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“That doesn’t sound very tough to me.”– President Barack Obama

Time Check

Dec. 4, 1783 – Gen. George Washington said farewell to his officers at Fraunces Tavern in New York.

Dec. 4, 1942 – U.S. bombers attacked the Italian mainland for the first time during World War II.

Dec. 4, 1973 – Pioneer 10 reached Jupiter.

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Iss. 41

Dec. 4, 2015

Dear Thinkers,


“We want more dudes!” said the President. 

Or at least it sounded something like that. The talking points that have been spilling out of the White House over the past few weeks have echoed this theme ever since the infamous tragedy witnessed in Paris. 

This is at least what I got out of it, but the actual words of the Press Secretary Josh Ernest, and even Mr. Obama himself seemed to be utterly different(yet they carried the same meaning). Obama absconded his desires when he criticized his opposition for being “worried about three-year-old orphans.” He went on to say “That doesn’t sound very tough to me.”

Here lies the problem. They just specifically spoke of a young child! But that is of course, not the end of the debate. That 3-year-old child doesn’t get here by itself does it? In my past experiences I’ve found that most 3-year-olds for some reason do not know how to traverse the Atlantic and march across the U.S. border on their own. That would be idiotic. That would mean that someone is obviously taking that 3-year-old here….but let’s not get distracted by this straw man(which is what the White House wants), because there is little evidence to show that orphans are the ones who we are talking about. 

Of course there are going to be refugees when you destabilize countries and turn people’s home streets into battlefields, and this was clear when they (The Administration) supported toppling dictators in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and currently in Syria with Assad. We are propping up and arming radical rebels in order to accomplish our mission! For instance, the rocket that shot down the Russian rescue chopper was supplied by the United States to these Radical Rebels(like Al Queda and ISIS).  

More on that next week, but for the time being, let’s ignore the cause and just look at the consequences. 

Over the past 3 years, Europe has seen massive amounts of immigration, almost to the point of an invasion. Why is this bad? Well these countries are receiving massive onslaughts of not women and orphans, but instead military age men(18 to 25). So when Obama says,“Slamming the door in the face of refugees would betray our deepest values. That’s not who we are. And it’s not what we’re going to do,” it makes you wonder what his agenda is…

I’ll tell you what I think it is: More Dudes.

The President wants more dudes. Islamic, Jihadist, DUDES. Now I’m not sure why, and I won’t guess because that would be based completely on speculation. But there is a fundamental truth that the President’s policies have resulted in nothing but a massive migration of Dudes, and these dudes are not refugees. 

More importantly, Mr. Obama is being disingenuous. He keeps telling us about these women and children but as we have seen in Europe (just look at France), this is an Islamic invasion of the western world. And it would be silly to pretend that this would be a positive outcome all in the name of TOLERANCE.  

Obama has access to the same information that I do and the fact that he is addressing it with dishonesty is plain out wrong. 

This position I take is not being anti immigrant. It is being wise. Many will compare this scenario to the 1930’s with Jewish immigrants that the U.S. turned its back on….This is an unparalleled comparison for two reasons: Jewish people were not Nazis. There was an easy way to filter the Jew from the Nazi…. And more importantly, Muslim countries(that is what they are as they have theist Muslim governing bodies as well as sharia law in place) can take these Muslim immigrants. Iran and Saudi Arabia have decided not to, because they know that these immigrants are not “refugees”. 

In Turkey last week, (a country that has seen massive amounts of refugees) a soccer stadium had a moment of silence before the game for the French in wake of the attack. The stadium booed and interrupted the moment, signifying that they think France deserved the attacks. These are radical individuals, do we want them in our stadiums at home? I think not. 

So why do we need more dudes? This affinity for middle eastern, military age, dudes is going to ruin our country as we plan to admit north of 70,000 in the coming year. Why dudes? And if the white house is so set on it, why not admit that they aren’t talking about women and children…but normal muslim dudes as well as radical jihadists that will surely be in the mix. Until then, we should allow people to immigrate normally, WITH FULL VETTING PROCESSES. Is that not a better solution? Is that unreasonable?

But with more dudes comes more problems Mr. President, maybe that “doesn’t sound very tough to” you, but it is unwise and more accurately: Weird to keep funneling dudes into our country (as Europe has done). Get your dude obsession out of the way while you are in France this week. They have admitted more than enough and unfortunately, the dudes who shot up that Concert Hall were just some of them. How many more lie idle, waiting for their turn to strike? 




Christian Rogers

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Today’s Quote

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs

Time Check

Nov. 25, 1783 – During the Revolutionary War, the British evacuated New York. New York was their last military position in the United States. 

Nov. 25, 1867 – Alfred Nobel patented dynamite.

