Law: Innocent Until Proven Guilty.      Did that not cross his mind?

kap-1This guy used to teach the Constitution to college students! I can only imagine how useless his poor pupils must feel having skipped over the lesson of Habeas Corpus which goes back thousands of years. Did Barack Obama fail to read The Writs of Assistance by James Otis, even the 4th Amendment? He swore to protect the Constitution, did he not read it? Or did he skip over that one? I will resist the urge to digress, but we have verified that he already glazed over the second. 

You see, justice doesn’t fit his narrative. That is how the Democratic party gets votes. If you’re going to tell me that I’m wrong, or that I’m racist, or that I don’t understand because I’m white, I warn you because you have also just labeled the Black members of the jury who acquitted the police in this case “wrong, racist and white”. I’m not quite sure if that is politically correct.

And if the President demonstrated that he drew his verdict before hearing the evidence, wouldn’t that make you question all of his pre-drawn verdicts? When drawing conclusions we are called to look at evidence, not skin color!    “Oh but you haven’t seen the other cases, Christian!”   Okay, that’s fine, If the evidence is so obviously against the police officer let’s let him go to trial and let’s throw the book at him. Which is what is happening in the case of the cop who shot the man in the back that everyone likes to cite as evidence of “injustice”. He is unequivocally being tried for MURDER. Get your facts straight. gettyimages-596018938

Why do we need to play judge jury and executioner? This is how government worked in the day of kings. Now can you see how innocent people were so often executed? If Obama were king, that officer would be dead….Scary…Now you see the basis of the Jury Trial. Furthermore, in repeaditedly jumping to conclusions, the Pres. happens to be in contradiction of one of his own golden rules. In the past the President has noted that when you’re a President you cannot have “a tendency to shoot first and aim later.” Did we forget that lesson?

The President isn’t the only one responsible for this irresponsibility . His mouthpieces on the Left and in the media have contributed to the lawlessness. And with every unfounded statement, race relations get worse. Notice how he never reappears on Television stating that he was mistaken. Correcting the record… This is not leadership. I guess it should come as no shock from someone who bases his leadership skills on the principle of “leading from behind”. Whereas he knows that people will then view this as a hint that he disagrees with the verdict. (I don’t think that is the case) But that is how his constituents read into it. They see it as, “The Justice System is out to get blacks!” Meanwhile, we forget that it is he and Loretta Lynch who are the very ones who run the Justice Department–the people we’re calling racist toward blacks are black!



Keep in mind, before 2008, there was a study done which found that this generation–my generation–was the first truly color blind generation in the History of the United States…Which should not come as a shocker. The only racism I know is how I’m supposed to feel guilty about saying that racism is not a serious problem in the United States. So am I supposed to shy away from the truth for fear of being called a racist? Am I missing the hidden brilliance of this reasoning? Maybe we should stop identifying with the title Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and so on (Notice I said Identify, not rid ourselves of the word)… Maybe we should grow-up and stop identifying with our race like we’re some kind of team we need to root for like the 49’ers. It’s silly. I’m from LA. I just saw a sign that said Vote Latino. What does that even mean? Is there one political agenda that benefits all Latinos like a big blanket. Of course not! The assumption that such a policy exists is in itself racism. Assuming that all people of one race are exactly the same is a dangerous broad brush approach we must avoid. Can you say Stereotyping anyone?

When I see a story about a white man getting shot by a black person, I don’t root for the white guy to be innocent! I root for justice to be served, and for the person at fault, whether he be the white or the black to be punished to the full extent of the law. This is no earth-shattering view I pat myself on the back for holding—Everyone feels this way! But we have been trained not to say it like it is. We have been trained to feel offended when people say that BLANK percent of blacks end up in jail, or unemployed, or that only BLANK percent of the NBA is white… Give me a break. Did any of you root harder for team USA when the White athletes were competing? I bet you couldn’t give a damn (let alone notice) what color their skin was. If that doesn’t signify the E Pluribus Unum (of many one) principle of America, the ONE NATION under God slogan, and the pride you felt for the black white yellow red pink purple athlete, then I don’t know what does better than that. You see, this construes the absurdity of the divisiveness the Left and the media want you to feel. They want you to feel uncomfortable in addressing the race issue.