Nov. 25, 1990 – Poland held its first popular presidential election. 

real time

Iss. 40

Nov. 25, 2015

Dear Thinkers,



Last time we covered the negative effects of regulating Big Business. If you missed it here it is LINK – I highly recommend it. Today we’re going to look the opposite way through the lens. In contradistinction to regulation, the benefits of DEREGULATION are enormous, specifically military might. How does deregulating big business hurt our enemies?


Made in China. It’s no coincidence.

Ever since that fine print started showing up on all of our purchased goods, China has emerged as a new world Super Power. Let’s just take a look at the big players at the table during World War I: China was absent. WWII? They were a victim of Japan. Sure they started growing over time militarily with some help from the Soviet Union, but it wasn’t until 1972 when Nixon went and opened the door to trading with China.


At this time, in 1972, compared to a century before, there were so many new laws on the books making it hard to do business in the U.S.

As soon as Nixon made it okay, firms hopped across The Pacific to set up shop in a place less hostile to their financial interests. So how does that factor into military might?


In the first world war, the United States was the king of production. We were taking weapon orders like we were a fast food drive-thru, and business was good….let me add: Germany was one of the nations at the very front of the line! This wealth launched us into the “Roaring 20’s” because all of Europe owed us a ton of money, putting the United States on the map as a serious World Power.


In the Second World War, there was even a more direct example: The United States, as we all know, fought the largest war in the history of the world, on two fronts, on two complete opposite sides of the world, and were uncontestedly victorious. Although many factors affected the outcome, this feat would not have been possible without MASSIVE production.


The Production that took place in the United States during the war was unlike anyone had ever seen before. We essentially went from having a very little and unequipped standing military to the most powerful military force in the history of humanity (within about 3 years).


If you’re curious, here are some numbers:



The assembly lines that were used for cars, and auto parts, started producing tanks and aircraft. The colossal amount of food our country had learned to produce, supported the troops stationed on all corners of the globe. The powerful garment industry that was once rooted on U.S. soil, made uniforms, boots and accessories.


So aside from the obvious wealth that manufacturing creates for us when it takes place on home soil, there are serious military implications that come along with outsourcing. Today China’s Navy is on track to become more powerful than our navy in the near future. China has the largest standing army in the world. They are building strategic Islands out in the middle of the Pacific as new landing bases for planes enabling long range bombing raids. They are producing the future of nuclear submarines, and their intelligence gathering(as seen in recent news) is a close rival to ours.


What are the ramifications of this? In the long run, many! But currently, China has claimed the South China Sea as theirs. This sounds logical and benign due to the fact that the Sea holds the word ‘china’ in its name. However, the consequences could be fatal to international shipping.


The South China Sea is the liquid highway for the majority of the world’s shipping as Trillions of dollars of goods pass through those international waters. If China claims this as their own, they then hold the power to shut down this passageway (or place taxes on usage) determining which countries can and cannot enter. If you don’t think this would cause conflict that may escalate to war, then you will understand when basic goods like textiles and T-Shirt prices skyrocket to the point of gas prices.


We instead keep downsizing our military and pushing our manufacturing overseas with business regulations that make it impossible to do business at home. So this, Dear thinkers, is how DEregulating business hurts our enemies, and how regulation makes them so powerful. And it leads one to wonder, if the world went to war today, could we win?


Christian Rogers

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The bad economist sees only what the effect of a given policy has been or will be on one particular group. The good economist inquires also what the effect of the policy will be on all groups. -Henry Hazlitt


Time Check

Aug. 25, 1814 – The US Library of Congress was destroyed by British forces

Aug 25, 1916 – The National Park Service was established as part of the Department of the Interior.

Aug 25, 1939 – The movie “Wizard of Oz” opened around the United States. 

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Iss. 39

Aug. 25, 2015

Dear Thinkers,

Restrictions on big business are often seen to the public as a good and necessary action. The majority of people in our nation would almost unanimously agree that we need some limits to big business, and that is fine, as everyone is entitled to their opinion. But opinions based on feelings tend to be misleading, and we are easily deceived when going with “what feels right”.

Here is the fact of the matter: Limiting business with wage restrictions, taxes, government intervention, and oversight hurt our economy. That statement is based on the laws of economics—whether you agree or disagree, I will let you decide. But I remind you that ignoring the science of economics would be just as silly as concluding that you disagree with gravity simply because you felt so.

Allow me to illustrate.

You are a business owner, and you are not allowed (legally) to hire people at the wage which would allow your business to turn a profit. Instead of abandoning the business idea, you decide to outsource your business to China, where labor cost will be less. We all complain about the fact that everything we consume is made overseas, but you must remember that there was a time when the US produced everything!