We faction ourselves. We identify with our ‘Racial’ teams and we throw dirt at eachother. “We say things like “Us whites, or we Latinos,” it’s weird. I have way more in common with my fellow black or latino or asian American that loves freedom than my white neighbor who tramples private property rights and advocates oppression. (Yeah in case you haven’t learned by now, I’m white. Do I write like a white person?    Wait don’t answer that.)

Christian, you don’t know what you’re talking about though. You weren’t around for segregation and slavery and so on….

Buddy.. Neither were you, neither were your friends and neither was Colin Kaepernick. I have news for you: Get over it and get on board the love train. It’s 2016. I feel for you if you’ve ever experienced any form of racism, but I had nothing to do with that. Stop blaming me!

This blanket implicative blaming that the Left participates in is equivalent to the ignorant principle that “all blacks are inferior”, Both are categorically wrong. Just as it is false that ‘blacks are not humans’ is misfounded, it is equally bizarre in stating that white people living in 2016 are responsible for slavery in 1850. That belief though, I remind you, is the very axiom the Democratic Party was founded on.

It is estimated that less than 5% of white people living in America today have any genetic connection whatsoever to Slavery. (Meaning your ancestors participated in the slave trade in any form) That’s like blaming a German living in America for the Holocaust. The Left wants to play the ethnicity game, and then blatantly ignore it when it’s convenient. White = privilage. White = racist. Dude, my ancestors didn’t even own slaves in America! They were probably in Ireland growing potatoes. Think of how wrong this is, you’re trying to teach me to be raicist…. It aint workin, bruhh. Stop Trying. 5 percent! 8 % of the population thinks Elvis is still alive! (BoldProgressives.org – not exactly a Right-leaning site).

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 1.30.18 PM


People try and tell us that Systemic Racism still exists. The President says we have “racism in our DNA”. If that were the case, (which is completely anti-scientific, Racism is not a genetic trait) there are still only 5 percent of us who have it in our DNA. And people like the President and Colin Kaepernick are half white. What has vaccinated them from the Racist Virus that the rest of us have apparently caught? Do share your secret Colin.

The Nation is so racist that half of the country voted for the President. Wouldn’t that mean at least half of the country isn’t racist Barack? Then you did a God-Awful job, and we elected you again. How again is that racist?

Not to mention many said that they voted for you because you were black (Even white people acknowledged this!). If you ask me you’re right Mr. Prez, many people voted for you not based on anything except that you were black. That is racism, it’s pro-black racism and you didn’t throw a challenge flag when the rules were working in your favor…no no no, you marched on down the field with it like you were Colin Kaepernick before he started whining. You got votes just for being black! Not judging your character… not your background, not your record, and especially not your policies! Aside from the fact that I think it weird—and ultimately a bad strategy—to vote for someone based on skin color (just look at what happened) I do pause to admire the distance of which we (as a nation) have come. For goodness-sake, I wish we could have another black President! Not because he’s black, but because he’s a good decent person who has a battle-tested plan for America! Ben Carson anyone? Nope, the Left HATES him.



But we do have to acknowledge the fact that there are racists out there. Not many though. Not enough to even earn recognition. Some hate whites, some hate blacks, some hate asians, some hate native americans, some hate everyone…and some idiots—as we covered earlier—believe Elvis is alive. 8 percent of 320 million is more than just a few people. For the record though, you would never say America has a “believing in Elvis” problem. Why then do we get away with saying America is inherently racist? Bullshit. America is not racist.


And unlike the Left, I’ll be the first one to say that we should hold police to a higher standard. So if the police act inapproprately, let’s lock them up forever. Let’s bring back the firing squad, because I agree, they took an oath to protect us. They should not use that power we have lent them to opress us, the people. That defeats the purpose of law enforcement. So not all cops are bad. But they are people, I will level with you there… And that is why the solution is giving the rights to the people. They are human beings afterall.


Finally, let’s talk Kaepernick. You’ll be surprised to know that I’m to some extent a Kaepernick fan. NO I DON’T HAVE A POSTER OF HIM IN MY ROOM. But I like watching him play. I have always rooted for his success and still do, though he hasn’t had much of it lately on and off the field (his Thursday night stats show some hope).