Before government got in the way, we made the best cars, the best ships, the best planes—you name it. That’s what this country was built on, and we prided ourselves with supplying the world with our products. Now Europe and Asia are the leading auto producers and the rest of the world out-produces us in textiles, toys, electronic parts and much more.

But what about the middle class? We can’t allow them to get trampled by big business?!

That of course, is a valid concern. Keep in mind my friends, that throughout history there was no middle class. Big business built what we refer to as “the middle class”, there was no such thing prior to it. Now, we needn’t be silly, there will always be corrupt businesses, just as some men are crooked and some are honorable. (and you can choose to work for honest companies and consume their products, just like you can make choices to surround yourself with moral people…there may be drawbacks for making the right choice in business, just as there are in life, this is common sense) But remember: Big business creates an overwhelming amount of wealth, the very wealth that you live on today. Big business is the reason you have electricity today, the reason you have a car, the reason you have gasoline for that car, the reason for small things like taking your girlfriend/boyfriend for Icecream, and big things like having heat in the winter and air conditioning when it’s unbearably hot. For all of prior history, when it was hot out, YOU WERE HOT, it was that simple.

We take so much for granted! Big Business creates jobs—lots of them! The poor people in America are the richest people in world history.The 3 richest people of all time were not kings, pharaohs, or emperors, but men who ran business firms in america in the 1800’s, a time when government regulated very little. That’s powerful.

But Christian, come on, we need SOME regulations… I used to think that too… But I now ask, DO WE?


Christian Rogers

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We are going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” -Hillary Clinton





Time Check

April 23, 1789 -President Washington moved into Franklin House, New York. It was the first executive mansion.

April 23, 1900 – The word “hillbilly” was first used in print in an article in the “New York Journal.” It was spelled “Hill-Billie”.

April 23, 1945 – The Soviet Army fought its way into Berlin.

real time

Iss. 38

April 23, 2015

Dear Thinkers,

There has been a great deal of fallout in wake of Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s announcement to run for President of the United States. As I sit down to write this article, I realize that this is not only my first column which features the former First Lady, but surely the first of many to come in the following year. 

What I did not expect, however, was the subject of which I am about to cover. Chipotle. 

After Clinton admitted to running in 2016−something that the whole country had anticipated for years—She hopped on a bus straight for Iowa; the first of many battleground states. 

As you may not know, the trip is very long, about 12 hours… so as one would Imagine, you would have to make a few stops. One of these happened to be at a Chipotle.

Upon service, Clinton wasn’t recognized by the employees. It wasn’t until afterwards from a security camera, that Clinton was identified wearing sunglasses at the register. Now, one must realize at this point, that it would be almost unavoidable for Clinton to escape criticism of some sort, no matter where she chose to eat that day, and we will certainly cover that, but let us first state the facts. 

-Hillary Clinton (as stated in here announcement video) plans to run a campaign for the average citizen, and to topple the wealthy.

-Many of these average citizens undeniably work at Chipotle. 

-Clinton didn’t leave one nickel (out of her 5-50M net worth) as a tip for the Chipotle workers that day.

-Clinton’s average price per speech is 200,000 dollars. (Some can be much, much, more-CBS News) In the last 15 months she has pulled in around a net 5 million dollars on speeches alone (MotherJones). 

-Following the visit she was condemned by Jeb Bush as he implied that she was too good for other fast food restaurants and had to pick (high end) Chipotle.

So there you have it, those are the facts. And before you jump to emotional conclusions and start attacking her or defending her based on personal inclination, let me keep it real here. 

First off Jeb, at least she didn’t do this:


Secondly, a main talking point of the GOP calls her health into question. An honest man would applaud her healthy choice, especially on a road trip where variety is not always a luxury. 

But one cannot deny the irony behind running a campaign based on the working man/woman, yet hours later ignoring the very person you say you are running for. However, even the most generous tippers in this world would be found guilty if the standard was to leave a tip in every establishment entered. 

Could it be possible that Clinton did not have cash in her wallet at the time? Of course! Any reasonable human being knows this happens from time to time. Furthermore, had it crossed the minds of the drones in the press that Clinton may have not seen the service fit for a tip? It is after all a tip, isn’t it?

For those who think I am making excuses for Mrs. Clinton, I ask you this: If you are able to draw conclusions based on the absence of fact, is it then unfair for me to entertain the possibilities above? Any honest being knows that these scenarios are just as likely. And I may very well be wrong, but one must recognize that both arguments are in fact, speculation, and nothing more than that, which on The Real Times, does not constitute news. 

That being the case Thinkers, there is still plenty to discuss. 