Here’s why Colin is absolutely wrong:EOe9b3GYNsGGbKMStraLpSZ51CeA52pLWTbOxqYM7MasQm8mRXzsxgYTTHqEQjqBC


He describes blacks as oppressed. Yet somehow he managed to land a $100m deal  for playing football. He has thousands of fans who show up at games every weekend to root for him that are of all races. Moses didn’t ask Pharaoh to free the Israelites while he was being carried around as a prince. He gave that up and took action!

His jersey happens to be one of the top-selling jerseys in the nation (not Moses, Kap). You can find many of these people, many of them white, wearing his jersey in respect and admiration for their hero on any given Sunday. We had better give them some lessons in racism because at the apex of slavery in the south, you didn’t exactly find slave jerseys last time I checked. Furthermore, he goes out and performs for these people every week. According to his own logic, he would have to acknowledge that many of the people he is offering his entertainment to would undoubtedly have to be racists…if you are to take him at his word that he believes racism is an epidemic in America. Is it an epidemic that his fans are immune to?

When talking about Police Officers getting paid leave for killing people, he is either ill informed or dishonest. In reality, an officer who shoots a suspect is mandated paid leave so that they can be tried in order to get to the bottom of the case. I don’t blame Kaepernick on this one, because it seems this ignorant outlook could earn you an A in Professor Obama’s Constitutional Law class at the University of Chicago. I’m sure the standards for star Quarterbacks from University of Nevada, Reno are similarly low.


Kaepernick said, “It takes more training to become a cosmetologist than a police officer,” Which may well be true, but since Colin hasn’t taken the Orange County Police Department’s offer to come down and witness a training session and decide for himself, I guess we will never know the answer to that statement. You see Colin has the time to state his opinions, but he just doesn’t have the time to research them beforehand. Do you check what you’re about to drink before you drink it?

A reporter asked Colin this week what would need to change to make him happy? He responded, “It’s tough to lock down one specific thing that needs to change”, Meaning, I don’t have anything in mind, I just drank the clear liquid. I didn’t smell it beforehand to make sure it wasn’t Vodka. Judging by his actions, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had gulped a bit too much. 

After talking about how black people were getting murdered relentlessly, he contradicted his own logic by saying, “that’s not right, that’s not right by anyone’s standards”,



If it’s not right by anyone’s standards, is everyone truly racist? “Christian he didn’t say that” Okay but he’s saying that Blacks are oppressed. If that is “not right by anyone’s standards”, where the heck do you get off making such a claim. WHO IS THE OPPRESSOR? If he can reason with the public with an emotional arguement, then the public must not be the ones opressing black people. Who is? 

I think I’ve spent too much time reading into the illogical, twisted, stupidity here. I could have saved all of us time and warned you that the reasoning is that there is no reasoning. But you may not have believed there was such little depth. You only become more confused when trying to find out what he really thinks. And for this reason you know that Kaepernick’s claims are at the end of the day self-aggrandizing, self-self serving, and purely political.

But the Left loves to defend him. He’s a football player and a great athlete. Since when do we hold what they have to say on politics in such high regard?

The answer: We do when it is benificial. Because just as the Left claims he is an expert on race, they have conveniently ignored his claims on Hillary Clinton. Colin added, “You have Hillary who has called black teens or black kids ‘super predators,’ ” he went on, “We have a presidential candidate who has deleted emails and done things illegally and is a presidential candidate. That doesn’t make sense to me because if that was any other person you’d be in prison. So, what is this country really standing for?”

He also went off on Trump which is unsurprising, but for some reason the Left who deemed Kaepernick the instant Political-Expert has decided that in this area—the area of jailing Hillary Clinton—he could not be any more mistaken. Take it or leave it people, he is either brilliant, or he’s not. You can’t pick and choose when it’s convenient.

The NFL quarterback purchased this 4,600 sqft house in the Silver Creek neighborhood in 2014 for $2.7 million.Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 1.22.42 PM

All in all, there is no place on planet earth that has allowed Black people to be more affluent than the United States. That is the beauty of Conservative Values. When they are applied, not only do the people who advocate them benefit, even the spoiled, misguided, brats who try to undermine them benefit greatly…yep even like Colin Kaepernick. 

I’ll let Jerry Rice take us home, “All lives matter. So much going on in this world today. Can we all just get along! Colin, I respect your stance but don’t disrespect the Flag,” 

Thanks Jerry



kaep1Keep it Real.

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Kaepernick Showing Black opressoin on the cover of “Haute Living” magazine

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BATTLESHIP – The power politics that will sink our new ‘friend’ Iran

 Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 8.42.55 PM

Today’s Quote

“We do not pay ransom. We didn’t here, and we won’t in the future.” – President Barack Obama

Time Check

Aug. 27, 1789 – The Declaration of the Rights of Man was adopted by the French National Assembly.

Aug. 27, 1889 – Charles G. Conn received a patent for the metal clarinet.

Aug. 27, 1939 – Nazi Germany demanded the Polish corridor and Danzig. 

real time

Iss. 44

Aug. 27, 2016

Dear Thinkers,


DOWN WITH THE U.S.A. If you look closely that’s what the heading image depicts. A bleeding American Flag with that provocative, catchy, and so-often-heard expression written distinctly across. I found this image while watching the news. In the broadcast, the reporter covered the internal excitement behind the lifted sanctions in Iran, yet as he was talking, I couldn’t help but zoom in—and to my fascination—discover this hateful slogan which decorated a nearby building. The reporter, as well as the camera crew, didn’t stop and mention the blatantly hostile message as they simply grazed by…(which seems odd considering they were broadcasting these images back to, yes, the U.S.A. itself) This absence of reaction lead me to wonder if this sort of visual was a common observance in the city of Tehran.

At any rate, the White House this week relayed that “We don’t know the intentions of Iran” in reference to the shocking Naval incidents. I’ll let you decide whether or not the White House is being genuine. 


Leading up to this article, I had planned all along to cover the intellectual trainwreck others refer to as Donald Trump. I still intend to do so, especially in wake of our cuddly job interview we recently conducted with Ol’ Grandma Hillary. (If you missed it here you go: http://www.realtimesblog.com/?p=799) Yet, in the midst of my judicious plans, the Obama administration decided to get caught sneaking

ap_16211161553925-e1469806877309 ransom money to Iran in the middle of the night. And truthfully, this should come as no surprise from an administration desperate to make a deal to restore their image. After receiving minimal coverage, the story has re-emerged after a USS Destroyer was intercepted and harassed this week by multiple Iranian vessels in the Strait of Hormuz. This bizarre incident was then to be outdone THE NEXT DAY when a separate United States Ship was harassed for the second day in a row by the Iranian Guard Corps. The incident escalated and the US Navy was forced to deploy several warning shots. Unfortunately at home, America seems to be preoccupied with Donald Trump’s-Twitter Feed (DTF) instead of focusing on this escalating story. So as you may have guessed, here at the Real Times we are not DTF, (especially with Daddy Donald) so we’re going to proceed and cover something that is truly newsworthy and may directly affect the political power balance on the high seas for years to come. So thank you in advance for bypassing the bait of the unimportant news cycle and using your brain. And frankly, you should understand the deception that is taking place behind this story. I contend you will be livid beyond belief. 

In order to fully understand this story, it’s adamant that we turn back just one or two pages. As you may have guessed, Iranian-US relations did not just suddenly rust in the Strait of Hormuz. Nor is this the first sequence of Naval Confrontation with the Persian Nation. So I know it’s not Thursday, but if you’ll excuse me, let’s throw it all the way back to last summer where Jurassic World dominated the box office, when you couldn’t drive a block without getting a headache from hearing Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”, and where Harabe the Gorilla entertained fantasies of the Tarzan story…meanwhile pausing to laugh from time to time about the fictitious plausibility of a human baby just “falling out of the sky” and into his furry lap. Oh! And how could we forget?! Most of all, President Obama sought to make the largest deal of his Presidency: The Iran Nuclear Deal. 