In accord to the real facts, conjecture aside, Clinton claims to represent the working class. Whether she had tipped at Chipotle or not, her policy instead speaks for itself.

Hillary Clinton believes not in redistributing wealth through a tip jar, but through the hands of the federal government, and as the executive, I remind you, those will be her hands if elected. This is why it should not come as a surprise that Hillary Clinton didn’t tip, and if she did, it would be meaningless to her disposition on the issue…. The media does not need to look to Chipotles on the road to Iowa just to find a story here, but instead my friends, they could listen to the rhetoric of her speeches for the last decade which echo top down redistribution of wealth in its most raw form.  (See Today’s Quote )

Clinton vows to destroy the 1 percent, yet she sits at the very top of the 1 percent—not just financially, but also on a throne as arguably the most powerful woman in the world, making her, according to her own words, directly responsible for the policies that are apparently holding people back. You may forget, she did recently occupy the white house for a long time, which in my humble opinion would make her not “the average citizen”. But who better to look out for YOU, the average citizen, than someone better than you? Someone who the rules don’t apply to…

“But I am already generous,” you may say. But remember, until the money goes through her hands, you’re not smart enough to be generous. So hold your tips friends, Hillary has you covered, you just have to trust her. 

Bottom line, let people enjoy their Chipotle, and go after their politics.

Not their burritos. 


Keep it Real


Christian Rogers

The Real Times– a degree in common sense…

                                   Meanwhile at Subway…


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“BAD ENERGY”- What you don’t know about Solar Panels

Solar panel and sun

Today’s Quote

“It’s really kind of cool to have solar panels on your roof” -Bill Gates

Time Check

Nov 21, 1620 – The Mayflower reached Provincetown, MA. The ship discharged the Pilgrims at Plymouth, MA, on December 26, 1620. 

Nov 21, 1694 – French author and philosopher Jean Francois Voltaire was born. At age 65 he spent only three days writing “Candide.”

Nov 21, 1877 – Thomas A. Edison announced the invention of his phonograph. 

real time

Iss. 37

November, 21, 2014

Dear Thinkers,

Green Energy has become such a sexy phrase. Millions and millions of Americans have become seduced by the allure of this giant political movement. Even I must admit, I have come to be more or less infatuated with the idea of clean energy. And who could blame us? The intent is noble right?

Also there is a great debate in this country about the efficiency of alternate forms of energy, specifically solar, and as I noted, I would be a large proponent of it if solar was efficient. But the truth is, Solar energy is not efficient. Not even close. And if it were, then we wouldn’t be having the debate in this country about whether we should use solar energy or not….we would instead already be using it. But it’s the cool thing right?

Debate aside, let’s keep it real and just look at the facts.

Not only has solar energy proved itself to be insufficient, but I must question as to whether the green flag that it so often flies is an accurate representation. We take for granted the fact that “Going Green” means helping the environment, but let me ask you, what exactly does that mean?

I am under the impression that animal life and safety carries a lot of weight in the environmentalist circles… Well is that the real case? Or is this a front that gets the dog lovers to the voting booths in November? I will let you decide, but what often goes ignored is the fact that solar plants incinerate birds on a daily basis. And if killing birds is the collateral for saving the environment, are we not contradicting ourselves? The death tolls are catastrophic. It is estimated that a given solar plant incinerates a whopping 30 birds per hour. No not per month. Not week, and no, not day… I said per hour. Where is PITA on this issue and the rest of the left? I would think there would be an outcry! Not to mention my dear thinkers, each one of these plants uses an astronomical amount of water not only to run the turbines and create energy, but also to clean and hose down the panels whenever desert dust happens to gather as a film and hinder the energy creating process.

Many of these plants are located in the middle of the desert which not only means that dust will surely collect often, but additionally, it costs large sums of money to truck in water using several hundred vehicles (which do expel carbon) whenever this task is at hand. Aside from the inconvenience, does anyone remember, WE ARE IN A DROUGHT? Why is it that California legislatures can present laws that regulate the length of your showers and the time of day that you can water your lawn, when thousands of gallons are being wasted on solar panels all of the time.

In hindsight, I have no agenda in lobbying for or against solar energy. I would just like to advocate a simple piece of truth: THAT WE AREN’T BEING TOLD THE WHOLE TRUTH. There aren’t videos on the nightly news of innocent birds catching fire while quietly flying across the desert. And the environmentalists who yell at us about saving the birds and conserving water will just as quickly look the other way when it conflicts with their other agendas. And as a Conservative who is supposed to “hate the environment”, I kindly ask us to stop watering things that cause death, and instead maybe water a tree or two… something green couldn’t hurt.

Just a thought.


Christian Rogers

The Real Times– a degree in common sense…

Sign your friends up at the top ^

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