For those who haven’t, as of late, drafted a Nuclear non-proliferation treaty, let me explain the Iran Nuclear Deal from a rudimentary state. Inherently, the basis of a good deal would proceed with both sides present at the table getting SOMETHING in return for what they are offering to sacrifice‒much like trading baseball cards. Even a child can comprehend this principle. But as you shall see, when the rules of the trade are not properly agreed upon, “Trading-Cards” swiftly grows into a heated game of Battle-Ship. And that is what we witnessed this week. (Keep an eye on that word offering) Though, before you accuse me of being coarse in regard to “beating-up” on such a meager figure‒the most powerful man in the world‒allow me illustrate the situation. I sincerely hope the facts don’t offend anyone here.Persian-Gulf-missile


LAST YEAR Barack Obama and his team sat down at the table with a people who scoff at him, trample american flags, threaten our allies, and throw darts (or worse) at pictures of Obama himself. They proudly scream “death to America” in the streets. And they refer to us as ‘Big Satan’. “But Christian,” you say, “can’t we get past a bit of name calling in order to make a landmark deal”, and I most certainly agree. But what we cannot overlook is the sure fact that Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Aside from the obvious, let’s take a look at why this is relevant. 

When the Administration made this deal last summer, the International Community unleashed more than $100B in assets frozen over seas! This money will surely end up in the hands of terrorists who will undoubtedly use it to inflict more brutality on the Western World. I hear some of you saying, “Oh you don’t know that!” “STOP Fearmongering and hyperbolizing in order to slam Obama!”

Ok fine. Don’t take my word for
it. Ask the idiot who made the deal.

In an interview with CNBC John Kerry (our Secretary of State) spouted off this fountain of retardation: “I think that some of it will end up in the hands of the IRGC (Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps) or other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists,”Unknown-1Great. So why again did you make this deal then? A deal that allows them lots of money..to..give..to..TER-ROR-ISTS?….your words, not mine buddy. Good thing he had an encouraging response: (According to CNN)

“You know, to some degree, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that every component of that [funding terrorism] can be prevented,”

Wait, that was really bad…Go on John, I’m still waiting for some assurance here…

“If we catch them funding terrorism, they’re going to have a problem in the U.S. CUnknownongress and other people, obviously,” he said.

So there you have it. If the Iranian leadership (who are bad people), do bad things with their money, then we have no way of enforcing punishment. They’re like the Child who knows they can’t get spanked for stealing candy! So let’s examine how silly this slap on the hand really is.     Kerry: “They’re going to have a problem in Congress?” Dude, the Ayatollahs are not some sort of Health Care Bill. You can’t kill them in the Senate. Matter of fact, they could give a damn about what goes on in Congress, and ironically, so do you John. That’s why you violated Constitutional power and made this deal without consent from Congress. My friends at home, whether you like this deal or not, this was not within his power to even make the deal. According to the Heritage Foundation, the President is given authority to make treaties, to which the Senate is given the authority to advise and consent (Article 11, Section 2). As you can plainly see, the only person who has a problem with Congress is John Kerry and his Backup Dancer President Obama. I hear Malia dances pretty well too if you light up with her… 



Ever since I was young, Iran has been the focal point of international conflict. From threats to us and our allies, to their utter defiance of international law and human rights, they have been the thorn in the side of peaceful world relations for some time. Also, the Obama administration has been criticized vigorously on their incompetence in handling foreign affairs. Therefore, what better feat than settling such a controversy and leaving behind a legacy? Accomplishing the impossible would bring much needed redemption. And from a bird’s eye view, one must credit the Obama administration on negotiating ANY deal with such an unreasonable group such as the Ayatollahs. Assuming nobody zooms in and examines the deal, this is the legacy that Obama hopes to leave behind. 

Yet, after examination, one finds that the United States‒surprisingly‒did not get anything for this deal. Literally nothing. Security at least? NO. An ally in Iran? NO. Assurance that they would at least uphold their side of the bargain? NOT EVEN THAT! This deal is not even binding. Knowing this, by definition I’m not even accurate in calling this a deal. The word deal implies that we would have assurance that they would uphold their part otherwise the deal would be off! This was literally The Iran Nuclear Offering. (No this is not an opinion, Calm down, we will cover the details of how the agreement is non binding in a minute and you’ll understand. It will literally blow your mind) And since this agreement was done behind closed doors, we are still learning of the ongoing politically deficient spilled-mess that occurred as even more sludge keeps seeping under the threshold into plain sight. (Like the $1.7B in ransom money that was just leaked to the press which was originally denied as ransom money…until it was admitted). 

“Christian you’re just biased”, “Prove it”. Unknown-2

Well I’m glad you asked. Let’s talk specifics. That money that I told you about that was “un-frozen”, has caused lots of confusion. Contrary to what you may have been thinking, I was not referring to the sequel of a Disney movie. Instead, this points to the Sanctions that the United Nations have placed (in the past) on Iran. How does this work? In practice this forbids nations from doing business in a sense with Iran as well as keeps them from receiving money for the trade that they have already been allotted. Meaning the money was just “FROZEN” in limbo waiting to be released. Well that’s not fair, you may say… Why should they be bullied by the international community? And once again, I’m glad you asked because this is something we can all agree on:  Whether you be Conservative or Liberal, you and I can both agree that pushing Homosexuals off rooftops to their death, killing Christians, enslaving Women, funding Terrorism, and threatening to nuke other nations is not a good practice. And as of now, Iran has received countless human-rights violations for these unspeakable acts‒except the last: Nuclear destruction.

Why not Nuclear Destruction? Well up until now (August of 2016), Iran hasn’t had weaponized nuclear capability (though they have tried). This is why reasonable people (on the Right and the Left) don’t think we should make a “Nuclear Deal” with Iran. Matter of fact, the sanctions and the work of the international community over the past decade and a half have been to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear capability. It was working. These sanctions were crippling Iran’s economy. images

The Obama administration answers these claims with, “They just want to heat their homes” it’s unfair to them! 

Any honest person with their head more above water responds, No, stop lying. We already know they were trying to develop Nuclear Weapons. Hence the report from your own White House which noted:

“Before July, Iran had a large stockpile of enriched uranium and nearly 20,000 centrifuges, enough to create eight to 10 bombs, according to the White House. US experts estimated then that if Iran had decided to rush to make a bomb, it would take two to three months until it had enough 90%-enriched uranium to build a nuclear weapon – the so-called “break-out time”. (BBC). 

I think that lie speaks for itself. If Barack is thinking in terms of Nuclear Radiation, then yes. Perhaps the effects will radiate lots of heat, which will ultimately warm everyone’s home. How pleasant. 

As we venture toward our next layer of dishonesty, there are some obvious absurdities that we don’t even have the time to cover, though I’m confident you can connect the dots. So, aside from the fact that the Obama administration has waged a war—Literally—on our domestic nuclear program in the name of the environment, the fact that Iran is in the middle of the damn desert, N. Korea is a weeeeee bit further north on the map (requiring more heat for their homes) and NOBODY thought it okay to lend nuclear capabilities to N. Korea, AND the fact that throughout history, the practice of expecting A-Holes to be genuine and honest has landed us—Unsurprisingly—in the bowels of every single predicament, I still don’t think this deal is a good proposal. At this point we won’t even judge Iran based on their word (which I remind you isn’t binding), but before we get to the next part of The Iran Nuclear Offering, let me play a quick highlight-reel that is available for all to see in the Hall of Fame of A-Hole History. I think they’re still deciding on a location to place their gorgeous display, and if you ask me, that was the biggest mistake of the deal. Lobbyists for the Hall of Fame of A-Holes have been trying to set up shop in Tehran for years. John Kerry missed a one time opportunity.

The world gave Hitler an inch, and he didn’t take a mile, he almost took the entire world. In the name of fairness and blind stupidity President Carter allowed Pakistan to have nuclear weapons by accident. President Clinton allowed our good friends N. Korea to have nuclear weapons because he TRUSTED that they wouldn’t pursue weaponizing the Nuclear Technology. And would you believe it, each one of them came back boasting, like Neville Chamberlain to Hitler, “look we have peace in our time”. That’s why liberal foreign policy is not just moronic, it is dangerous. It was FDR who prior to WW II, reminded us that Hitler was a “reasonable guy”. And keep in mind FDR is idolizedadolf_hitler630_pxlwby the Left as the text-book President. But don’t you worry Thinkers, Barack is smart. He set this deal up on a ticking clock. And the time is set to expire just as he runs a little ways down the road and out of sight. I’m not kidding, the Iran Nuclear Deal is set up so that by the time they Weaponize their Nuclear Capabilities, he will be long gone from office… then, who knows… maybe Trump will have to deal with it… Doesn’t that just make you feel so secure. 

For more information visit: www.AHoleHallOFfame/PreviousCrappyOfferings.gov

Let us not deviate any further. 

Everyone has an opinion about this deal. And many who go on TV will tell you that I am wrong in calling this an “Offering”. But have they even read the deal? I think not. 

Riddle me this? Why does the beginning of the deal contradict everything that Iran has said publicly?Here is what it says in the Preamble: 

“Iran reaffirms that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop or acquire any nuclear weapons”. (Preamble, Section iii)

Okay so we’ve established that we (for some reason) don’t care that the money is going to fund terrorism. I mean, I hope you and I care, because I’m not too fond of Terrorists in my backyard using my own money to kill me, and John Kerry has shown that he truly is Hillary’s Relief Pitcher by some of the statements we covered already(remember Hillary used to hold his position). But we are forgetting that the whole reason there needed to be a deal in the first place is because Iran said they wanted NUKES. They then acted on their claims (meanwhile threatening us and our allies) and stockpiled Uranium. If that be the case, don’t you think we should at least be able to inspect their facilities? Well yes, we can, but we can’t do so without getting permission from their ally Russia. Our Enemy! And incase you weren’t aware, not only does Russia love the idea of degrading American power globally (because that helps them), but furthermore, they have a specified interest in keeping the United States out of the Strait of Hormuz. 

We have yet to mention that the Iranian newspapers (that are the mouthpieces for the regime) have echoed the wishes of their supreme leader that they are considering a blockade on the Strait. How does this hurt us? Have you every complained about gas prices? Think about this. Most of the world’s oil comes through the Strait of Hormuz. Already, news of Iran’s unconfirmed threat has driven oil prices up $3, to more than $100 a barrel. If this actually happens, prices could soar to $250. (rferl.org)4FCBE941-63C8-420B-ABD5-E01D61404E43_w640_r1_s

The axis between Iran and Russia is a serious problem to world peace, and more importantly to US Power. Russia also has an earnest necessity in keeping Iran out of the UN “Dog House”. When Sanctions are lifted from Iran, Russia has the ability to trade with them. The Russian machine requires middle eastern oil, and their symbiotic relationship with the Persian Nation has benefited them greatly in years past. For this reason Russia has generally sided with Iran in opposition to the UN security council. Furthermore, a Nuclear Iran is a powerful check against the Israeli-American alliance that threatens Vladamir Putin’s conquest of sattelite nations (which he has shown constantly with occupation in Georgia and Ukraine).

Ok, so that’s not good. Hmmm, why haven’t we heard about this on everyday television? 

But wait, here’s the deal breaker. On top of all the other stupidity, this deal allows Iran to inspect their own facilities! And if they fail to comply (I don’t know how it is even possible not to comply) they don’t have to uphold the negative side of the deal and receive punishment. If this is the strongest deal we could make now, imagine how the deal will be renegotiated when they have nukes. We blew it!

If they are harrassing our sailors now, just think about what they will get away with when they are more formidable. (Both economically and militarily)

Iran has, of course, responded to all of this lenience by–YOU GUESSED IT–increasing their ICBM (Inter-Continental-Ballistic-Missiles) Testing. But I’m sure it’s just to heat their homes.

If you thought that the deal would have covered ICBM tests, well you gave John Kerry a wee-bit much credit. Because the deal states (according to The Times of Israel) Iran is only “called upon not to” test missiles, but not expressly forbidden from doing so, Iran has used that loophole to increase its testing with impunity.

“Called upon” That’s it. 

Incase, you’re starting to question the legitimacy of this deal, I’ll let you know that it does have a cute name: The Offering can be refered to as the “Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)”. What I don’t understand though is before any of these fancy names, the sanctions WERE working! They were devastating the Iranian economy like we noted earlier. The weapon bans were working. We were keeping weapons technology out of the hands of lunatics. Why is it that the Left doesn’t trust law abiding Americans with firearms, but it trusts Islamo-Fascists with Nuclear Weapons. There are two rules everyone knows as a kid: 1. Don’t take candy from strangers. 2. Don’t give Islamo-Nazis Funds to support Terrorism. This whole deal renders only one outcome, and you are witnessing this free-for-all in the Strait of Hormuz this week, but of course, they are not the first. 

According to CNN, “These brushes have included Iranian Rocket launches (wow just like the tests we were just talking about), drones flying over US vessels and the capture of US sailors back in January. These come against the backdrop of renewed US diplomatic contacts with Iran, which has triggered a political backlash among Iranian hardliners, including the powerful IRGC.”

This is what you get when you make a deal with the devil. And no, I’m sorry, we are not Big Satan. These animals captured our sailors and took a boat load (no pun intended) of pictures for propaganda. They even fired a rocket near one of our Aircraft Carriers the USS Harry Truman. They are just testing the waters and seeing how much they can get away with. It won’t be long before one of these incidents turns out in a devastating matter. Then what? And who could blame them, they clearly know that we wMideast-Iran-U_Horo1on’t lift a finger. They know the Obama administration is in an awful place and therefore they have assurance. Barack just came home with Hitler’s signature like Chamberlain in Britain, “look we have peace”. “Look at what a great negotiater I am. Iran is an ally!” Yet, if we threaten them and tell them to stop messing with us, all of the bragging looks like garbage. The Iran Nuclear Offering will be seen for what it really is. Bullshit. Hence the game of Battle-Ship. Iran is seeing how close they can get those white pegs to our Destroyers, Battleships and Carriers before we react. 

In July Iranian ships sailed close to USS New Orleans while Gen. Joseph Votel commander of Central Command, was aboard (CNN). If you don’t think that the timing was on purpose you are kidding yourself. Iran is sending a clear message that they now hold the reigns. And with every move, they move the saddle a bit farther up Obama’s back, because they know he can’t do anything to stop them. He cornered himself! Think of what a dunce Obama would appear as if he fired on an Iranian ship after boasting for the last year and a half that we are now great friends with Iran… And with that we came to the climax yesterday when one of our Naval Ships actually had to fire warning shots on Iranian vessels. Madness. Truly unspeakable madness. Unfortunately, I don’t predict this will be anywhere near the end of the story. But let’s move on to the next and final (that we will cover here, yet I contend there are more) level of why this deal was dishonest.


If we were watching the Movie Inception—With this amount of twisted deception—we would be approaching what they call Limbo. The Iran Nuclear Offering is built on lies. And when you sink all the way down to the Hades of lies, you find yourself on a plane stacked to the ceiling with unmarked cash in the middle of the night. No my friends, I know what you’re thinking… “We already covered the cash”. But this cash is not the “Unfrozen Assets”. The Limbo of Lies we find ourself in now is a lie within a lie within a lie within a lie making this money nothing other than ransom money. Moreover, the Obama administration purposely kept this quiet, purposely used cash that was unmarked and untraceable, purposely sent Swiss currency (and other currencies) to avoid U.S. banking laws, and when all of this came out they denied it….until they admitted it.  Unknown

They lied to you. Then they got caught and they kept lying to your face. The Obama administration pre-meditated on how they could get around the laws we have in place which prevent us from sending money to Iran—let alone ransom money! 

This plane contained $400m in tax-payer cash. Yeah, your money. Which is only to be dwarfed by the 1.7 Billion Dollars we ultimately paid for the release of our American citizens. I would go into the details of why this is ransom money because the White House has denied it claiming that it was negotiated in another roomabedini-ransom-575x324and that somehow makes it not as bad and so on… but since the administration has since admitted that this was a ransom, I’ll save my breath. 

Ever since this deal was made, even more Americans have been taken as hostage in Iran and all around the world. This is lesson 1 on why you don’t pay ransoms. Not to mention—if you’ll excuse me—Iran should be our bitch. If we want our prisoners home, they will give us our innocent prisoners. We’re talking journalists, ministers, hikers, give me a break. ObamabowsAbdullah1The Iranian regime is arguably the worst in the modern era. We should not be kissing their butts, and in the case of the president “bowing” to them to show respect. There is no respect for people who kill journalists, and don’t allow women to drive, uphold honor killings and stone innocents. Mr. President, please tell me how you can hold yourself as a defender of “Gay Rights” while you’re negotiating with whole countries who behead them. 

I hold the absurd view that if you examine this deal, you will not only unequivocally condemn it, but you will never again trust the Obama Administration. I challenge you to do so. 

Christian Rogers

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